BJ & Jamie: Broncos could bench Trevor and bring in Brock. 11/01

Wednesday, November 1st

The Bronco may bench Trevor Siemian today and put Brock as the Starter.. with 3 losses in a row and 3 interceptions Vance Joseph better do something fast.  Jamie thinks that some of the team mates are not doing anything to help him.


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Vijay and game tonight game seven of the World Series you gonna be watching yeah of course the Dodgers are you really. Talk of war go to that I guess it's also going to be announced today that the Broncos are gonna bench Trevor and I know that already. Kind of back and forth a good time. I don't know what is I don't know I'm I've never met him enough filling them but everybody says he's a great guy and let given a thirteen year old did obviate need is love the QB can't help it rank to it al-Qaeda. Look at the as a U iso nuggets like tease everybody stood in Europe feel like happening with this when you okay. I have theories that I ever did so my theory about this is that. The guys intentionally don't help. You gonna me. I kinda feel that way too. It's like Tim Tebow when they had a pretty boy there beaten nobody else can me. And Emma is like he was getting all that attention and yeah and that receivers an area they were like you know lacked passion he had a pretty boy. And what's your name like. Billy likes a guy named Trevor. In the NFL. Right it got tremors the quarterback you can't have its economy and nation and I mean he wasn't a high profile first round draft pick nothing like that he's got a big game really and you know it for something to salute the difference of the Zach is again using any disaster they would catch the ball a little profit on purpose you know that's a hardest word to get in the name but septa is asked is it really it really is no disaster nobody can ever guessed. So when you do hang me you know I don't do very often and a bit and just hard to do by yourself. That's exactly lady ever play like with your kids if you ever out like hey look playing man handle appease Faber just at PI is easy a easier RB star. And then they'll guesses me right and then Ollie can have a their head over and over is pizza pizza pizza and then like it's not pizza and then they can't figure out what it would in the world to have all those pleas that he would never in like you're just scared I didn't ever think things. As dealing. I already hate. Bring new feature ownership of pain in tips from Jimmy why. Yeah. Into everything and more on Alex.