Slacker and Steve - Let It Go 11/7

Tuesday, November 7th


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Staying on every fifth with the critics are kids that's one of the saddest things I've ever. That's Larry Craig Alexander yeah I was there are no big deal with this week a story out when it's tying. You. Except somebody's apology when it's when it's time to forget just when it's time. Tell letting go a whole. And we were to go through the list here we would like us. Don't ply this list to you and tell you it's it's time for you to let something go Boca if you're if you're listening to his right now. And you have a grudge. Where you have to leave them stirred you there's something that's understanding you just never there one of the ones we found was like I got in San Terrell still owes me sixty knots from a poker game eleven years ago who remember its income and whoever you are did. But ya yeah it's it's input does the weather roots and small it's huge but still there's something about six. Sixty bucks over eleven years I gotta do an anathema how many times you let him get inside your head. Did you got to let dad tell I betcha it's not so much the sixties the fact that he screwed up or wasn't as good as the other guy that's what he's kicking themselves. And I just think about the interest on that six no. I cut back and that's. I just stay did so there is no interest you just hear you just do your money back so just before we go on the air seems like are you a black Booker. Do I hold grudges. And I. I did I used to be but now. So much stuff goes on in my life twenty stub this is this is a saddest thing I've ever sent a loud. Somebody will wronged me and you can Romney pretty big. I'm so busy and Arnold it's early dementia I saw him she could forget to hold the girl's chances are good at teaching them. I just a hole stroke clear exactly. Like I hit my head right now is I'm saying this. I do think the last couple years a couple of things people don't I can't think of what they did Mike. No I don't know home to friends that guy anymore. As that no idea what lessons character. Softer NASA that I'm just don't friends and if they do to get only adds. Cigarettes are. Like the major drugs that I tell my whole Weis. Is because some girls carried me now you want a fighter. Fighter did then million did you were spoken away native. We know about it who can post were you were I was getting out of the pool and she did ask me and there was a lot of girls there. I know aren't just the rest in Europe in office but Dick Ferris that he was kid who gave no man. Gold is a hot on both before com. She changed the way I interacted with the women from that point forward. And so I didn't really let it go and I will say. Right now I don't know much ever said. And she hasn't apologized but. Pattern meter apology. Why are all among letting go to you hung on this since my junior high. I think it was in younger not holy smokes and did you you didn't necessarily apology. But you just gonna say you're gonna let it go announced it was Peyton what's her name Kerry Kennedy yet so you bush is off the hook. She is she still rumor that she's a kind of loosen up better to carry the better I mean but do that's huge big W. Do you you've known me for years to come when I was single when I was married the first and second time whom do you do I strike you as a person you can close with a female. Yeah mean. Yeah well you you've been married twice. I know but that's it that's those were likes. I know you're closing moves against you I do I don't know you guys know you know what I Yassin to borrow there dressed known for no that's. The newer ones. But I know all your closing my don't have a close later OK I changed everybody I know you're aware that I talked to women OK I know your opening moves you right out of maybe don't know your clone my opening of our get him by a piano there that's not warm and there. I don't have a closer so we don't because of that doesn't here's Kennedy after a lot of close with women and well that's had. That the out now and married with children conflict because there does say this if I get a divorce from the sweat from back hey Gary Kennedy because then you can close. Anybody got on the days I gotta get back out in the dating world like a real life. Hey you want to relay. The night I'll. When you can't rescind your forgiveness. And Italy doesn't or what did you do you sure she's off the hook for a while as best. I rescinded it. Now now I don't know pretty good you know you might want to. Do this in the universe course. Tell me I just keeping track you can give an out in an almost she doesn't know I gave it out the do you lift here. But we'd go also Europe what she what do you do about the witness I don't know I would have to I say yes you're reminding me the thing I don't like you about it. And coach Jeff how brightness when and where is failure of what is your black book I was literally like blunt told he's just figured it turned. But no. Actually write one down about you right now you don't call it Hillary you go to choose what is it you know I don't even I don't know anybody right now. How did you sort alphabetical order there's it's also a lot but he's somebody you need to forget is something you can't let me tell us. You know I'm a black Booker to answer B it's not really the big things it's all the little small things there's so many small things. You don't let tell us I noticed that a bumper with you though. Over time I've forgotten so I just cling to the few would care to remember. You make them bigger in your head and you're right it's never actually one of the things now on this list to blow you'll notice I mean if you're if you're looping it in your mind. And your blown it up you got a lot of double yeah Jessica how do we do you do that. I'd forgive Kathleen Kennedy to offer when zone OK but she I think that was owed actress married to Steven Spielberg all quick. So that's. That's clear is awful I forgive the Irish castle here it's like they're free of all the Kennedys. I feel better. But you're a dude if it's actually good to forgive you legitimately a nobody you're you're due to the are you right now I just for data sharing Kennedy announced. I probably I still holds a grudge and Stephen beaten that would have been in second grade. When the media well it's he nor coming off for doing sums extremely cool and I got away with a nose at god for like half today and telling narc me after the teacher once you're under god in second. It was offense Basel that's sort of what happened with Kerry communion and to Kansas City should get what what what did you remember they give us the wooden rulers backroom gas and so I would put. The ruler on my top of my desk but half of it was kind of slop over the desk. OC could launch it yes because there was a glass clock that was upon the wall and people were dead and there's no way you can. Tom what do tomahawk chop that end of the brewer. And let it fly up and stressed and I did it the first time it cracked the glass in their roles. The greatest ever. That