BJ & Jamie: World Series game 7 tonight. 10/01

Wednesday, November 1st

Tonight is Game 7 of the World Series and tonight Winner takes all and it could be the best baseball game of all time. BJ says the seats that are behind home plate are an average of $30,000!   


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PGA NG game tonight midnight do you know why Jimmy white and when they ain't got no no no big big night Wednesday night I'll give you Kentucky. Especially for the people of Houston and Los Angeles. Yes game seven back to one last night. Dodgers they did you while silly tied the series tonight winner takes all I was watching it was one to zero for ever the end was departing at. I'd flipping back and forth watching crimes shows how much somebody killed that I do watch the baseball game and then they would solve who killed who would I go back to baseball game. Yeah I watch for a prime minister Obama can't win either. I've watched and a game that it's set who's leading. It's game seven. Three and Torre. How is that after six injured three and three it's best of seven met and so with some rain and sleet and who ever wins game seven wins it also may add to it's that big day it. I don't get this but I heard last night that the city of Los Angeles and Houston are on lock down by the police departments because the rioting that's one Okur. I don't even get that I don't get why people have to put cards and burn things he. What I'd. Regardless of what the world I'd Wear it that make they. Are calling out it's because they really expect the Dodgers to wind to die in Los Angeles they are cult like out all forces that downtown Los angels because you're expecting a massive riots tonight after the gate where an LA in the right over anything. But apparently that's curiously yet. Think that is that's. I don't think that happened when the Broncos won the a Super Bowl didn't do we have riots I don't know I don't think we didn't quit Sean Parnell fireworks in his yard but yeah. Yeah this is gonna be in LA right. Yes to so that's the problem. Because I think the Broncos didn't win it. Here at home diddley no no no we were in California be right as a suitable right so add that that's the problem is there going to be right there ready to roll. That's the scary part and if you remember I would England go to that game it's good to see the. Oh yeah they get so scary when when things like that happen get this. Tickets for tonight's game you know the people you see on TV with a batters at that point yes Carl Cameron not Josie other recent. I've got pitches I tell you that this when I get great pitch right is really important ball. And the wind is like gigs and you what once an ice water died cold warrior leader. He's got that big thing. In my high pick me ever made peace deal yeah you know what they're doing popcorn match and now that. Right after those seats to not. 30000. Dollars. Man for tonight's game and for those people to nothing. Just walk right up our bucket in and care bill of rights expected in detail in Los Angeles tonight if the Dodgers win tonight that the eagle back in time to win the Super Bowl happened. And here in Denver when the Broncos want. No riots the only disturbance. Was Sean swallows in his yard with fireworks drunk is a much a criminal. Yeah. Each and every day Morton's on Alex. I.