Slacker and Steve - Damage Doing the Deed 10/30

Monday, October 30th


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Staying on bad the damage doing the there is a news story twenty year old do name Allen 34 year old girlfriend Emma. Actually the last thing down shall we Coca. They were she was feeling sort of Randy she was not choose what's next factor. So hopefully I wouldn't feel oriented Idaho's tattered image so she said we can go ahead and take care of things I need to keep watching the show. Our school a hiker so. Guess she's gonna multitask. So they begin to have some relations. On. They moved around a little bit and she couldn't seem TV in Indian masters was seeing something like. Here come the results and she wanted to see so she turned around really tells all of Obama. And ripped ripped. Yeah and ripped his stuff okay it says I need written it rips rip the skin on his stuff movement. He started bleeding like crazy you know Emma called his doctor asks for example it. Hey guys restaurant I got a boy bro there the H found with the U. Tourniquet on NAFTA to the mom with a daughter yeah yeah. If your doctor and you get that call I mean typically use yeah who won the next thing you watch X-Factor do you read it and play well. Thank you read about what they're doing some. The wiser but in Brooklyn today but of course there was no permanent damage phone. Doctor told Ellen takes painkillers. And keep his junk raft out. No relations. One month a month not. Home insurance you have to turn around success both of you wanna see the light results shows DVR and also allow Americans. Lawrence actor I'm so we hear what avenue where when things can damage. On the bum there's one. I didn't know this youth youth youth had girlfriends who have cats I have to I've ever been attacked by the cat in mid. During the mid hole apparently cats don't like kids. When you have relations on these territorial I guess. That's her cat a lot of times the guy like touched only relations in general they're looking in there on this seems wrong they try to stop it. I got just what this story says it's like cats tend to wanna to stop that well a couple people in Zimbabwe him. Had relations outside loop today. No wasn't a regular cat. All know whether euros full online it but it sanctuary there do they were really serious in Zimbabwe's under the deal came just out just one huge lie and I'm. While. Attacked them they stow it man ran away with his pants around his ankles. Cooks it she was not able to run away. All that fast that is some damage do indeed a home. If he did lion mauled her old. For being part of the holy and Howard boy way she's in another town this cancer just costs. While he's. As far as I was hoping there would be tough for more like the oh my god we tipped over some candles burned our house down kind of damage do you know that's. Yeah I listens to us and I got there are rumors day. Apple told god. You know you see the movies and people like you can Nowak saying in and you get home when your legs. I usually do that and it's like it's not it's not to say much damage different. They there's like a different kind of wax and they use in those things and it's. Sometimes you but I think the Kindle like you the dollar store so bad that whacks it comes up to those is molten lava. Ha and you don't know it until you are reported on your body and it's too late unless a hundred is like oh yeah. Oh hopefully by fewer than forty year I was more or the yes you know report on Jamal why owl funded this area of the so let's permanent U rarely do I know I was I was definitely burned there it was yeah it was bad and you're like yeah Eddie with your body and there was an. Shocked. Yeah we want to do is coughs up a good chances are you. Armed another one we should get to a new C we want. You to tell us the terrible things revenues during relations on to this couple went to Mexico for their kids when. And had like one of the spot showers things oh yeah isn't there for game. Yes and the cool thing OJ and his wife decided to have a little. Fun in the world pull them. Apparently the heat. Combined with a vigorous activity. He had a heart attack the walls. He died. Brit there in Europe Garrett there in the toxins. I don't even wanna finish the story why no I only closure now what happened. He died on top of her oh my goodness she's underwater. Loom. Boozer buddy system Wimbledon zero numerous instances when it. So she does she do well yes. Did he was you have do you will see he was huge. Why was she not I don't. I I wished I had even started that story because now we're here with that he was fully under the bigger or the more boy you know not NN not in shallow water oak. Don't saying god showed him saying they both yeah. Able. We will try to keep going. Are you couldn't I could so now let's do one more death when O'Connor at the couple was trying to join the mile high club. And they found them in the know feel because he was the pilots bright. She's a passenger Ol Jay Hebert climbed his seat all. Way. And then when the when the aircraft winning two dives Yahoo! had no way to get back up there in them and everybody guys