BJ & Jamie: Jamie is having christmas Tree Troubles. 11/7

Tuesday, November 7th

Jamie bought a brand new Christmas tree and her son being that he has no school today he was going to put the tree up and decorate it today… Well it turns out that there are multiple boxes to the tree but Jamie only has one box.  So now the problem is she did not buy the tree with her own Sam’s club she was with her friend and she is worried she wont be able to get the rest of her tree with her friend.

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Vijay and Jeannie and Alice 1059 PG Jimmy morning show. So that we're looking at your Christmas tree well yeah that's yeah yeah that's a really suck that's a bummer cells last night. My son was super excited because like you let your kids he doesn't have school today so. He was gonna stay at super lay and decorate the Christmas tree. The what I've got over what was that went on Saturday night you have to exclude. I was groped who move Graham's club so we opened up the treatment I eight and down. Annie I sit right betting well you know it's resembling bread together and need to do this over here and get all this ready. And so all isn't it not. You know militant feels like that moment. And it goes right 300 and start thinking of angst years of late. Nanny nanny how hard is it just tree he's been together. Why are yelling for me. Andy's night so. Not right let me ask you get shorter than I am. It's supposed to be 167 it's pretty it's twelve feet twelve foot trading. Don't see the 1215 but he insists it's short as he has yet to show courtesy of boy. So I hate in my AA head to roll my eyes say bad things about it all the stuff that comes to that you know. Like Maryland and I can't you know he got one the jobs czar exactly that when job and then I was in charge of the jury you wanted to decorate every futile it was your idea and here we are your yelling yeah. And I have four boxes in my arms in I'm down in the basement of the all the stuff and then just. So I would put oxygen in Pakistan. Is and what it. These like little it's not right and my what you get. These I got the big not forgotten about them. That's not all I was at the bottom now my god might surged to break out because he doesn't know what he's doing and you're trying to say look you don't want. What do you like to salted you know he's not getting in the box and I'm like. Would you please this is like those. Where I come I'm a big. Suzanne Alison their names and ages screams at me box two of two to have to take that informant a nine. Next two. To. I know that he's been. My hands out of electing class a share your I know what's out ways to add to a end over a year and really have Onebox. We only have one box the answer is box what's missing. Box one is missing and I didn't have so win Bridget and I went to see him problem. We'll pick up whatnot is she went yeah. Yeah. Do you box. Well I mean I. I don't know I wasn't there I mean I don't know how obviously he would make you would think you two boxes they would be attacked. Action. You take the they would have that bay and on the you know that that that kind of a metal type they indoor plastic I had to put in the cash but attach that to Bob. I don't. I look at all our. You get to the check out counter and the person checking you out says eight witty eating red the other box nations that there because I should have been checking policy and then he's like. Mean look at the truck I'm like there's nothing in the drug limitation I. I got one Christmas tree in a box and he's like not meaning get yet. Continent then they start in the right. Like you're down well you know it starts out what really sucks is is starts out that he you know he is he's the one that's in carpet. Yet that's what you're you're formulating an active and your argument like dude you got one job the country together stop bugging you about block. And then it turns out that here's a dummy you're the behind the big dumb dummy. And then he's like and then turned it exactly he's having turns on them like there's not another Bob and he's looking around like you get the other not. No wouldn't be that stupid not to get second but what I'm clearly says box do up to. That's now so now we have six feet of a twelve foot injury. Images. So here's what I'm worried about you because I body Allen Bridget Sam's Club card era. So do I have to have her meet me to him because I don't have clocked at cart about on their cart I well my credit card you. You've got the receipt yeah so they know this somebody was there with the cards so more than likely can I know it's this way Costco you can go back and take back as long as you've got to receipt. And you've got credit card it was put on but I did that because how card doesn't matter you sure know I I don't think it matters is how my. He deserves just friends family. They go all the Todd did and so that the return policies seems club and Costco are like Kerry and get a membership of the heat going shopping by yourself that your pass that. You are now returning something that he's out there anyway to get arrested. I didn't I have really get into big cups of Google he he. You have seems cup car no holy his bridge it's no they're not to answer our Asian enough because they look at it like this. Aren't you bought a your friend's car this good cheers and eventually you'll get your card is so they don't care they don't can't or don't do. Who shared an ability on big brown later I'm pretty sure there and so I didn't play. Out figures say. Any kind of took me so I only got box to a 200 indeed backsliding. That'd be like well there's no perfect. Going to be like well at but I took pictures I don't just have led back to continue. I mean that. And what here's what's gonna and that the person behind the counters can go like this you're gonna do your own thing with the Euro receipt and a half ago blue moon diamonds. Yes ma'am we can just the that's how or how. You will be judged us under their breath. And into the importance on Alex.