BJ & Jamie: Facebook is listening and disgruntled Twitter Employee 11/3

Friday, November 3rd

Facebook may be listening to you for advertisements. Facebook wants your nudes. Bernie Sanders is basically kicked out of the DNC. A disgruntled employee deletes Trumps Twitter. Jamie stole a bunch of a free coupons from an old radio station.


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Vijay and are so Jamie your little depressed because. And they spoke Tess has that worked to this. Really urged the I was kind of stoked for this well we have people on tuxedos saying that it is working for them. I know what. I think they're lying I think there is somebody who is a private message that only god. I Ebert how ads because you guys are seen on the radio and I had my FaceBook app open and now get them. One person texts a few minutes ago that they were. Playing mark arena mockery the right is that zone in the background are seeing that array. Then. London. Isn't much that's what you the next time. Doing the dance. OK again. I can't get it I know what it is. I know I know it was huge. The ladies inside back on the Facebook in one of the as it was playing in the background was moderate rain so they herder conversation heard what she liked the music she likes. And they spoke targeted at the exception side notably according to her are you believe them. I'm just. Keep your bleeping art now listen to this this is something we played yesterday and play it for you against our shorten it up that force okay. The couple. You don't look at the yes right that they said that they don't have again. Yes they they haven't had a can't twenty years but he left FaceBook on the phone Dowd and FaceBook is listening to use so they can target EU. So there listening to all your private conversations to your house all according to what's out there okay. And this couple says they walked around the house for a couple days since we haven't talked about paper towels for a couple of days okay so just one definite key document paper ballots they did it twice they made two days in a row talked about cat food even though they don't have a cat. And then low and below do you ever adios and here we got it would. So I just wanna make it totally clear that. This test. We never talk to look at student at any point he for this would never take it out. Your social media. FaceBook instant then we never looked it up online we're gonna catch twenty years so. It was totally random. And noticed that the phone down next or desk. Let them on FaceBook. And messenger. Preacher one or both were left open in the background. And from like the day before. But it Paula Zahn now we're talking look at food and then the phone went off automatically mean you can't get talking look at the lower burden for maybe like an hour hour and a half. Now there and two days later. He had cat food. Advertising on her face look back. Two days later Tuesday slander so we've totally dead at the paper Palestinian Jews in the word paper towels. As my keyword so mesa Jamie got to believe I swear my husband and I were talking about counter tops. And we never search Sydor anything that we are talking about getting him and then stirred up my face was covered in countertop bad. It would mean when is it likely is that right now let's see what might pop up ads aren't they sell it looks like and it. They then are they listening to you. Here's why I. Again it still tires member ship was tired as well. It's Bridgestone tires and it's also. It looks like air freshener. Have you been looking at the either of those now in the high dot com last minute mile run for going to diet and I never hurt stay at the it is a little confused I think. It is weird they know about my Jeep a lot. I get Jeep adds a lot and I think it's because I I put pictures up them like Reggie behind damaging. Deep hair don't care all the standards yeah yeah yeah all the city get on FaceBook page book tracks that I get that guy can really want me to find a phone cover from IG and mean for my phone. That says Jeep on the back. Okay yeah found god yeah yeah yeah yeah I ever OK I get the whole thing double targeting staying with things that he you've posted the pack but don't get that book but what's scary is if what this couple tested if it's. Accurate that they are actually fewer microphones are in the FaceBook app. That they are actually listening to everything you're doing a home that creepy. Yeah and I'm trying to remember it like yesterday I I don't think that's not the high to get high I don't know what you travel. I did love yeah and Derek does they screening. Bankers veins. He never talked about varicose veins and you pick have you ever searched that. I never seemed subdued looks a little baby you thought I had I need to act now and I mean I'm blessed not to have a met another ballad get the surgery but I don't have very because bank. Plus there's another FaceBook story that we were talking about last part this is crazy FaceBook wants if you feel like that your relationship that there are nude pictures out their view that the other person has that could use against you and post at some point. FaceBook