this year and his girl but it wasn't it looks at 737. Dude that's when admiral pictures. Are over. Soul moreover all I. OK okay this is a multi. Ship shots. Off and you. This is. And then they know because when they found among senior were both there are still stuck since nobody would be schooled parents are in the ankles so instead of deaths one. A more fun stuff like Siberian broken John Cook spoke to. And it is India denied pull back out of the weeds there. All right so you've been hurt but having relations we call it damage doing the deed and we want to hear your story Katie. Yeah I managed deeds bow doing what happened. But a couple of friends of mine we're ready on the street and she would get it out of its special attention. Specially drove it currently telephone call. Okay. Lawrence you know and happens okay if she. That's a good news or enjoy that I knew or I miss the turn for all alone in Nebraska. Actually there's nothing else no masters I design out here I mean Joseph Vogel Paul a couple of week we had to backtrack about an hour all of and I was a long way. Well I didn't allow the more I realize it's. A little old logo appear around here you had a message during his residence is now. Pat says there you we ask you. Where they hurt did she but he was easier it is everybody okay. Okay Erick you keep marks that the car would not okay. It's cheaper and a half off teeth marks a sad in. The heart out early right there with a thank you for that Katie. Jeannie. I do not pay damage still in the lead the food would you gotten. So I was at a bar with the skyline and that we can not into the bathroom and we were going to town and all of a sudden seek the spells are the law is now on the ground or water spraying everywhere. Steve it's not your scene yeah auriemma. Laura you are no writers like who's this Trevor did not ask god how could lose until almost instant only cleansing. I feel really good tried to sneak out but. Sort unlike blip my leg and I ended under a hospital and getting like she did is in my thigh. He's legally so you slice your summer like having no relations. I saw Jeff go well until you hit and stop trying to even states that the united polity are matched to the yeah I don't what are netted pretty quick blow when was this a guy you just met or as a guy you were you were seeing. The couple bait then diet. I want a relationship. Are you married now owed to him or was that the candidate once you've bled out on a guy is that took over with the. We always had a few more days suck it up but he's he's history. Yeah I get a big porcelain dash and keep. I'd like to wanna go more news to me look good and I go oh well maybe it's as this does not gonna do the tag in the blood all over me about your fifth with a is missing thank you really causing. According. Yeah I damaged doing the deed. Click. Read tired at all at Kerry parish priest played O they just leaks while the actual clip brings home Bogart Arjuna milk or milk. Yet the actual car is well after hours relates and I thought it would be fine and I have seen in my packet so literally I keyed the entire hood up. Completely. And you are on top of the car and scratch it out on a minute. Click intentionally. And there was I found out three million dollar car. Jim did they catch you. I mean they had security camera it's. 93 million I don't think Carl is a total loss. All that okay I had paper per about two years and in stop and basically. What new seats on the hood yeah. Yeah I would really expect this now I ain't cheap. Don't call that people do and there's like who's around with the logo room here. Your boyfriend might. Boyfriend when his father of the Cheney's chief of police so I didn't get it get any criminal charge lock up that sentiment currency since. But I had to have they I had delayed Patrick which medically is how firm virtue lunch and having that video disappear. Yeah because there's evidence out there Korea. What was what was the brand of car into you to look you'd say did you watch NASCAR. How much for that automatic golf at the. Now I wasn't asked Kurt and Edith was painted like only you only have to you don't like it. Ha. So why we can't still longs I think this is smooth and I don't need to hear the details of the lieutenant serious. Thank you really gone into a little bit early places I. 00 zippers yeah I got it right she each. I you are disguise to do you resume indeed. You are so I may have had a hysterectomy. Are brought a year prior. At a IAEA was engaged it and we were happy really shouldn't. And I need somehow he managed you. But open my brief note shot. Yeah share and when my surgeries a year earlier. The out how to read it below him. We have surgery to be marine ditched quote. Look it's you know I mean holy smokes I think I think did you probably build statues that dated him. I'll throw it down there that plays out. Not unhappy about what happens barnacle bill and put on you still wish I'd do. The Merrill who. Along ask Carlos traumatic experience and is again where you are here. Once you OK and once that hole do do do do it once you've damaged Omaha yet all too easy things you see indeed. How delicious.