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Tuesday, October 31st

A girl is accusing Peyton Manning of putting his butt on his face.


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VGA and Jeanne have you heard the audio Vila a woman it's accusing Pete Manning of this up putting is but your face. I'm sorry blanked the Peyton Manning a couple of years ago or three years ago when that woman came out saying that back when he was in college university Tennessee. In the locker room that you could lose but your face yes I was on top of Canada yeah. That might in nineteen I don't know 98 or something like damn and I think we all agreed that we didn't feel like it putted but her face we did feel that why I. I think he did though my what happened well I think he did because he has admitted that he might wonder. Aren't I didn't Elliott admitted to bash daughter you should this audio is okay the six. OK I if you are here we go this is the woman that's accusing. Peyton Manning G has been for years of putting his butt face okay. Felt something on my days and Payne had pulled his short staffed and Zach his his aides insist testicles. On my face jaw so I pushed him up. It out he turned around a pool of his shorts and back up. Many denies her allegations and has insisted he was bemoaning a friend in the training room. Oppose his backside and as a prank. Pull down. Huge overhaul moving. One. 12 while I have so here's. Continued through. Jamie's exhilaration of the problem for. Oh boy oh boy. Estimate text they don't have a private. I'm never dreaming that do you think that Manning set on that woman's face and me didn't mention of pulling it down. I did he pretty famous and his testicles honor and I'm one of my narrow. I don't know happy Halloween to build my yeah. So somewhat of an admission no plan. Hello dream of owning somebody Amy setting my mood on somebody heard that two different thing I got suspended for two days from high school for mood at some point you do yeah we were your car and we were gonna drive through wade decides it's kind of use shape to opinion for the school so we were gonna drive to Rhode I was supposed to hang my butt out the back of the window. Bare butt and we were gonna move this lady. That she was a teacher she was a teacher she was one of the yuck yuck teachers it was cool it was all right she's got to complain find it funny and all that. Well it turned out that the principal walked out instead name in the Dublin the parents yeah that wasn't that's not why apple to Peyton Manning on the principle is decent honest face and get knocked the cart cam going. Which we florist we got up. I'm an actor that I have busted later so I think he did you know obviously I agree with him when he said he did I think it. This woman who I think she was a trainer. Athletic trainer at University of Tennessee she went to college can disclose it. She was looking at his foot she was a trainer she was I guess in the locker room at the time this happened at any mode to what he was saying is he loaded on the person. I guess the the player coach or whatever it she just so happened to be there in she claims it was done directly to ever put their face. Them but. Unknown now means the oil out of the. Are being said yes I briefly moves a buddy was the reason I can't let. I need to know Peyton says Donna said it would be what I am sure you pay the early show finally that discussion. Sit on their faces it happens it's it's. Ed below this Harvey Weinstein came in Spacey and all the substance to it on now she's decided to come back out again with her story. But but he doesn't really good pit themselves very well he should've just said I didn't do that yeah I didn't do that he just. We slowed. And that night I got lucky that I can feel like he did. And change the importance on Alex.