Slacker and Steve - Greatest Movie Characters of All Time 11/1

Wednesday, November 1st


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And I'm a little study that was just put out my total film. About what are the greatest movie characters of all time all time all linked forever do peripheral time once again they get the list room. Oh I can't wait to hear you rhetorically is there anything that you think a list is completely wrong or just in the wrong or her. Where's your where's your head that when it comes to this list number two should be number one for sure. I didn't like you long dat. We conceit that characters veteran movie serial since the 1930s and forties just wanna get into let's start let's start Melissa we'll start at number two and work our way to number one. End. I just point out late at number ten itself prince's layup. My sentiments. Steve good thing no I wanted to start her new music Fred I don't have it ready because who doesn't end there all right gentlemen here. Why is Francis slay the greatest character she didn't do why why does that what does she do was a character that's a loss. See women kept hearings I've never sent out I forgot Alice is slowly ever so I forgot you don't think women are capable of I never ever said that. A hundred. Yeah that's always. She I don't get talent just I don't think she's a great character adults okay thank you that I thank shaft I just wanted to throw you under a bus and watch and hundreds of reports that Twitter hearse is like. Did you hear us principally there really wasn't much for your option into much yes she's had bigger must head to head at her nose knows that. Now I'm going down for zenger didn't do much but I mean she's doing more now that it's a movie since movies says she was if she was in were huge but her character. Nine the Joker. Okay. I think it only man I really think the Joker ate an animal to go when we get to number two your guy and I think it's the same thing. I mean depends on whose plane exactly Heath Ledger what are an asset is that it was an up. That was amazing are in the park I didn't think that Jack Nicholson was 06 kind of stupid right arm. And also number eight. You know which which is that that's Lord of the Rings don't Stratford don't do nose Harry Potter I noted my eye goes to the gesture they're both among white haired wizard guys I don't it's you it's no fault of your own if you don't care you don't care difficulties that the really. Obese one with a long beard that's that he's not obese teases. It just seems that is you have all because everyone else is Hobbits and their little. Boca is that will be that's skim off of I believe Gandolfo has a very healthy BMI. But kept Hannibal lecture. Gotta give that yeah well that's a that's an incredible LN. I watched what you there if you bring your shares Washington two and a half three hour special behind the scenes the making of that movie couldn't unreal when Hopkins for Scott to the set every single solitary person from busboy grip to the director. When it only does guys that there's guys who dies. Down here I know he's good over to England and his little action leaves true. But this is actually the view wrong guided the plane Hannibal Lecter. As our first scene that he had that was an even captured on film yet everyone was like oh my god he's okay is that he's an actor that I. I that's awesome yeah Travis difficult no idea that this. Who's trying to straddle Burkle I don't try to sprinkle a taxi driver. Old trying to narrow and tall for like the sixties there's these college. You know he's for don't on this list. Greatest movie characters of all time that's on there. You you talk to make that's that's just it's whatever number five I think this should be higher James Bond. Yeah about that in a bad deal locals been going on forever too I remember. Being young. And watching the Sunday night movie you and it was often times a James Bond that it was a mis. We've got probably should have been watching some of those oh yes little. Names of his. I'm. West just. Networks TV ha ha returning is PG. Each pledged her name does key goal or you it's what I know Ellen Ripley. Are so dirty we've. I do what I hated the movie aliens hated the movie club the pinball machine hated the movie. It's your was as it was one of those. That was era of the singing and that's where just like he never knew was I was gonna jumped out of somebody else's chest dads and and get that Hans solo is enough or. Regardless. So and so number I'll give you he's pretty Todd the movies are popular they're talking by the way guys and so we're seven -- spoiler alert. I was 7 am number whoa another trilogy you're right. I hate it when you try to make all I don't hate you for di non solo fight and number two. Penn yeah both legacy that he's been around since the thirties in the forty but I still think I think the greatest movie character of all time is when Christian Bale did it everybody else sucked. Nobody has been get burials was GMB. Well but even know better athletes trying to do announced. It is he's like do you Dana Carvey doing bush do we back net. Yeah terrible do we think it's terrible yeah. Steve I really CNN the comics like he'd stare at Affleck a buddy of yours just say it though. Is that terrible is Cheryl. She's going to do much she says that home plate and I should just do this kid because Lego about I had I am legal lemons into two and number one. Indiana Jones. OK I know there is a bunch of movies view of ago trilogy you're some blue honors for. OK I the reason is you do another worry is he she will be seventy some years old yeah. There are really good. And it's a good character some of them were really good movies crystal skull is say Q is Ben Affleck in baton and so today I FEC oh my god it's terrible. I'm sure it's done with its yeah so he should be number one. I'm ready I think Jane if you're able to about a movie character that is touched my parents. Rule out a zoo zoo. Blight. Embryos is Daniel Craig still doing it I James Bond got two and yeah. Reported to throw the whole list up and you can argue about it. If anybody's responding from cycling Steve's saying anything about it should be captain Kirk fifty or doctor Spock you know. That's Steve yeah.