Slacker and Steve - Couldn’t Get Away With It Today 11/1

Wednesday, November 1st


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I ask us solo. There's a story of a Wisconsin woman who can. Little some some. You're you're cured using she's an idiot right. Yeah that's a little over the line if she would try lash the pool and then stuck the nine year old son up there it's a little bit better. What brings to mind is there's a lot of us I think every generation goes through this where you go. Boy I'm. Never gotten that win a deal. This woman for being. She tied her nine year old sons of the roof of the Stanley minuteman. So he can hold down molded plastic pool they just purchased you wouldn't fit in the bay and so we noticed. Popular on top. She only did it for like twenty to thirty seconds hmm hum. She was okay because her dad let her do similar things. I'm all I'm saying is my parents were Donnie Jackson except we wouldn't they were in a rope while I was gonna say so she had a rope. Didn't lash the pool down she lashed her son down to the pool down to the top of the veil of isn't she didn't but putting the rope on the sun is well it's shows that she was not concerned I'm just respectable. For Schuylkill opposite. To detect and on. No. Show hat she could face up to ten years in prison. I just want to I just wanna put this out there. My parents should be doing life without parole I think a lot of our parents were a bit like what what did your parents did you ever. Ever how. How old were you before you put the seat belt on your body I think I was a member was the very young when I first saw my first you don't. It was about crossed my body oh was that. We put me in that right about where and that whatever yeah because a lot of Ozal cars the repayment of our parents would. Makes at this point you can get pulled over did you write you tickets if your kids are aren't quite up to the heightened waits to see if there's still supposed to be a five point harness you. I was growing up what a five point harness words for NASCAR. That's the only people who at a five point harness usually affair with my dad stopped short and it might in my heart as was his arm that every. Right cease from IT job did your mom never took both my parents to wrote both of them did subtract armor rumored death due to my mum wants to Soes is so that's I simply I'd forgotten about the stops short with the armed because. A generation now with my Stanley. And my wife and we all Wear seatbelts. I have never put my arm out to stop anybody ever it's not an instinct that's in my idea back then you know. It was Mike. My dad only until I forgot linked to Peru believe that's so in every region of flight just to put you slammed on the brakes you know it's breaks it down I arm out you know what's all the automatically. Trees that I remember have been light. Chest pain from being hit so hard yet but the Baidu apparently it was trying to that was our resume well. Or does it. And then you realized your projects like I'm Simon's even in the back seat. All I will see how I would slowly erode his hands on the back yeah. Our fight you in just. Whatever I never wore seat belt out all my kids have never been in my currency don't ever closer to ask you are we so doing the same with the kids have to be backwards in the seat belly up to look back that four or it's a little while and I am a little while I broke the rules to your kids are like small the my kids grew really fast certainly got you here. It's a really yeah they say they're not he's not developed enough until they're at least a year older two are still doing there at the end we wanted to come internal from. I was wrong that is the only. I get special board meat that's what it is easier they can't see anything you put a mirror up so you're looking in the mirror Dem in the mirror and it's weird this is done its armed. I'm sort of talk about is there any things. They had to happen to you when you retained the people would not give Dubai with Tuesday I can honestly remember. More than one occasion just like the Wisconsin on the on the pool I wrote a mattress. You think we've all seen driving on the highway somebody who's got a mattress like three bungee cords on it and it's just a matter of time now for that's our lads carpet that was huge California came on top of that you go and it's like it's cold and overlook all. It's gonna go it's going. My dad didn't want to match full so I had to lay told me why how old were you late for. Many years and nine months from now and I thank the we have to wait. I remember being like twelve remaining fairly spread feel like you're sliding like super resolute try to keep the peace settlement actress down secured her dad's. It's like fewer there. A ratings. I'm telling you anyways it was. I don't remember doing seventy's I guess who I remember being frightened. Look don't look at the legs topped the cab of the truck and my dad just like. Never slowing down Mike won the you can. God does not play out in the don't. Just. Look at. But let me ask Jessica could get away with just had a blood drinking from the garden house. I still do it but no you do know now it's the best water however it was a bestseller grown up I would not doing what it was a good trench mouth tournament what's gonna happen to mix our blood. The hoses are made out of stuff I wouldn't. I'd I'd I'd actually. No don't. Once I get the Goodyear hoses those are good console it tastes like you did it taste a tight shot across all the combining of Steve's your favorite flavor it. Tiger shot. I go to a chance blues I just found out my seemed that at some point you in my life for going to be together our Lola because they just found out the other day we are in an auto parts store. My battery and she's like slow the flow to those drivers' views until I love the smell the auto parts to protect. I expect it's. They didn't tires sure Saudi if you. This and you like the smell of sun belt through stuff this is really weird that's used to so you you you will still pretend that I look I will. Eat my kids like I would beat it out of my system why wouldn't be my kids why can't we disconnect would you little. Yes why. Is that why do you listen to sustain water and it's an off the tap the season unto you water now. Is now senior in your tapped just not as good as it was when you it's not what you mean. Let's try it all I drink the tap water when the kid and now my health and we either drinks like it in pitcher we filter it bode well we drink bottled water. Like we try to drink tap water and everybody's like. It's kind of weird kind of asked the dude husband still good Soria who was it would become known to happen. Short of the line and people. Oh I wouldn't