Slacker and Steve - Celebrity Kiss and Tell 10/31

Tuesday, October 31st


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Steve our man on the advice of counsel we're canceling the rest of the shelf life. He seemingly little. You can trepidation about absolutely not you have zero because we do on this topic a billion times before modern times I know but. Can we still do it today I want. When. So. We we ran into an old friend do you sort of the radio station and when they were to the radio station. DeVon to drop played a concert. And I don't know what happens personal life is like now like Gavin in his youth. Would make out with pretty much anybody who got within. Fifteen she did them this is true it was he was just he just got him he's a guy who likes to he's a celebrity who likes to. Trade on whosoever trade on a celebrity. And so it brought back so we were all talking Omaha which turned her. We are known celebrity tests Intel in forever. Let's talk let's talk to people who need that was a liberty hooked up with a celebrity so you know we get excited and almost a little he has whoa whoa whoa wait a second your guys because of this whole war means been in the whole list said he doesn't ask do you do we really cotton 'cause we Spacey you're everybody you see him. They now. We really can't. We ultimately you you you're not gonna stop us but you could write this I your momentum to Dell and I just think that you need to you. Tread lightly here's the reason why is I don't know saved. Eighteen years ago used to be hilarious when you're standing in line at the security point at the airport to make a joke about a bomb being your suitcase but then 9/11 happened any can't do that anymore. We live in a different world now where things changing you have to kind of follow the PC line a little bit but if you choose and Lee made out with Gavin to drop sure you can send surely. You know if that's not doing. Harvey Weinstein invited me to bill Cosby's rooms were doing. I eighty. Where to less Sammy Hagar concert and made out with the bass player yeah I'm really getting bigger now you don't say yeah. Exactly I don't think a lot of people are a lot more sensitive to this type this topic right now because of I mean let's think about we the whole meat to thing that is happening right now it's this is all focus on a Hollywood this is all folks I mean it's like it's a huge thing right now and to kind of we know that people don't know that people get offended easily end to end to join topic like this is at this point in time to gay is kind of like. And maybe you could be a little bit more diesel entry something a little bit. More appropriately there is that I don't know but. It's just. Since 20 we're all and yeah there's a usual loud he's he's those are great words and great points are needed to be said. But then let's stop limitless is sure to showdowns the most because we're gonna offend with every time we say a word soccer were sending somebody. So that while we just got Tripp yeah. Either get our live in or get Brooks was here here and there via busy and so then you you you're you wanna keep you wanna do celebrities just in south yeah it's a tabby there was consensual the but like every other time we've done this topic it's always been consensual. He has and that. We don't have anybody yeah I. I I am vital every other time he's on this topic you've never had a huge Hollywood scandal going on that's all about sexual assault and things that the producers and the people power. In Hollywood are forcing other people to do it and there's that so John Mayer okay let's talk. Construct a heck yeah. Exactly. Feel like I think you need to be cared if your super defended. You can stop us at any time. Just how many people would it take I'm not gonna stop bravura send us your. Other products I'm sorry that don't so we're just just understand this we don't want. Obviously we are we're not doing. Celebrities kiss and tell. Like Harry styles. Forcibly kissed you sat clay but you you ended up on a blind DH which is true and you Google this girl what's in all of our. You know she's she's definitely hairy styles lol oh really here with the bomb apparently on one more on this new album that's out one of the soul songs is about one I'd swing of his he was visiting only a few years back to the senate on playing a blind date for Harry. I'm Mary slipped in style exactly air and if you see her years ago you do you don't want to eat it eat so he could make you could just want to but it's probably. It was. It's just intimidating for him to make sure you can't just walk up to it because they're gonna flip out on nearly and I think you mosey on tour some news just in town you really know anyone anyone who wanted to date and so nobody yourself and hooked them up and did really good she's a student from UCLA she's from South Carolina. He never forgot where he named a song Carolina well she's she's got a hookup into consensual. This is not going to be fun now through. Make it more fun it would put the curtain between us. The only actually I. Now psychic healing. Austerity this place is really you know Tom you've seen bolt the he was runner Brent oil SaaS has been on the planet attempt with 820 year old Brazilian. Your name she is chained. To our Dan I don't know cubs general. Jay in Portuguese in the news shock and remember. Apparently don't get a girl from the time. So Lou you're gonna win that Hussein and for those. I say jet John Mira to the console cycle instructor yeah Justin Bieber hooked up with Miley and Jensen Tony that is India. Quentin Tarantino hearted note. How old we take we take. Eighth through ass Merval celebrities or do they have to be. AB what we can go all the way right as we go deal level celebrity Soka like deals like Kathy Griffin right. Yes she she did a show called the dealer straight yeah that's right okay whatever that she's do you that serve so. We can keep going Bubba stories we have. I hooked up with a country couple country music singer not a well hooked up and made outlets shall we went. Who was in walk the line o.s and that's what's essential relent no you cannot know what's cool is she was in true romance. They're moving. The mega hit do these cult movie with a huge cast she had a very small part memo retiree watch it for the Miller's shot did she did kind of you doctor and I and I did that's your flight errors she's at this -- you're a girl number two and a diner some brand exactly it was apparently there's like someone was