Slacker and Steve - Hazing 11/7

Tuesday, November 7th


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And I'm trying to take on a serious subject I know I and there are over there are legs. Literally seconds before we come on your season Borchardt prudent and the food. It's like no he Greek people on the home and now people with a last name adopt a less we need the kind we need sorority and fraternity people. If you don't mind. If you happened to bin Laden or you're currently wind wiggled its idea. We. In Florida State they're starting to shut down fraternities and sororities. From hazing Mancuso bug count how many people we didn't die with or does dies. I never understood this this is why I'd like to talk to some people who disagree really have to be in a sorority or fraternity. If it's any easier in any job you got Hayes on the way and and then you intern Hayes somebody else on their way and I don't personally would still be here but it's. It's one of those things day I've never understood. Like if you hated it when it happened to you. Wayne you got in the position of power. It's exactly what we have to be doing this for a hundred years it's. What kill and be able scooted to somebody else died home being raised and a and now finally the University of Florida is just shut it all down. Because we plea filed charges Simon there's manslaughter going on on an hour. They just shut down hazing shut down the fraternities sororities are like you get this done bowl on their own campus is just get out and there's really charter for this run. Are you if you know what. Because there's other cities are getting rid of those charters to then suddenly these for the trees threesome no place to go what is your going over. You know the point but forget is more network is to meet the people who were in the frat all did and poor can admit. Dewey Cheatham and power whatever they sacked only given one loss firmer won whatever your life can sleep like you did too well the Marines once a marine always marine once adults the sire whatever you're always that they apparently for the rest of your life. Got each other's backs are some. Book. And how is. But somebody spank you on the ass with the ping pong paddle 3000 times how does that help you we would actually gets an answer Eric's. Yeah you're in a sorority. Aren't very much of that. At all any and did you get a taste. I currently work days. A week. Well we had astrology a private Christian school. I am market terrible largest national opportunities in this state that played well let's all vote. I mean there is it'll USS fault I'm. There is Hayden Gainsville. But I mean there's a but stating a fact that architecture has got. Suture. Our members than now but. I aid pledged died from she too much so. It's good we're actually doing a hundred million dollars or some good that is. Law. We begin at school. Any guys walking around with a britney's hand and I'll bring it. Strings tighter around the Brecht industry goes down into his shirt sleeves and you would have to walk up to girls and have them hold the Breck. Anna thanks I don't understand. And you find out later the other into the string is tied to his junk yeah yeah. What. Makes you a better brother and if you don't exactly I don't. Yeah sure you will never. Much about dominance I guess you could bet because political your pledge you have to do whatever relish and then there's a thing called sprawl. Under global longer than that highest you know you just scroll number of these disclose what to a stress say they you don't scroll number. I'm like you have to know someone who's got into the chains and are pledging more than I do this girl and to that are scrawled on them they promote quite bitch. All kind they didn't caller yeah I don't understand meant we had another do we can touch you do women didn't sit down and all I know is. Every time I hear one of these stories its students usually. Do do some priorities do I mean I think so exciting debut. To me I think they just below links other until we get to be eating disorder. I read sort of some last see them do one brick stuff. I'm stating stuff or all the stupid stuff so dudes do I see I I I believe there's probably some of the drinking games there and whatnot. Women do you would they're singing isn't such a sorority or he's in. It's even hate it's I don't season it's damn baby showers. In grand wedding showers. That's another example what I'm talking about breakthroughs are you hated it when you had to go through it. It's your turn have a baby inside every baby shower your would you overreact they played this humanized and hated being there nobody drinks it was. On any new friends like I have a daily show I mean I played out against what you Alcoa Libby and I changing rye didn't. The just stop. As Steve sax isn't it you guys probably don't hear it as often does we see it behind the scenes pieces and no. To stop to this in ten cities the. I and I urine sororities. I laugh at the YouTube. They clearly how you doing. The majority that they didn't like it Clinton are urged to keep you like unclear. We're pretty LA. And you lift and they. I'll try it by anxious. When I urged to read and it Amy and me are all leg lock around a budget line or my head. And I had like turbulence may have been touched like Mac app or check out what it lit up like. Each day. Well I imagine they do did they enjoy staying. I guess is no way to big Mickey do anything illegal to date they have you touch. Daddy cards or anything east they could could sue them I. Just that's just good guys do they do is important right now the climate of the world are flat out illegal. Will be an eloquent friendly and my. Other attorney Eric like this that it that she wanted to something that when somebody on another ill at play. Like so it's probably seen. But it was worth having to do the benefits of being and that's Rory for the rest of your life is so worth it what is an asset you know what is the room. You he makes friends but they're acting LA and the bad a lot of equipment I had it Colin. Could. Augusta was. Yeah we don't really know yeah they even called out yeah I'm fascinated by Mary. Yes. I'm tell me I was. Mental each aren't out to carry a little harder at it clean and that's why they were kinda not anxious basically around sort of maintained an article and all of our battle with the Cherokee. Hope what our whole. Yeah. Which he ordered up a big yeah you feel like crap and tell you it's and in. Yeah but it's worth it. 08 yards because every person says it's worth. Over at the site. Below my clothes dirty deadly kills somebody I got sued and thrown out by you know. Outside you know people announced just.