Slacker and Steve - Best Advice You Ever Got 11/1

Wednesday, November 1st


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Staying on the we are sort of court order to win every once in awhile do something positive okay. A it's our come up with his we've done a bad things that can we deceptive occasionally prove that we're we're not entirely in evil shall be and this is one of those times and I think we can actually do some good here. It's everybody out there no matter who you are no matter how successful you are or how successful you are at some point. Have been given a little nugget. Little chunk of advice. You know. Let's test your words to lose by Horace yeah. Gee I mean. I just this thing about Charlie Daniels which way do you know who we is me pretty much everybody even sort chemo when he was. We'll be no Charlie Daniels this yet double down into ordinary as ever knows there. And they're. Mad he's sick as you said I remember liken it when I was younger receivers as this he said she sat. Pieces of the law. And that song and I used it's for my parents like bureau this morning. Surely did sooners in England if the kid ice was. Never look at the empty seats. And as a musician. I wish more than anything somebody told media arts all your focus on a course why it played this club what did you like when you appreciate the people are there are more important. So easy. Her friend Charlie Daniels advice he's the fit for you this. Back to my face it you're just sitting there when you opening act you know they your opening for a light. We're we're out on the road test Latin. And you know the Tesla show is sold out. Richard the opening act and you come running out on stage. Like with it and terrorists. You know it's 151000. Seat arena and theirs 5000 people again you're not a priority U I you're not. I you do he's he's seeing. About those 101000 pieces of health who didn't come yeah yup she asked third site we saw instead if yeah play in your ass off for the 5000 people who didn't come thank you Charlie Daniels yeah we're so starved for entertainment yeah I'm. I didn't. Where were you guys look at each other can you believe the courts to why her what they cover because you know eventually I would think about in music man wanted to concerts if it's if you're if doors weren't sad and I -- 1030. Because he knew your big one you wanted to see wasn't playing tell what exactly so. He's his advice lives. Never look at the empty seats. I'm. I'm just humbly that's my advice for two that's actually released outlook Canadian DC nice anybody who you guys get some sage wisdom and the way we want unit jumped and what is. Your boss your priest your parents. You're just a teacher or somebody gave you. A great chunk of advice we won't hear what what you got are ever go. We're all like this in junior high yours Sharon sit in socially just gonna say it is you do everything you can to CNN. Well my dad and I was doing a lot of negative behavior trying to press and finish them off color my dad pulled me aside and goes got to decide he wanna sit in or you wanna stand out. Now Lou. A little back to vandalized to a shoe on that one for a while now and that's why how you act as we spent so hard in the summertime turned to see an end to sponge trying to stand out. It's sea Ice-T mean massed near I don't wanna I don't what we're doing positive or positive I just don't like people who. Standout on purpose. Oh you Mena no yeah yeah yeah. No he meant all it's like when you say that to the wrong person they're like. So then I need to go crazy low fog early news is Alexa that I standout it sank and yes I'm trying to impress everybody did you see you NASA space center real well. I'm scene to my kids you know tiger reminds me over at him Zack from Children's Hospital who told it like that that line that he had. If you're if you're normal and you can't be exceptional if you're normally can't be extraordinary young out of gas is like Maine he's right extra slow we call and I. And about but much on business quotes and stuff like that there is one that Sam Walton had. He said that the customer is all of our bosses they can Cyrus at any time by simply east choosing to spend their money at someone else's door. More now and then I know I Ray Kroc he said when your green you're growing. When you were right you rot basically always be learning always be absorbing and always be much this year chock full of I saw it there can retain. You have three amazing pieces of sage wisdom I try to remember him and yet we still have the same crappy job I don't okay. Yeah makes no. Okay yeah veteran you're. Only I am not sure who might the first piece of good advice I got this from Charlie Daniels said yeah. Allows you know this is my life who's been as we were all but you've got three great things and you've parlayed it into not. Exactly but that's only some three or can really retain those aren't I I find those to be some of the greatest impressive number I'm not I won't forget them you know