Slacker and Steve - OPP: Facebook Snooper 11/7

Tuesday, November 7th


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And so we got a worried Bittermann is simply. Every woman can you saw the of the day I'm not only a Clinton oh but I guys are saying this and and it mean anything to you instantly beat all. Women cheat but it all men cheat no that was night. I don't believe I know you believe got a I don't believe that yeah I believe that do you finally believe it now. What was written down and something more reputable the wind out of your analysis still let you want to believe a little less time. But I I don't. Yeah well that's the crux of this it's like are we all just sitting around ordinary happily married for 35 years elude those any day now to find out the night phone home. Did she or new years and years ago all right so. With that in your brain let's talked to Andy who is that's not hurting him and this will not be your voice she's disguised and he. And I tell us was going on by the way omen she. Case numbers are out there are so. I don't know I would spread out our elected based book open on its almost like getting getting ready so I just happen to be looking at a moment. Appleby does surprise me that. It's just about honesty and these so step one is horse you can just start I love comeback stories. Behind the solution to the. Our our own nuclear. Age. Okay so there are all these messages from Mike Robin Rambo went dead right. And nothing really to play overly specs or anything like I like there are a couple that I recognize complete all of it cools. And one in particular super hot. And she wanted to methods and thanks for the during a way to feel again and learn and I'm thinking of the Keating. Yes that albeit an abnormal. We're down. Like lower income but I didn't gloomy now he's cheating. Them I don't know what does it. So easy master. Phil he's a mass. OK let's let's go let's let's do what the hot when first. Had you ever had drinks with a man that wasn't your boyfriend. Boca and would it would be upset to find that out. A million. And you guys are my friends and make our president that I'm more days so well. So it's a matter how hot this it is that makes him having. Whiskey supposedly brilliant that he was having drinks or somebody is that there is an issue. Eminem might not become like him and it'll grab drinks with well so okay you wanna come along her arm to go you know been married. I don't wanna give anybody didn't that are public and I'm Heidi things Burmese so you really don't have to spread. That's OK I mean I question that the audience they can't pick men and women really defrag. No. Are we so that. And no. Chance but. So you would do so there was a bunch of other girls too so that you didn't recognize some of these Phishing easy on of the stating how was he giving all these people I don't. I think both you know big you to meet people through other people then I'm a request didn't. She rejected him blah blah blah nearly what you're really about Lauderdale what a brother god I don't know. So all of those other conversations are like hey let's not east China's restaurant if you ever in the hood did. You should do that make it none of it is is. If you got one with really worry about in the rental companies are but I might. You know me I'm going to be thinking it need grooming salon Z application. Bruno that well. How did you did you meet in your FaceBook where you groom is this what. And right there Jeff don't I Marlins. Yeah what are our guys I just can't talk to about it yet who paid an 02 in his arsenal who. What I'm going crazy birdied like other people. You know what they would do if they were me. Okay I I exists. The one many had somebody I think my wife would be upset if fight if it at least not to I would have drinks is somebody that I didn't just go thirty days. Oh my god I ran into Jessica and I do think we were both inwardly we had twenty mr. Oceana and a glass of wine in the nineteenth in the community and wind which can never root for somebody else's troop. By the deer with another girl it's okay unified across someone that's different as it is different I don't know why are always. It's notices your degree to his place exactly but people Conaty wine list. I would keep taking us off into the what's your that's true it's nice we had. We shared a deserted had a Russell now and are you okay. No legs around your little it's. Slant alum and. Hey I might like though they have nothing to hide I'd that they you know. He doesn't mean you know it is kind of turning India and immunity if you didn't just didn't tell you you're trying to. Over the skies bug to kind of wrap it. And like I if you are not after work today said he go grab a beer or some sends over you don't have to go home in my life and go. You know I had here receives or had a deer was one of the seals girls here I would have liked the way I'm not that you're not you probably text or whether Hayes reviews here program bureau quickly we'd like to half hour late or something. Yea I guess maybe so he didn't say anything you can so you're not shooting it. Always gonna. He should easily slid in I don't know a little bit at home town guys. Armed RIT anywhere tackle bat and beat potential grooming at least this is just someone that's farther along here and I guess that's a little crazy years. I mean it is weird he's got all these women reaching out to a month FaceBook. A butcher's Arizona and what's the status of women reach out. There. Always dumping her relationship and I'm thinking like. It is not so what do you tell me what I went to they go. Only I know IR IT and I think you're overtaken it but hang tight fuel strategies and help while. You're gonna. 