singing on a stage there is a band in the background that was what we learned BC yeah she got credit. Through romance. It has been. There's earning enough. That was dear what don't you would show we would she was so it was just a singer and though she was a country she was an up and coming country okay I'm sure they're celebrity and yet should China be and that was in the embassy suites glass like LA and I are going up a Holiday Inn express it was a very it was who's gone so it Owensboro Kentucky assume was news. Yeah so. Once again this corner kick OY. Did you see how. Have to get involved in essence chicken is so even with all the stories in the news if you're really angry about it. Hit discipline social media tell us but we're still we're foraging for room because people still. Must after celebrities and sometimes land one. And consensual Yelp makes it now happens if you got a celebrity kiss and tell story we'd love to hear it grace. Yes celebrity kiss and tell you may go celebrity. Oh how did they have below a celebrity. I don't remember you know well. I love love love love I could see the Coke. A game. Enola. Mowed look and we're twenty Latin like pretty soon after they shelved. All these younger then yes I get a. The cat meat kettle. So. I eight highlights include musical I was also a streak. And dotted at a bar and nowhere today. And IA ended up. Having a really good conversation with one of the gentleman in the badly beaten real. Yeah how. Alley Alley carted supporting character asked. Do you wanna see the humor you can leave this in the dark little. You're not gonna say no it was a rhyme with. And it did not dwell in hot hot hot sort of beat. In high school how much stranger and Z Evan who zero scream with the knowledge that's not Sierra is you go on doing now ulcers. Now I'm not seen anything out at and they Allah to be there in High School Musical and hit an I in TV and try to figure it out. But hey I'm not scary you just made up that's all you guys. We just made out. To pass the bar we were in the back corner we made out you'll notice there is no. Didn't seem to know Burris you'll there's no chance of every TV was just it was just a crazy make out session minutes over. Post which which one was at the end I tell you when your phone was breaking up when you said his name the club is hidden and money Atlanta not. I thank you grace if we did say celebrity isn't out that's just the rest and actually happening how do we know who it is. We've actually got Daniel loan you know he'll tell us who it is it's not Daniels. Yeah I suppose your voice is guys are. Processes across his own that it's so nobody else is okay dad used to play. Celebrity just Intel and have been. Lisa Loeb. Reuse or you. Reality bites. I thought we all know Lisa Loeb is the glass is on her glasses on us. All but not okay how does that go down. I know her brother he's an orchestra did and I will work for a company that. Sold tickets to sports is theater and we met Maddon before you SMS she was really give him well to present but I went so. Oh see you guys like tumors you guy you dated. Or just. Well illegal coupled clearly we would know which are very and we are not. And dampen one night you know someone can really do another we didn't actually ever be quite a golden gate. Wow didn't Jim who broke up with true. 08 dot me like yeah in Jerusalem hotel and she's once he realized I guess yes. It was absolutely the album the times about this a really short song and since super fast tempo. I'm really sorry it is the last everywhere stimulants at a scientific consensus on those of us anyway. Thank you very big golf fan Zaza you had to know Daniel and others doing that the gen. I celebrity assistants now. Oh my mom that David belly at Dade fire about 38 years ago and he's spent the weekend at our house. Why couple cheap seat told David though I don't bar any Steve with you. Absolutely. You always had a. Well as she lied to me about who he led the Miami at a friend's house so I'm guessing it was pretty bad. She's. Hey Ed had relations David Lloyd's rural old weekend that's on the uh huh oh my god. For Orioles would your dad say. This time the surface navy will diminish the Clinton. Please blue route to Latin via that performance development and not the way. Yeah like you're dead your step batters of the best. You know I wish it would then. That's so that is an amazing story they do for us gen. Mom Maryann. A guy who celebrity kiss and tell what you got. I'm on my hero boy brand that broke up what a girl and an app there at. They broke apps need it and we're adding them from Abbott are. Apple which one is that he wanted to blue eyes and where. He. Oh the guys know who then he's not paralyzed and he's an avatar oh OK I. May I guess our I don't know anybody's names. And truth be told I'd just wash avatar like a couple months ago. For the first time how are you BCC I have finally seen it I was like I don't have four hours to yell hey I like what if you took me like three sitting signature black knights while that's. Wow that's really cool does is she really drives. That he's a really paralyzed he's just paralyzed in the movie. Now now Boca I put a good actor he was if they do for left. I wish since it was her I wasn't asking detailed questions and be unseemly and another person needs BD you're always discuss handy. The guy celebrity kiss and tell who do. Not just. I I hooked up with Kid Rock at northern Croker. You NCAA it's not yeah all the way this is gonna kiss and tell this is all hooked up Intel. Recruit all the way out of this showdown with Bob Bob in his Bob Young Richie HBO Robert Ritchie. Are you had a boyfriend knowing that the term drug dealer. And it's something I wanted to be would work with compliments I wanted to meet him and he says okay what can we can do a trade. So he told one though the bodyguard that you would give them some good stuff. And then can market right no Omon troops spot. And you don't. You don't your boyfriend it. The drug dealer to hook up with Tim rocked. I didn't dump supported Fred I could complicate rocked admirably for a news that Poland. We've gonna go down. Tomorrow he's wow listen I was just viewing each kid on the bus right. Our it would. Nobody IRV cure in a back bedroom and make everybody would limit for a late partying and how we get. OK so now we're in the back Steve okay the rest easy until life. Maybe you wouldn't she can get together her boyfriend and her attorneys some good stars and bobbled a ground.