eat soup. Which got all remember my dad's. Also go bright and riding a bike that's good reserve members to that is red ray Crocs by our biography and I just couldn't reach him walls again and that's why those stuck Prussia the Red Cross saying is that H. If you're not in remaining you're dying there it is wow. I like got a lot. You the other one that I you know you top this to me I did not enough I think you might have been Toronto probably don't. Don't crap for each other and it's the cut but the whole thing up and means they can't you know that girl over the exactly that's got you know separate jump. It didn't miss from the pleasure little piano you have one and I know you grab onto with the what's your. I've got to feel like one of the ones that always stuck with me is I think it was like a basketball coach runup that's added to me and it was like. He said basically someone that's great at something wasn't born great add them. I was kind of all of those things grows like. Oh yeah you're kind of right so they had demo works we have yet to work for everything and then some parenting advice that I got one time that. I think is exceptional and I died wanna live by it every single day any it goes don't prepare the road for your kids prepare your kids for the road. On some simple like that exactly only crap that is awesome great I'm doing that one please don't run my. Lowland have to do. Parents don't do you make everything safer kids like now let your kids understand. It is not safe remotely give amnesty it's that's just teach Amanda fished and raise value and noted most lovers there. Oh my job. I just small and and then my very last one really fast is how successful you are and life is based on how prepared you are to have some uncomfortable conversations. It's like if you're willing to just be comfortable and sit back in the B where you are you're never gonna grow you're never gonna go anywhere so you have to be willing to kind of put your neck on the line and go out there and nobody. But nobody hates uncomfortable conversations and me yeah but I won't happen you can screw me over. So hard and I won't have got a list. The moment then all snap that might if you're rise hideously slowly screwing me over I will never call you out on him into I'm just. Might do I have to get better all this crap. The other one that we found its on this piece of paper that's one of my favorites. And if you ever come when your eyes closed it works work the first thing you need to say is amen. Not I aids is no way hey there Larry if I. Absolutely that is true I love that we're actually ruled he reminded me one another coach that told me something and and I kind of apply it to show. A real quick is the world doesn't care about the labor green stuff. The world just to see the baby so we don't care how hard it was for you do something we sort of see the results yeah they have. Happens all all the time but he's outside. OK so I look at the fine and I started like turning butter and I did this thanks to TC kick its price I don't need an arduous process. I can't thank you or you don't do we can just called arrow of time for sixty shall we the big. If you've got. Some unbelievable that something that is let's change it I'm telling you. Self help book just all the crap you guys I don't know what what is the best advice you've ever gotten Diana. I tested by seven. Sometimes like Childs are collecting them look guys. Okay. Gel looks for that positive and every negative whenever once running away you should be running towards. There's an opportunity at. When I read that green screen I was told that I couldn't have yet. And at low rumble hold hold. I am when I was running order I got divorced and Ohio ushering pat chipping adding it was to try and I if I checked it. That guy you go to name all eyes see. On you know that's that's a good one though thank you I would like didn't piggyback on some advice you gave twellman and everyone's running that way you run the opposite way. Com unless there's a T Rex couldn't get them the more I sire well well our. There's a lot of true there's got to put our personal little secede Liz and Steve just throughout the. He's running now you'll look and oh. Does but there could be there could be an easy and I finally and I while they're all pigs yeah britney's yeah. Liaison to. Sue might start a business over the direction the season is frightening everyone. So this sort of words yeah. But don't you won't like this is this have. Yeah I can't he'll hold then. Yeah you guys both sage wisdom some day annual what advice is the best you've ever heard. My my oh my mother is burden beat stock tanks. Never have any kids that you can't take care of that I'm not gonna do for you what my mother did for me. And meg ma my grandmother my grandmother raised me Delilah side. So you're. Your mother told you just not appropriate period we think it's pretty much because she did tell me you were never remember any greeted. That is actually sage advice is study