Slacker and Steve - Ghost Stories 10/27

Friday, October 27th


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Selector in Steve's son today. I. Okay. Oh okay. I don't know what's going used to listen to that is happening to him. Is that goes through whale praise to you actually I guess it's gonna mention yeah whales in relation. Hearing. Steering wheels. There breaching the un cool only. Really like here you're gonna start. We. When you yeah. If the core really really good will work this is the now we're aware that it's not Halloween moves closer then so. The agreement soon. PG mixes. It blew through a moment. Should be spirits do reach. Who's gonna. You know then. I know most of your ghost story and I keep telling myself yeah no it's it's it doesn't via. Why are ghost story please someone explain in my eyes I'm not telling my story. Because mine's boring you're in Jersey one of the grain is quick stories ever told there's an explanation is that you have the short version of Steve's story is. His uncle died loves chocolate bars. He sees father and knew him weeks and house. To close things out the house had been without power for months the and it was blazing hot soon. And inside. Lose the freezer. It was a package of candy bars I stole. And so there's an explanation yet the explanation is. Your uncle came back well not inappropriate content of your uncle came back. As a ghost and kept a candy holes and you guys are discovered since he's so that you knew. That he was okay on the other size of their loved obviously dad preferably from just signed up a look before believing that. But there's a there's there's there's it but does that you're right though struck abortion have been soup inside of that freezer and they weren't but there's an expert I've figured out yeah. Intend. If you've got to go story talks let's get it lets you sorry here's here's a story we've had before let's. Some of this. The guy and I you know stories costs. My daddy can be a manager at able they couch and who's that oh yeah then we're not there's Gary Hart. They onions and made them who took the time. Could place had no alarm and Kelly closed down and I before he put the alarm on or whatever and I got there with them the following morning. Alarm had been shipped but every single Tottenham in the kitchen wood on the ground and every single candle on the table with a list. Apparently didn't believe. Oh that's creepy but nobody and nobody but nobody read everything everything nobody. Thank you get the idea so. You're not a little bit scared or you're not but okay here but does this change it. And he's due to lose the last thirty minutes and and those stories summer. It's what happened. To your back you. I didn't learn a eerie story and it goes story. Went I don't I into. I was sleeping on the couch in my parents living room. I. I talk to Sony's. And I yeah I woke up and I I know I was the way and Maryland this. Do you eat dark like human no way. There over me and I mean that they must've been like ten feet tall. And it didn't touch here any Dayne and I and I don't like kind of falling backwards leap. And then I was chronicling the the next mixed mind often on the links at broad. And my mom refused to get it on my top older it because she's really crazy and he didn't wanna put me in the surgery and oh I did kind of been kept adding to go on different antibiotics and eventually I mentioned that my mom he would rather religious. And she went and had knee. On anointed with Oriole buyer rabbi and I would never say let's start third again yeah. I didn't start playing that he's just happy and on some movement. So we exercise then soreness. Just. And now they're they're they're really weird experience I don't know now. You blew them I didn't I actually think you can call some input told police and then whats up or you know I okay I'll tell everybody go okay arm just a few minutes ago. Before we came back on her I would in the bathroom. Obama and you know that we have we have those auto flushed us. I don't morning nevermind I went out there really had already see your face by members of face I wanna believe I legitimately ask enemy I believe that you believe this I don't bathroom Boca I'm in the journal and there's three toilets next that's true and when I walked in I don't know if you do this. But I Kennedy until my yeah. Respect in the materials is yes I do I'm in the mastermind was hookah Exxon going parties. Com am one of the I don't flush toilets goes up yeah. You know the did you sometimes no locks you dynamite. I Tyrod goes if there's really goes in here plus another line. NASA. Like keeping it. The net the one right next YCIA. From item no. Yes human scampered out rather jurors I didn't finishing what amber I meet someone was subsidy Obama's seat you could he skipped yet that's what happened why would they be decent and I'm telling you this. It was the third stalled at plus a first and you can tell when it's that we can go to another one you're right and then it was wanted to write next knowing you're running right next to your mobile went off the middle whenever all you can is always some of could've gotten to know. While you know what's cool is that the genders they were doing something owners don't. The most right now. Success. Goes to the top of the that's a little creepy there is no explanation right now for about. Oh. The night. That is very that's very it was unsettling view it to me tips for that to happen prominence moments before noon we're gonna talk about ghosts. And any if you want proof and I will show you the little piece thought I have my jeans OK guys bring out earlier view was no distance right here though I don't I don't who have kids. If you've got a ghost story the we would love to hear it Taylor. Yeah I always expect what's your dose or. So when I was a kid in my aunt is eighty say I mean my brother. Harmony instead. They can't take snaps ever and separate rooms and they and he my cabin Israel and they put the blanket over the windows there that you. So limited rim gets a little bit darker pork so I'm laying there trying to fall asleep. And all of the nation that is huge pain on the wall. And I sat straight up they've geared really I