3-D it's the where where he's grooming these other I don't wanna give I don't wanna grooming Steve farm but again then again I can tell you as I am messages don't want anybody. Are hard because you're taken. Yeah scoped for a year and a committed relationship. So just the fact that he has all he can't Kiki can stop these women for reaching out on FaceBook. He could not split I do you have new starts to come received and what's the end game so Cheney's. Discovered accidentally. On her may always looked at ease talking a lot of women should not sexual but one of whom they've gotten drinks. What should she says she calls not kind she's busted as a super cell that's. Easy grooming what in the world is going on with Cain these man Brenda. Yeah I what do you thanks. I. Need to go what they're not feeling. Ice. I had at saint graduation guest branches snapping down on nine I can be rendered apparent trend achieved came out. And I would carry my debt ceiling. A mute you confronted the girl what did you say door. Did he not I guess that's where you are the last time they weren't there. Yet she's still just answer the question honestly she's got her own terms and our fifth with the. I am not out I hesitated. And now and I can't get out and she came out what the truth and I can write Yemen McCartney night. Delegate gap between. A city is doing okay begin with the guts so follow your gut. Do you think her gut was telling heard this before she seemed dumb FaceBook and that's why lender to snoop on FaceBook I see. Might eat a bit he added I. I don't think from our bank yeah. She wouldn't notice I. Did the first place. We hide crap yeah yeah. There are like cats and Ed campaign against Brandon yes. I regulations yet as brand yeah but no light at Everett. All right a human call Brenda I. You know for me maybe I'm too much of a chest claim diabolical did the thumb screw around. That's when I start saint hey I've got this old friend yes Jennifer the animal luxury Swiss but if if it means nothing not to going to a drink would you means nothing but it's so I. If there's no ulterior motives to sit there once for drink Steve's. Nor let's see if I wanted for a drink with Jessica Jennifer good boy image imaging names today both James in New Mexico I know I. This is the what do what do you think's going on here. I think that all which should really got to bring it out. I'm not sure how much my advice is gonna be what you want to hear but I would you know my ex wife. Texting the keyword. And I don't know much else but I think that. You do need to be open and honest with people about what's going on. So indeed argue another person believes in the gut do you think Kurt got a letter does say spoken that day and she found what she needed and he's probably doing some. Not a certainly not doing exactly what she thinks he's Dylan. But there you you need to have that conversation I found some from the worst things on her FaceBook him. XY actually explode and next messages which led meet you actually know what was going on. Until you elect irritation it should be near an up and guy you're gonna have argument spend you don't even realize Arctic ever. You beat your wife did that on purpose. Posted its so you can see that was her way of. Ball rule and not know I would kinda move. I went backwards on everything I IE he did not know that I would keep an honor and you are passwords I mean you. I paid actor on record thank you know everything. On June shall and you when you're looking somebody's on the third your round and brought it out with their agent Scott or marry you why and about most of it is exactly what you want to hear but. No fun way to listening for the call man appreciated. Jesse. Yes what do you think. I hi Larry I mean I know much kicking confronting without admitting that there are here is since you said. You thank you recognized the girl golf nourishing doctor description or hurt. You can tell him that she ran and took brand yeah. Critics Jerry is that that they were stuck together because she thought you know. Going into having drinks with us. Oh that's pretty son since he does is -- drinks that are apart. Cut cut cut. Suzanne I know winter scene inside. Well. And that's good. I know that's actually kind of look you sound a way to confront him without admitting now we're the first ones something magic are. You call does these. He's doing some you know well I mean IE asks. Given credence to women's intuition dry eats and it's a real saying but in this case when you sense say you can really smells like Iraq and then it looks so not like Iran on as Jason can probably you know we have yet to suffer Ratner yeah anymore advice for candy we'll take you over on the soccer in CC is okay it's.