BJ & Jamie: Shooting in Texas over 20 dead. 11/6

Monday, November 6th

Shooting is Texas was so sad.. BJ and Jamie both come from a small town and grew up going to a small church just like this one. Over 20 people killed by one 26 year old gunman. The sad part is the celebrities going to social media blaming the Republican Party and Donald Trump saying they are at fault due to the lack of gun control.  The shooter was a dishonorably discharged from the Air Force meaning he is not allowed to own a firearm and authorities have no idea how he was able to buy the gun he used in the shooting.               


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Vijay and Jamie. 43 undefeated Kentucky church. Two defeat Al virtually no one of them that was transported that was entered the season. Bringing the total 26. We have approximately twenty Ferrer they're transported to local. And a hospital in San Antonio with the injuries that are very from. From minor to very severe. We know that ages range from five years old to 72 years today. Just terrible news yesterday from Sutherland. Texas southern and springs Texas just outside San Antonio. When a for certain historic moment gosh here we go. Yeah and we did hear me dig again. So a gunman walks into a church in Texas and opened fire. What makes of the people dead now and a lot of people in the hospital. But fortunately. The shooting stopped. Before this guy could keep going in doing that more damage and possibly even go to another location and you and I both group to small church state. Yeah I know you did southern overs at George energy Ellis. We're looking at those pictures yesterday just it was a flashback to how I grew up because our group and very small town. Are small church 5060 people outside the church. The inside of the church you know we're talking about all there looked identical to church. Where the they put the attendants. And the black politely adults ID numbers all that stuff yeah and in Beatty would get up seeing him or do in place that he was counted she could play the piano and sing consult on again that's my sister's mother. And her name is bad if you. He plays a George Deanna we had a day that played India don't. We did is looking at that church yesterday in my heart just poured out to those poor people of Texas. You go there in even the pastor and his wife throughout tout his daughter gets killed as a part of this assault on this church. And you know. All these rumors started flying afterward about this guy you know what let's put dust settle. Let's just worry about the people of Texas and make sure that they get through this thing and they can sort out everything as we move forward but it is just another another terrible terrible day in history. And I don't get like the Chelsea handlers of the world I really don't let my I make this act. A democratic republic and whatever if it's not it's not that right now you know it's it's a battle those people. Chelsea handler sort of crazy. She put out a tweet yesterday and codified into it and it. It's that I'm. About this week saying oh here we go another shooting. Blah blah blah he can't go to church why why I'll tell you why it's the rock public ads are the ones who did. I don't even get within ninety minutes of the shooting that's what she each week and how becomes a party and I don't you mean sorry and I. I don't hear the shooters Democrat Republican I don't care who said he knows the use of debit your Republican they die. And he did it and that's all that matters to be I don't care. It's so here's what I do know is I can't really well he can do every. But the gun control thing because the guy that got the bad guy who got it I think I think he got an illegal I don't know. But then it should not AM I think Sharon that they're not saying he shouted I think the guys shot. Yeah I mean you know it's legally. You're in Texas isn't that good chance to just about every household in Texas has a gut okay. And in fact of gun racks that are vehicles and they have guns it very visible in the vehicles. There's a guy. I guess he heard the shooting at the Scott tell the story because. There's a guy that it drops what's going on inside the church with his own gun that he gets from his house. Or car whatever and he runs over to it this guy who's in a truck in date chase this Guttman and they chase seem to his death. The local resident there his problem been gracious host tonight. The fact they dropped his drive which was the root root a horror this whole paragraph and then fled from the church. Polo horses and pushing this suspect that. For a short time later. That won't work will responded that suspect's breath Steve Wilson. Guadalupe county why you Ralph roadways fresh del we'll sell this he's in his vehicle. But this time we don't know it was self inflicted gunshot wounds were he was shot by our local Rosen. And engagement. Here comes a guiding Jack. And Johnny explains what exactly happened when that car. Eight DeVon it doesn't remove this too is that crumpled and this is a good ol' girl Emma and got debt dudes are does that Wear a cowboy hat but do it it is about with. Me here right now is Johnny Lang endorsed he was driving past the church when he saw the shooting and Johnny you saw they do is on the