yeah I sit it out and their very blacks it here. At the bottom of that bed. And it you know they've set up that I look. Was it was he got a I'm sorry I don't starting her body was it human size or was it like big or did it seem like a person. I seem like a person I think they wouldn't like normal person back. But it's any opponent on the very first packing it in minute run. To the right eight straight through the door it back into the closet. And I say we ran out of the room screaming came back with my caddie. And all kind of stuff was knocked off the shelves. When we went back in general. Just all over the water. And they just you know in my in my mom got it and nobody really got anything out there at what I found out. Just a few years ago that bad how it actually has so many other things happened to it and write how they didn't. Saw the same thing that I had seen. I'm when I was a kid nobody really ever talked about it again. But I didn't see my and then and then moving on at a house and they had they were going to performing excellent and I'm out. But they decided just. Get rid of all you just sell it and sure so I know this sounds an unsuspecting really isn't good. Or 8 o'clock. Great. I decided they get rid of and then years later my uncle has less spam they hear of a. A few trying to and and and in like a different how it's. Always followed everybody has sometimes they did their printing on the family not a house it's called imprinting on the CM I will Koch caller we get tail on it. I believe you I want you to know that do I believe that you believe it okay thinks that's Datsyuk is good is we're gonna get out of Steve today that the John. Yeah I don't soreness there. Do you know. So please don't talk you know. Knew him that I got a job site. When I was young I worked at a church one day we came men. Every single Bible was blown into a corner are the main room. Why it's. Did you guys locked pitchers and it. We did and there was security systems and play go along with a alarms and nothing was calm eye camera nothing tripped it. But every Bible in the corner. More. Hold it. That is kind of weird. It was an on camera so no human did that. Movement yeah Steve's leg offering the only plausible explanation and ghosts with or the devil himself was the wind didn't know she. I mean is that price dealers are. It's who you're going to tell me got a couple with your more learned than me did did did did did the job priest tells the congregation were what had happened. No he wanted to keep an eye as quiet as possible only the workers out of church actually knew about it. Was was Selig visibly afraid John. The pastor. And slowly I amber yeah actually went out spots stage and bird hit in the main room. Is. What's at this stage is a big saying they believe they did they kind of forces they don't like it to spirits kind of like siege yes you and it's and you'd like to. A lot of times a major cross reverend Bernard and things just a foul smell Lucy is Israel's may you say they do they're suffering that you like for me is just dinner yeah. It's about okay have you ever wonder why nobody hunts or else it's because of the season because of my stuff thank you for. Once a year I didn't do enough stuff it's agent in your. It's had been telling you this whole time that I'm performing many exercise and I join to us giving time and other fuel about a twelve feel anywhere you want to give her because John. Three. I was and I bomb goes stories just so. I know they work at a hospital and I have ever baby can we have security cameras. Mort everything cash and Sam one inmates week's hot eight our little girl coming out of one of the room blocking across walking back to. Wearing an old dresses trans Lucent link did he threw her are back into wanted to be sure am and one of the scary things I've ever seen in my life game I didn't get them stopped. British house. When she wasn't really there wasn't really a little girl that. Oh no they're not little girl they're absolutely not no. She was on camera on film Hewitt artists film yep would I went to Wimbledon. What you do with legs since the footage to somebody lights. You know what I don't know what happened about footage I don't know I to be talking about it but I don't know what happened to it can get it. It was legit and it it's scary definitely care. You age the girl was appropriate for the age of the other kids so werder. Come on just maybe. No she what she was probably our eight or nine she didn't shoot pretty little yeah I definitely. It's can you tell about it. She walking there was she slowly were walking. We unleash. She would not I didn't in her feet moving so she was kind of floating but she moved out of one room across the hall and then backed into the room. Do that's I mean like Darryl I think here in my arms is cruel way Yahoo! that is now leads me out there you go pretty. I'm not good with that now that's I don't know Amy. Hi guys. She moves so I. More spiritual thing. An armed twenty years ago I got a phone call early early in the morning. My mom and dad let me know that. Well my grandmother passed away this and mine has been and I were. Just laying there and that. Talking about it and. Couple minutes later mine's four year old daughter termed walking into our room. And you know of course a morning cup going on its. A little grandma which is what we called her and she's a sanctioned. Imagery you should know standing by and I are turned bad she shared the bedroom like that. You just saw them standing by his best term. And I laid out took her hand it could show me where they were standing and see what October's that they were standing right here. I wish she didn't know yet not yet she heard him talking John you on this there was no way she heard you and your husband now. Now entered orbit closed. Not something that we were talking loudly about Earl and shoes on Sunday drama wasn't expected to pass that breakdowns. No not at all not a I'm telling you holding. Presumptuous of me and it should be would Jesus and where you are just crazy its season is what I usually do. Hi we know. I think it's it's our student data is now hanging that is unexplainable and and and an amazing yeah outdoor. Augusta horrific.