Slacker and Steve - Chuck E Cheese v Waffle House 11/7

Tuesday, November 7th


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Staying on the day. All thing that Steve and I are inundated us and this is probably not one of yes we found two different stories and we were talking and it's like. Anytime you hear. We in trouble was in the rat pizza restaurant name is Eric I think so Oka I hate each time you hear Chucky cheese and a my kids love don't have pizza there's thermometer here and there's video games you tickets in buying on wanted it's like it's slow and it's super fun. But. It's Chucky cheeses in the news it's never because it does so I got some kids had so much fun there though it's made the net now it's just it's 'cause adults. What happened to judge cheeses JC kids there. And you want them to have fun but they also serve alcohol in the knee surgery you know call and then you keep your kid gets it was somebody else or somebody's. It's baby mama drama earned critiquing another parent many times did you do. Chucky cheese full on brawl does. There's another restaurant if there is now called the Waffle House you know when you talk about a story while plus it's never because. A group of truckers surrounded the restaurant with the trucks tell nobody how amazing plays was an estate teenage perfect you know it's just some try to burn the building down or there's huge brawl and usually waste news yes bad things. So we've decided to try something new. Where you got involved in some kind of fracas. And and it has to be either it Chucky cheese or waffle there it is. And you're you're gonna leave us some details out and we're try to guests if if you were attracted she's now the if you just if you got to fight we Chucky himself he's got to say I got a site with. Person who works at the restaurant you know we'll deal helping clean up your details of her story because you and I are gonna guess we're gonna wager it's a little Joker kidding here he's played her once in awhile where it's like you tell us some CB he gave me guess your younger kid. This one more it's going to be implied. Your plot out the equipment that that did this Joker strong. But now we're guessing where the hell are you more awareness where you would Chucky cheese plus plus know what The Who what inspired this. Is Steve and I were drinking and reading these the stories we had to talk about today. On a woman pepper sprayed customers at a Louisiana chicken cheese and was later arrested. She was arguing that a customer she decide to use pepper spray security guard working at the front of the restaurant was able to stop the woman. She was arrested for disturbing piece inviting. Anybody ammonium whether or not she'd been drinking and year out yes and some state right so that happen and somebody looked your kid wrong and she just but she lost. Pepper sprayed him. Talked to cheeks. Plows a woman claims a lawsuit an employer waffle house on serve her bleach blew causing her 50000 dollars in medical expenses and she has said she went to the restaurant was given a drink with a chemical and it. Each team from my recent cleaning in the drink dispenser. So while classy was accidentally joke and she thinks is maliciously either way you know it's still it's lawful out it's some sort of straight guests with. Fracas slash lawsuit now we widen this are we don't why in this web and muddy the waters and have Waffle House. Slash Danny's slash us or is it got to be. A broad I mean to beat you beat any. The figure we want it. I just don't want this to fail. We're you able to find enough stories that you could make all yeah how come on and I thought console is what did you give us a couple of examples and we'll see if we can guess I'd. So this can happen in Fayetteville Arkansas the police are now the last tip to police are investigating after a fight broke out the the brawl was captured on snap Chattem shared on FaceBook more than 2000 times. The video shows seven and nine people throwing punches after one witness says another win and not one person curse out another person. Yes seven and ninety more involved in the fight in four of them were arrested stents can. 79 people fracas he CNN saying. You know Europe while class with all your friends you know the club whisky and your Chucky cheese general Stanley you know so they're very rarely mono A Mon now this looks hard sort of mom. I'm still lean and just just fighting. I'm still lean muscle us and I don't know why there's no details of take me they're on I'm going off last that is will be just said people he didn't specify and each. But to be a dead fuels at a Waffle House to not totally Joseph DJI. It's going to be harder really yeah 100% it was one to one pairing Steve Hurst at another parent child and let's and it's off to Chicago State. Like did. Example. That example. Do you do for love. The that they don't OK so. I would enjoy restaurant and Allah I ate my meal and instead of paying for that Mila said hey let's go ahead and pitch out on their loaded everybody in my party company U haul and we shook off sick and died and do the employees that said restaurant guy got a description of the van and called police and they were like hey listen they drove off and as you all that had like the Grand Canyon painted on the side of it equipment and they're like okay that should be easy to find. It was and they found they found dumped and still when they approached us about the bill they learned that. Not only how we ditched out on her bill but we are running a major multi state identity theft autos that you all she can keep it east. That's just a pastry shop maasai people in October I think com and on that one here's the thing. Was dirty joke did you gleam in his own I mean I lean wash plus on this one because. I feel like dining and dashing the family Chucky cheese is Joseph sure OK okay well just like you teaching kids that think this is. This obscenely as mastering. The aura and I didn't eat answering your what are your it is so it's so bad idea dash isn't you know overall us. We guarded no matter who these people. Today you. You're his one of these examples where he's kind of lead me to Waffle House so why dat. To choose Chucky cheese okay and I'll take the opposite I say it was lawful it wasn't eaten Waffle House. And my bill was a grand total of seven dollars yeah. And their own hype here all and god that's ring instead of already set at dollar dollar Waffle House moron who were hoping you guys will play along. This is all you needed it. If you've had some sort of running and crazy story now. Either Chucky cheese. Or Waffle House you call and tell us your story and more gonna try to figure out when that was chuck he's. Or what police. Joseph. You know. And I should tell us who want to us what happened. So we're. I sit restaurants. Are all right now sponsor down in a slight break so he's got to go and added but stable. Got so there are ready mr. pepper spray and everything. She slow. This press trust government perhaps replicate nobody else. And we come back do fighters are mill. On the Erik there. Gangs several parts of the story lead me I mean it's. Cops were already there that's right vote is do you console so I'm so yeah. But I feel like. Had Shockey. No yeah I just I've heard of all out brawls. Everything this is exactly what happened a few minutes of everything about this screens one Olof allows it to a 100% while the last. Which leads me. Downbeat. Is little be up to as usual tricks where he's diabolical we. Convinced this dude I would cops be. At at Accenture was there was another incident read before and I'm gonna I'm gonna have to take each. I'm gonna have to take Chuckie just as I feel like there's a zags here OK I'm going was a moment with my god domino say it actually happened a Waffle House just because Joseph said the cops recurrent already they are. So amen that's your clue that time you have sort of both please I just need cops they're celebrating. Hey this is not just. He's today but where were you Joseph Sharkey cells or waffles house. For a while also. I know most I I had a so we do where you part of the broader energy right had to leave for awhile till the pepper spray smells like died down. You know we were we're especially after prom my junior year if he could become much lower she's all tempers and you did you go let's even it just seemed food or is it covered in hairspray or whatever you use. No except ours yet we were back in its seafood. Thank you I got drug homecoming and we know myself what happened to thank you for the call Dell apparently everybody else on hold to some talking about a house on their kids parties aren't exactly so they're going to give up their story relayed from the very beginning. Hey we tried Rios drove welcome the first to last shots. Sounds saw verses one pulls out.