human exchanging gunfire and then. One of the men or someone you recognize jumped in the. Clark no I didn't know Mel I think recognize them and just he's just wasn't limerick community. And win every game are you going to stressed it's. His women. He's playing very quickly what happened and beyond attracting good news and images so. It's time to go DS are. Morris is only now that it's only about following this guy was a high speed was seen driving normally all over the place was like yeah necessary get a little bit and jump on us. And also we're doing that night I doubt I'm 39. Go around traffic and everything you. Eventually he came that kind of slowed. They never. We I was in just a few feet and women thinking out of the room. How did that happen did you guys bump him her did you loosen up myself. Just lost control and then as an aircraft that do vehicle parts does still post dispatch. The other gentleman jumped out again that is right we'll grow our. You know okay. And it and move after that while he's got any shot nobody's needed Lou after. United firmly believe he should idea it was finish date to the art confirming that there was a shoot out at the car. So. That's like oh yeah that's quite low is that amazing or watch a guy who here's what's going on inside this church with the shooter. Grabs his own rifle takes off over the air scares the guy all he drops that the the assailant he drops his rifle baking news get away. That this guy doesn't have a vehicle so he runs over to destroy this Johnny guys and says let's go get it let's go get he just shut up. That church. And they motor down the highway 95 miles per hour rub their car up the road then kill the guy. I'm shocked that they got because they said he had full armor. So I'll anyway bloom I'll. Yeah so here's learning about the guy is 26 years olds. He was a former member of the air force but he was dishonorably discharge for assaulting his wife and a child's. A wife and his own child he has assaulted them both so is dishonorably. Discharged. So he's not a did dialing around and one minute long time ago. And you know and some people say mental illness you know in some people are in the camp of it to do some like these you have to be mentally ill. I just don't know where it goes from here. There are a lot of details that are gonna come out we don't know the full story yet so I think we just wait state but it's just horrible tragedy once again. And those 4 people coast Sunday morning you're going to church the safest place on earthy thing. You know it's funny it's not funny that it I cinemas and think you know it's odd is that they sun came dressed completely black and wearing. A ballistic the best at the gas station. It's all weird to me because I saw a kid and he was dressed all of black and the others Teledyne an area they are now that doesn't look like a good guy summit to gas station do not over the weekend. I don't what do you do when you seasonally and you know they're up to no good. But it you know it's that weird day. You you can almost take any situation when you're let's say stop gas station at 7-Eleven your pumping gas you could almost at any situation that you see in Ernie in your head in your stash tea room right yeah it's so we all have doubts it is that really suspicious or not. So you don't react to write play because you take a Campbell respect. Just being. Are being overly cautious down not gonna called 911 started legal block it your right and another thing with the situation. You're outside of us San Antonio about 35 miles yourself. The anti EU and I both grew up to these this type situation you're out the middle nowhere. Out the middle of nowhere so when a guy does something like this at the church. The dialogue it takes law enforcement. Four for first responders all to get to a facility like this. Or to this establishment here. It takes forever to the we were on volunteer week Rihanna a siren and our neighbor and we don't. And then he went to the village hall yeah he jumped on tire track got the add skis and it it would take for ever you're right. If we had volunteer also we have one police officer in our town who worked 6 AM to six. PM he went moments like a guy. That's what this little town that. So for somebody to get there to stop this guy was virtually impossible go to left deceived he could have gone to a cafe could go on somewhere else shot more people thank goodness this guy in this boy this guy here Johnny. Thank god they came to the rescue because they stop what could have been much worse. Yeah and that said the guy tackle them first and that's when he dropped his rightful off yeah you naps legacy how brave is that well Mike and with me about it. It. Once again lose breaks you know that's our problem we're not breaks if I don't know if I would do that and you I don't know if I make you don't know I know you wouldn't. We'll give me the benefit no doubt it will its governance we should I might know you would calorie in their little corner and. I know you prompt it probably. That would be like Charlie your who chased him down and shot the guy with me here right now we Jonny Lang endorse he was driving past the church when he saw the shooting and Johnny you saw they dishonest human exchanging gunfire. It's important. I.