was cool. And the like later that afternoon I got past that did stay after class because this is dollar rude because Stephen Eden told this is bella -- what I did it was Steve TrueCrypt than it was but you know what because I got in trouble I have even more street cred because of that. But he kind of took him away from me for a second all you must keep your mouth shut he was just just he was a kid that would eat Alou was a kid that got caught in the weight girls Truman had to stay after his stuff so I think he was just jealous rage. If you think this sounds like you guys let me go. That's why did show you're not letting go I remember his name anymore automatic you just said this whole mean Stephen bella Rooter whenever this is dollars I don't believe you know. Oh OK from this moment forum like you I forgive Stephen me move faster. I this Trinidad. You tell us what's happened you who's wrong doing your life give us your big old scenario. And order tell you. If it's cool do you hang onto it any easier if they if you it is not cool then it's time for you tell letting it go by Katie Smith yeah. Becky we're we're gonna say are you need to let your know enough. So I eating a diet and we were really serious strike ten years. And you went to jail more than 39 I dealt not every single. Time I went flat and eat. LSU in jail. She he he he he's. That's it I really I admit I'm medium just shooting from learn from the gut or written. I don't need a lot of time the same what are using C dot com. I'm not allowed in this one yes I hate you all this is a bum if you bail him out so read no one. You might let it go maybe Tennessee and we emergency or whatever thirty science desk chair of the Dali Lama was at his house may do muscles you better get your ass and zero you've got to deal Katie out a myriad. Have you forgiven you. Know. You broke up with a Madonna point right or this friend. Ali. I'm common would've said by Norman after the second time I didn't know about it I wasn't go to legs usually. The almighty god its warning times really started they break it out of them they even called JD. I mean you be Meehan and I was used to help he's so she's likes about the woman she turns out she's like. What now ought to get back girl was yeah. Yeah I actually think it's the hub and it's. Beyond he tells us don't know we'll tell you need to letting go you know. I had Leo you don't put a really good old Mary pop I spent a lot vacation Blackberry let it all then when I got married. I'll get him out the audacity and called my wedding off or even that can't get what. Bringing. Us. You you you bloom precious vacation town. Did they know that. There that it was difficult read to show up. I don't know I don't talking about that all but I didn't. It goes all the other occasion a year. Also they didn't know though the teenager had to go through for them but then did they give you an excuse for why no show no guest. No I found out what is it that there are opposed actionable but at a ball thought. So biggest show all they want more fun playing at that time. You have lost other veteran squad called out front of golf. I got to ask you one final question before I reach my verdict I don't know Steve as anyone dear questions on the how long does it band. Are you glad I guess there's more are they still married and are you still married. I didn't grow up but it. Okay. It helps you spend on them donors travel and you got him a gift as well to right. I probably not a dollar. Can you imagine I thought well I'll update are bought off or if you're a fool you for a ball. All right your phones are real we are so I UN written rule on this one I would love of that for a long time to sit with the amount of money and only three years. If Big Ten years they haven't censure against in a huge apology. On the you can still hold onto the yeah. Yes right now is to be secure good I would I would garage ol' yeah yeah. Yeah Owen yeah I think you put into your welcome. I heard the had a bad leg grudges are you guys it is. They're letting the LSU RA naive we're a plan and about your drugs this just in whether you should let you know what's going. I have never run man living in a grocery store pharma solstice. It turned into this huge big deals they. Finally ended up with him allowing me to have my mother certainly by the there had to be a security guards standing in the doorway. And I came in the taken up. We will heroin Hydro chloride which. You're talented and well. Eight years later I went in particular the different restriction he obviously didn't remember maybe if you locked out of me completely sad how do you legal questions I imagine her. And management's view of how do you have yet to apologize for calling me a drug addict. Nothing I wanna discuss with it'll. Ron Paul backed up youngsters still hanging onto it I just annoying and until and it's been ten years. And spin here about 99 to ten. Yeah I got bad news story out and yell at them and oh. Yeah but it did you think Kerry Kennedy apologizes and but it's just. I know it's a long time she got a if you can she showed everybody my PP's think that that's the idea I'm in those cities since stone's may break my bones but having your TP out their changes your life yeah. Doubt she'll she'll understand my GB just to let. OK you know they're tough a conscious. I loaded she's a Disney. Tell me yeah I feel that we had of letting go what's going on. I was on the my class triple amount eighteen. Two older Brothers were with me and now we're just paying our you know one got a class strips around east down in Florida. Cruise ship for three and accurate ever beautiful girl named deputy sheriff certainly mean. Now we are I should wanna didn't go back to my room. I wanna lose my. All. Also played destined to just sit at this club by myself and sort of with destiny. I am out he's literally your brother come up bra hole. So it sounds like you breaks your verdict already well I'm I'm picturing a destiny in my mind some charter me ask you was your IndyCar experience later on. Equal to destiny. Are now now I was there was much and much less unfortunate than definitely would isn't. And then yeah all right eats he ruined your first yeah but yes your brother. Sees a load of you married little little. All of those little bastard as a guy who's currently in need fifteen year battle with my own family. I I feel like you should money who have Jones yeah. I tell what I just read on FaceBook is around destiny just had a truck and the city shoes of these traditions are so excited. Of the dogs that don't that amber. Hi how my body else. When I gave birth to my son my husband told you my knee and my family and friends that my mommy part split like alone worth fighting for air. Simple. And that would be years ago and I don't know if I'll ever forget him. Hold while one can try to get that. He wins a Pulitzer for his description is would that play a huge amount. He's been sort of what they didn't look so I give them a moment show today or did her position does conclude that if mom while amber. Yes I think you got to let that we're all.