would like for you to seeing you there or send them your nude pictures so they can put you in their systems so they can fight revenge port. Isn't that nice to them they just what it is an all your name at least that's got to be a joke can get the the article look at Clinton let's let's check out then lowers. We need to check out. Or we can have the intern get on an and then tells later Hickel who we check out this source scared I don't know plays but really my agents an unknown though here here's the article you know you read this okay all right. FaceBook is asking users to turn in their naughty pictures to the social network to testing new anti revenge poured technology. The technology uses images wreck image recognition blah blah blah. They want to roll it out to its users who. And so they said the to a new technology will allow victims of image based abuse to take action before photos are pros didn't. However at the trial requires users to send in their pictures yet he's seeing in the video of face and messenger. You send them the the pictures today ski in the picture so when you are likely this year blue besides the new York red eyes. Comes up then it's gonna recognize it will stop the revenge poured from actually being posted ha. That's their technology but he got to send the nude first. Participant. Instead is a trial and a. That's it frankly. I am now not as good things like drama. Making news by the way 2017. In the root word that that was added to the dictionary is making news. Was it via dignity and everybody's. Making news today news here and you tell me about Hillary Clinton crap and then. Is that I don't think it's take those. Hillary EC. Have I guess Hillary her campaign got busted. With the sport itself for this Donna Brazil used in the DNC. The Democratic National Convention our committee I'm sorry and down in Hillary's is typical. Basically went into the DNC took over money and done it putting but it bear campaign funds for the clintons and down left party yeah. Left out to dry bath and put it. Helped drop or birdied every chance. He never I don't birdied ten. Well loved Bernie. Didn't have a chain heads is Bernie right now do I don't know. I don't know where anyway he's probably crying somewhere because he got ripped. Can they currency well I mean if you crazy mad at each other whenever it should be Bernie hill. Party should be very angry yeah theories your ride and a because he never get to magic piece that millions of dollars running in a campaign he had no team to win. Not personnel burn out your finding that they EU had little chance to win it but that's. But. It's not. No more birdie oh birdie what 980 he doesn't need to stretch and I haven't seen them alone time is he still OK can I ever tell my son. That movie weekend at Bernie's is came into my hand like ease of propped up at the podium hits through. And drew sneak in a way to win the the podium and propped up against with the trumped him the truck as president I guess Twitter account was taken down yesterday for eleven minutes cat. Turns out it was disgruntled employ somebody that was leaving Twitter and of this angry. And so they blocked out the presidents say you know yeah do this on the way out the door it's kind of crazy. That great you guys are the guy is like he's some caddies and he got fired from Twitter. And he had the ability to shut down Donald drugs shipped out the president the whole thing got Leonard now is just what exactly did. Now I need here's my question aside from the pop we don't care about politics. Had you ever. Doesn't something destructive something good to get back to the company on your way out the door after being. I didn't do one thing we say but this isn't like destructive so you're vengeful. Wasilla but this does mean towards that the company the other companies so when island Kansas City I was that marketing director yeah. I took all the the free pizza huh. And who putts act giveaways the giveaways for us know when I'm no so I. I had as stacked like 25 free pizza coupons. But if I Soledad the prize closet for a vacant and so I felt bad because. You know I didn't have any money and I was hungry until every week I go there and in the pizza. And then deny the hair again let me do wind from that radio station at midnight I know it's just sees gold how did that. That's not exactly went out and got a close though it is kinda close right so here's the deal. Here another out. Have you ever left a job you were fired whatever you're describing can. So I'm gonna get it back on the UC EO you know whiz on the boss's desk on your way out the door you've always heard that I know I've never heard it never well. Somebody that that that claims say all the way out this is why I'm gonna do I don't get her and I I. The other is the buzz is this on the way out the door that's that's sort of talking about. So the Twitter person takes down Donald Trump's Twitter account because they were fired but still the excess that's a weird. But have you ever done revenge on your way out the door of the job. 30322. Out 3032225423. Have you ever liked it though he take think that would now. I