people who don't become parents and a half. They souvenir nice Daniel I'm sure you just you ended the world's population trust us we that wisdom might. Yeah outlets of best advice ever. Felt good at what are you happy where you are you're never gonna be happy were you go. Mean you got to sort it would solve it now Utah but I love you ask them to Colorado actually because this fall third you know after. Or perhaps you or Scott sit. Because Leo just got to sort of people. That's is no might get his general happiness does nothing to do list boom I don't you got a nice sometimes to some lights. You know me like I took every it was a while my arm and my phone saucer eyes adjusted to new we. And it's just you can't. Yes that's only that's making you unhappy bro it's just you're not. Exactly. Follows you go when your shell C. Guy who submissive I Syria. I'm married a lady you are always accompany my teller line at the bank and navy ship dimension if you tell me every time but it. It merited our eyes that she'd bed and make sure you always celebrate special occasion you begin this and you do not your marriage it means you're in trouble. Oh OK I like what you mean by special occasions like a real late this university this for 62 that Italian restaurant or the. Like video you're anniversary. That's like my parents quick hitting each other Christmas gifts and they like they're divorced now. Internet stocks do not like this herded like you can't look at why Michael the bigger problem. They thought celebrating our anniversary like all these different things. That make you hit into that you're important that you each other. That is true. It's it's goes back to ray croc man you either green and growing and or you're right you're you're so comfortable we each other then you're like Iran and you're writing your marriage itself Brian. Great advice thank you Chelsea who's are good dude. We're like it's creating businesses by running towards dinosaurs to extricate Cabrera put the worst saving marriages. Yes we we slowed the population growth that is true there. Like in Steve you're the third heads up dogs are links to cut us change if you. Yeah guy what's listen this is my seventh. So when you have kids saw about the days are long but the years of Shasta and. All my gosh that is true was only crowd guides I am I wanna costs and how great tennis as you were so in the moments there are days where you decide to almighty god. I've I've been up since five doing started packing lunches and creating projects and whatever. And then you're like Jesus how many times can I put in a sixteen hour day and then you blink your eyes are right. Holy crap you're already out of kindergarten year asks how windy that happened the more more they don't did you team they don't he had. Hole that's a good one thank you for the call Sheen. Now we're saving. Yeah. Fifth Rachel. Yeah I was the best advice you ever got. And I heard on a pocket I won't mention who's I think that people who have nothing to hide it try to nothing. But that still have no may have no choice so they have nothing to hide they can't hide it. When you might get there. Well no you didn't know my dad is you know. So then my phone aren't as more this young man and I need. Your Nextel open yes you're a base there are hiding something else like something. It means to your understanding about people who are like OK there we need more privacy laws I watched. OK I finally got on a series. And dating and relationships might have been had my tong code I have his own code. Yeah my rich looking over each other's shoulders on the computer science you know if you don't nothing that I can. You're hide nother you know I I don't if that's your throughput there remind me is that most of a coach told me along time ago people with nothing to lose will stop at nothing to win. Stop at nothing you have people with nothing to lose will stop another all I get a Jack is again on the lose why not try and just go for an assets of some of the greatest teams in history or are just gonna learn suggest all is actually. Laughter. On the shelf. I kind whose message guys that are here. Arm and I and I and I Jack irons irons and advice in our science and song prior to be eating an apple can't talk. Where crown and the Iranian side. And kind of don't get along who doesn't make. Yeah. And then he won is loneliness. Too hard work done that our hardware could be a challenge at aren't on the work hard. Card let me set you know I heard that I don't we use to be on the wall. Already on the radio city I'm is sure of the as a group because sometimes somebody so talented now. Like I don't have to work exactly that hungry person that's where he just tells them to lose it's your job I share. Yeah I this is nice. I don't show and I picture is heading down the road I might add cracked open a beer in the car and in depth at. Illegal you're not supposed to you got me set yet. I am not eating and not work they never break allow lawyer break the law. Argument.