BJ & Jamie: Two woman lost at sea may not have been lost 10/31

Tuesday, October 31st

2 woman lost at sea may have faked everything, stories that the women tell don’t add up with the evidence.


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Vijay and Jamie spears crazy story people this came out last week and couple women out in the ocean and Allison they were gonna go from. You know and I think it was from I wouldn't charts is this an audio force. Just a second first of all because I don't think the audience by insist. They were gonna go from Hawaii still like to heat your summer right. And they put in me that all the you know all the destination. Yeah lodged an attitude all the stuff to near computer. On their sailboat they set off. Well it turns out that they're out lawsuits he now this is eras of sorts they were lost that seat for six. Months before they were found. Off the coast of chipped in at the land and they had this elaborate story of how they turned all this water because he had the whole lot. What what's the machine where you turn salt water into drinking water you know talk this alarm machine that. Turns flattering to drink the fresh water machine yeah. So they hit the fresh water machine on board with what they had a year supply of drives dried food on on board room. Which studies seemed a little fishy to begin yet but they had a year's supply that's how they stay in a lot and Aston at a motor and SA. They had all the lists golf but not all that was supposedly out. For the most part to the good news that that was deployed again and again. Okay and that's why they got lost because adrift at sea and blah blah blah blah blah art nevertheless. Now the story started about people are adding up everything they've said. And it seems like it's a bit. Issue they are lasted city and this is shake. There are new questions about two women who say they are stranded on a sailboat for months in the Pacific Ocean. Video shows a dramatic moment when a navy ship rescued Jennifer Powell and Tosh if Rihanna last week. The Coast Guard says the two had an emergency beacon onboard but they never turned it on top. And I wouldn't you turn that. They claim they did it. When I saw the first original story they claim they did and no one responded that they were never would then I guess. Signal strength for another boat to see it or hear it and it come Tuesday. But now after looking and thinking that it's radar. Yeah yeah yeah but now after. The people Leonard no the technology after they've taken a look at this because they say yeah it's it was overturned the I don't know what you're talking about it would have shown on the computer that it was turnout in it was never there or not so there's a lot. That's the first line okay. Second lie you've mentioned the sale. Yet they said it was broken and then them further study it wasn't broken all its fine in the sale works fine. They can stay. On their sale ticket of god anywhere they want to do the also mentioned that. Which they said was an uninhabited. And that they couldn't stop there because it is there was no help there's so they're better off drifting. Turns out that particular island according to the chart maps on the boat which computer registers. It was an island that was inhabited by 2000 people it has sitting there so you could see that people there that you just. I know put up that a sale on your sailboat Nen and you'd sail towards those people. Who have modern technology yes to contacts and held it for you they also could speed today. Election going to be things. Unless in the new channel mentioned in the story right beneath he keeps in he also claimed that they encountered a ferocious storms sixty mile per hour winds high seas they're lucky they survived some of the sharks meteorologists have gone back and checked the computers it was numerous storm Aladdin here there was never restore. Now meteorologists say that that was complete they even named the date that the storm happ. House and the meteorologists say and it was clear sunny beautiful. A bad day all right I'm crazy for your sales. Nevertheless this book was or sharks sure yeah they says the they weren't. Shark infested waters in the shark bit at their boat to a bunch of times cash. Yeah that they thought they're gonna die and not think is. I mean it seems to me that did this shark food eaten Nadal. They had two dogs yeah how did they let him. Rate question without the sharks in their butt off and left and and I don't maybe they did you know Morton Stew room they should like hundreds of sharks surrounded him. Having nowhere and that they thought they were dead it was in the middle to see and it was dark it was sharks is biting their vote there's no sharp blades in them that. Acting these ladies are busted. They literally said outs in it we're gonna go out and be at sea they prepared for it they're gonna be at sea for five or six months and then. Turn the motor off on the boat turn everything off drifted to an area be found in claimed they were strained his seat. Hello I am a little me and now we have the we have no idea dollars they were trying to scam they were fishing all of us yes I think more and it worked for a little outside believed about a week I mean I was like wow this guy. I actually got my head. Ireland amused by the rights in India I I did too I thought how terrified what it or deal keep your home. What these women wit throughout during the ocean. But it turns out they were living online and I was like a year of free food and wine and cheese and crackers yen and a good time what's called where you put them. That she's in the crackers in the meat on it with more please call I never remember that board. The plate and now it says some torture program. Arab nor do I look like a guy with a cartel board. I would occur more time. I he beat thing cheeses and your grades what public her eat cheese it to me it's a sandwich what. Charitable lowered its. While they have her caribou or all born with a bow and she didn't because teases new grapes and wine giant commute very active period. Yeah. Our marriage ever go to every dark plenary jerk. If you are not charged battery blow. Let's say you have a just ready to go you know that I never know how to pronounce it. It's CHR and a CUT. ER I. Think deep coterie and bring out again he didn't cheeses and yeah I don't have any. I don't know if it's yeah. I didn't know there was a blower. Currently due to the boards now known to just come a little plastic tray from the store with a. Hit it hit it yeah. On that board now has content IE and other trip home. All I got up. Yeah in. More on Alex I.