serve as a crappy daughter was no umbrella all fine wines discuss this not Ural water's not discuss not to the level of you're. Two parts I do or Sarkozy now I know your I am my age you can give me any other couple this. Live and play. Arrow anti China now it's tap water still good we've had ever heard a city called slimmed. If any cookbook why it took to the may just say Nvidia I love those video if it. Water no gun play outside and attended something you could never give I would connect no way. Very few kids get to play outside without somebody within eyeball on do you just don't dude so I but I would even go as far as saying leading your block today flakes. Never let down no way I mean like as a kid I used to disappeared ten minutes after I woke up and content I had to be home when the sun was down in my parents had no idea were it was. If not times fan I just had to beat the street lights that was me yeah we know when you say there is some insulin eyeball on them you talk about the parents in their house succumbing glances out the window mellow and it is a good more more like outside. I'm wearing sunscreen every 25 minutes sort of the words and parents you guys in the in the neighborhood take turns aren't slacker it's your turn to be outside keep watch of all easy kids and yet. That's the invention of the cul-de-sac and everybody's assigned all the kids are congregated that in house and everybody's kind of watching him on diet. Migrate to another house but never left unattended ever you know you still enjoy what's the age do you let him be an attendant noticed as. 930 ET if you wanna yes I don't I don't know. I tell you right now with him and then not only weird goes out there in the world you know I don't feel comfortable lead but make twelve is the legal age I think in most states. No not even though no move. Way while since there are several you drive. Hoya is that I've I got in trouble with that one because so my daughter is four in the might my car was parked on the street. And I let her sit on my lap and do you steering wheel while I moved my car back into the drive like you he'll joke with a total of maybe seventeen feet does not regret the store the other day in my mar are my daughter was like. And I drive home again all of that's driving home all and a lady at the store was like polar. OK okay let me those guys like I am reporting you this minute I have been on my father's lab for a seventy mile drive oh yeah. Yeah that was a norm are the that was like. My job to drive home from the grocery store if we went to the grocery store. What else on somebody and you know I could have been more than a mile. Thanks they would work to paddles yeah and I would steer. All right let's let's open it up let's show people how different society was back in the day if there's something. That. You could never I didn't talk to the car. My age drinking tap water drew economics writer Rebecca go to the look true any old my job right now. Right my parents I was listening king cab. We'll see he was out. Not so there is a backup Aaron snow in the front yup all the time breastfeeding didn't they got to be in the front pets with you on the back what is something you could never give back with today Ellen. Yeah yeah I look at me about it anymore. What I. Sometimes school at sixteen years old newly licensed driver I used to babysit her couple he look at doctors she moved to pediatric nurse. When he worked overnight shift from the hospital. She didn't leave her children asleep in their beds. Lipitor a lot to try to over to my stick up to drive herself to work on the other side of town and I would. I was responsible for driving her car all the way home. Most attended this leads for how Los millions about oh my god. I don't want to introduce you and you know the. Better chance of getting them back if they were kidnapped and if they were trapped in a house slaughter. More slowly. But sure. You could never are you telling your story feels like Stephen I have to. This is why all of you for the call island Josh. I couldn't about it today. Okay. We are younger I'm 36 dollar armed sort Archimedes. Are my dad in his body. Are used to present her. So they dragged under couldn't help but go to you know driving up back roads country roads we have found two loaded shotgun hit. Besides CC and uptight when they are stalled Saturday come out of a ditch they would either jump all or more than help the body shop from the trials and we reduced to. Only god do you now get how you know this is how leg that's so but that's all I might might my parent might. People I know that may or may not be related to me. I have hunted all sorts of getting. Out of the comfort of their drugs you usually go jump ship which she called. Jessica. A guy who knew about it today. I'm a DUI able to grind out my mom was able to do just be followed home. I ain't (%expletive) cost when she got over her and I just. So revealed that not happen let's. Get much. Well wolf all you all I know ensure you get our yeah. Just keep driving drunk with Shanghai city clerk if it. Yeah half now is sometimes do the right thing they do did you off the road at all hitch if the schema. Yeah I I knew I mean. RIE cannot get away with leaving your sleeping children in the car league hall. And we lose we both. Do you regard I have whenever play I'll let you know that day my momma leave me in my car and the cars leak immediately or leave no way which you lay it up. No way likely free if you saw your author of twenty minutes half hour hour she knows she's. Mean we've got full lap out there and I'm here at Q3 dollar in debt that's when I wake up in my parents' garage do you. The bush years when you that tennis and a yeah. I honestly a little and that whenever yeah. How did that. Success with 810. Yeah I am and everybody was today. I'm not even ten years ago I aid does driving to visit my grandparents and my parents an honest stopped. My brother digit. When did spray all over your own cup okay inconsequential and good time World. Cup. Had I'll. Go out and light still on Hannity in a bottle if it's not like I'm going to tell us and we have to do and so I'm teaching my children that still as I used. Amanda's. Dad hey nice and doing. Back in the day when mom wanted to go to by the brand gonna find maybe better we pack up. Are trying but our army and Bader averaged along an obviously make it'll and a thirty. Laughter you don't class can't come backer out of tech as a underneath it cable or an athlete for hours. Our baby's not altitudes. Yup I was Jesse and all of our shows today doesn't it yeah. All I know I'm just curious. A lot I can change welcome slacker kind of yes I would examine alcoholic either but I'll see the next.