Slacker and Steve - To a Nice Guy Out There 11/1

Wednesday, November 1st


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Steve I am so little he has some girl's then hands she she ran into some sort of dilemma and she needs. Are the power of the radio station to fix the dilemma OK Liz. I yeah I tell us a tumor. OK so I know you guys don't usually get calls like that but. It's been. We didn't the only thing that I can come up with other kids to do what I need to do. Show last night. I was out to dinner with my boyfriend and so he. Actually. Broke up with me at dinner. So and yeah. And did the public place things so you couldn't make it seem oh good yeah let's not I don't. Now while it was quite a scene anyway he broke up with me and he left he left the restaurant and you know. IE sitting there by myself and I think he'd need English I didn't know I had that I had to cover the bill. At all anyway big guy he comes over to me. To make sure I was OK I mean I was like falling apart. And. I mean you're crying really scream what WikiLeaks we mean by selling it hard. I was crying I was kind of like heartbroken I mean I thought that. We're gonna get married like that's serious you can still do not because Italian and all can. And so he came on her Annie get on and make sure that everything was okay and you know I I think import any kind of late composed myself and and I'm getting ready to lean and Don. And my server. Basically let me know that this guy. You named Aaron by the way people out there questioning my OP is. He he took care of my bill. The bill for me. We do for you and the dirt bag you just don't do. He covered the entire you know warm move yeah this guy there that's still went. Think skill and well. Yeah I heard it like. It is really really really really sweet and I just wanted to know that. I so appreciated. That but there are people out there is really how that kindness and no heart to do something for come. Only stranger. So if you so if she's listening right now I mean you kind of set it but is there like what would you say to him if he's. If he's literally. On the phone she's us. What you're what would you say I mean what I mean you've you've kind of set him and I linked. I don't know home. You wanna say I was in Florida and. I'll what I would say to him and like one vis. Most. And it didn't win the most shocking move and devastating. And upsetting heartbreaking moment. Kids. Kindness toward me Blake. Kind of like it did it's it's something swarming like I just felt I felt so much better I really dead. Thanks so Eric if you're out there that's all yeah your server when it is passengers just. Just his first name an error just error was behind him or arts and I. You know I'm it's a weird thing gas somebody who's like broken Clarke did to where you are you ready to move all in all OK so then. Eric if you're out there. This wants to say and she just sent it so nowadays you're right we don't normally take things are definitely I mean it feel goods or there are great so. Thank you for the call this what a you know Gary gee if you're listening. Liz appreciates what you did.