remember in am I so I say alleged because I I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure. I believe it DNA by duty after he got fired and come as my partner. He set up a fake FaceBook account and it was called Jamie why I didn't have a FaceBook account yes that is right. I am the biggest too OOC. Regular. Meet near I had a horrible person. He did that cured me yeah backe and you've got this picture of me and everything like oh really basement pick out and some like. Faced a gap that I don't know if it was Diddy I mean I think allegedly was obviously who else is at that moment disgruntled army. It is now is it's not like lol I. Kids daily low ball yeah allegedly we don't. A pretty good idea that. Lot are so revenge on the way out the door when you left the job I know what happens. Never doubted. I don't know why I just get my stuff and cry let sewage works for you go home. This lady diligent. Iron this Paul hide call and notes he won't let you buy looks like the attitude that they reported ball. It'll come. Well at first our Marine Corps. The dirt that follow the economy and I got a job but an armored car service. And they were there trimmed out all of the other side and the company is so they had the least amount of people working but still Amal. Too much and they were only hard part time guys that are time guy at work more thought our guys. There are split over time over patriots have been inept at Pitt he overtime funny it would do to. Though all the way out at certain walkabout electorate for months just not so sure that's their call eight architect Albert and they're excited and outcome and still in people is not so in a such a long and straight in the chart as accurate as they were distributed. In eventually and by almost up and our respect opt out front or uniforms. We'll you mean. Since I was looking for baby burden placed. Or don't you. Hey yeah. This is toning down everything that you that you guys use the media out there may not get your own hole that the after I had it right there or not know that so what are you talking about. Stern doesn't get free and voted with. Morton could not dog tied Tony Gonzales did something bad really bad. Well I used to work at a company in Vegas and the manager was a real jerks on a given my two week notice every other day I would pee on his key. Lower back. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Wins. Would wipe out the keyboard we couldn't use it he couldn't figure out you would like lip bitten. Play would there are the most gonna we're watching him play at my IP. Yeah you don't totally played with your Teague. Noting waste out of the army and live and I thank you Tony Daria now we're talking now we're getting somewhere. Doria. I. I. Got. On me it. I don't think it got me. And I. That's cool and it's no PN on Libyan keyboard I don't think we can do any further. To the do you think he does anyone on keyboards and I tell anyone's life and I'm not in a chopper met. My but you can ask stretch Roberts about this and you know strapped it right so he was our producer for a little bit and he hated anybody deuce back. Hated his guts those two did not get along. What did anybody end and a trumpet and decided as the plane trumpet. So wet and actually do is take that little you know the mounting. When you lock our studio and it could happen it is OJ's yeah up now any yep no yep and they cut back on the trumpet it's a danger to all of my adult. Hold on. Are just going outside but now give you an idea hat trick you ask not you can't make up right. I would with a guy awards who he'd the other guy he wasn't being fired. Please and I'll tell you the names when we internal like a guy. But the guy used to keep twist. At three. In he would do the same thing that didn't run him down in India from mark at the end or back whatever and they put him a look at. Still legal I know you can do you get people like they did you go to jail for that the show. It's a fecal matter all of which please take deep. And a I would tell I would young. At about twice and my first real job and I like it looked like a little studio apartment I've got like that Alex Bentley and it's. And like an all that lucky Erika and onto me etiquette column not about eight which it would shut up I have at one day and age. And admit. About flatten it later it white showed that. Can bring me a little welcomed or at home you know what that at present but all he hit in the crop it. And my laundry. Laundry room went right next hour so I set hey I. I gotta go deep a lot she came with me and I Wear what we got a lot government that I forgot my hope that Michael Platt it would go grab it and she did it. And they're everywhere Ireland analyst has and yet now we're told who isn't Vietnamese. Don't visitor in your closet and she was it and what do your laundry system and that. Grab it. And I'm waiting on the punch line that's the day her husband team out the closet now. I. Am onto the and I commend her I didn't have to put this. Up. Thank you know that a lot on the rim today Donald Trump is twitters digging down because of employee got fired 200 today what's yes. In. More on Alex.