Slacker and Steve - Lucky Charm 11/7

Tuesday, November 7th


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Eight. You Tim McGraw needed a little boost I know he's just say no more you need. It's the fifth if we just story out he had been doing an interview or one Tim McGraw. Said. That when he was first starting his career she was solo shot I. On. He was kinda get got a little stage trying to some terminal and many put cowboy hat on he could step up in front of the microphone and he was a different person is again different persona. There's like you know Superman's cape what does that there is it was almost like I was developing a character it's like Superman's take. Shape so that we eat more than we take his cap or is pat off a few ideas I think. Aren't very much your German parent or the remembering Tim Rusch drove it it was a hundred and a student growth. A zone that he sounds like probably. Oh and he says it's still the thing it changes infamy in a regular guy new country star. Nice have been. Him enough faith we do some sort of pre ritual he still heavily cold feet going out there they would look at each other and she would this bubble. China jive that was like a switch on my dot. Stop and go work so now he needs more than half I guess yes passengers wait. No need to see is all condemn a winner Greg and Leo yeah but there. Is a lawyer for. Com. Different thing like that. Tiny alien Goodling a lucky charmer good luck piece or something there still is a look at that guy I look at it is lights. He's due out luck charm for sure like you had some things. On you did Jason and good to have you can't get rid of it or you just had a singing. Like what Tim had where you put it all line. It transform do you all like don't look into some article of clothing on to recoup. A baseball player you mentally I did you out inside this what I was not a superstitious world player like him nobody else was but for some reason one day at a pitch or wasn't scheduled to pitch. And I had a pink rest typical home. I don't know where it came from and why what the hell's wrecked you use the long it took home specifically designed for your rat tail you know it's the comb that it has the the handle is like super. I can draw yes and I we used to call rat tail Combs this. Yes that would go long and now that's got a long yeah take a look at it wasn't very day I anyway it was. Pig home I was supposed to be played that day at the last I just. I don't you know it was it was a good until so it was like a talk show you better items. OK so that I was that I was told to him pitch and that's today threw a no hitter. And what I was going on the field I forgot I had this comb so we should of did doubt in my buddy Bob Sox. My sanitary socks and so I was literally on the mound pitching with this being home in my socks. So it only takes a best in your life did and so when I was giving an address what are the pink on no now I gotta have this I got to where did you know your place saying until oil lost my next game and you're the incumbent but I was stuck have a lists show this thing and in my uniform that was true. Yes that was my Tim girl became didn't work it she did because of more in the next couple and Larry Lawson right through it don't. We was only good trio sure I want to hair brush up. That sly little back. I hadn't broke any money that's do you do for me with a no hitter and a couple winds up to I know you would you do a thing that I had when I was in my band days. So like everybody who go to every club. Dress like. Skin tight jeans leather jacket. Same crap no look it's every single person and I and rolled into you at some point I don't know. If I had hijacked in gift card to Burlington coal sector suffered that but I've got a live jets. Black trench coat. All the nice sticker like to look up key time but you know yeah I let you know I ought not to. I can't see crap I know this is and I get more ice but it was trench yes. That it was long. And it was like you walked it he didn't see it looked like it was supposed to go all that kind of trench coat would go over a c.'s suit here. Somewhere and it over the leather in those skinny jeans or whenever they're already a starting wearing. And I the first time I ever just was brave enough to where it into one of the rock clubs. I was like a bug zapper and women were mosquitoes. United. Yeah. They're just like the coach there was some. It was. It became known from that moment former expo has a name was Chris consultant it was absolutely. The code of power there code of don't you come up more cops for short myth is that coat of our I team over the because there is that what I was only you last night. Coach because like I was different once a couple people all along I don't know decides. Is going on with me even like I am I got slider. It was just like I yeah huge Tim McGraw I put that idea I'm. Ireland would be a no hitter guy with a big hero he's come a different thing right as a result of the more powerful. Absolutely wow and I believed it soul wholeheartedly that I would go to the club without it. To test it all you have known him like Errol. Weird from work there and do you wish I had my whole yeah with the and then coming in the club with would that coat on get out and so much so. Goodman the code out. I actually did you can do no limits the powers team did not it's someone else is power goes on the the powers on the coast due to power come back to UN Google Boca its impact does not like it's going doctor screen while. Just one person and. Let's. Permeate our bridge and on meet. It was like a thing where the other people empowered when they were the coach I remember my drummer became sort of addicted to it. Host ever was slightly over the connect general atonement. Toomey to stop the story there. All know some stolen code. All. Oh it didn't work that one night it's by the powers got out of the top coach. Columbine happened. And black trim trench coats had a golf. That's 80 boy literally hours it's. The code of power became the site all your one of them all brown needs to call my it if you don't remember the coal mine high school shooting that there was there's rumors. Of like them being part. The trench go pass something jumper at that moment they saw all the power from my coach our picture right here no one could Wear a need black type of code and good luck for your psyche you know those bastards you really think our power. I'm home being messed up no we now. I don't know where does now. Somewhere out there it's just Paris this could sit on this piece it is so popular is who is. Good. And kudos Collins somebody know. Cooler. Yeah. That was going on news it's like to Superman armed colonial which it may Lulu. They'll be did you ever did you have a little lucky charm aura thing Bob I was kind of like sports really like Steve Lewis when I always in eighth grade I think late to all my basketball teammates they were in they did me to Wear a sweat band like one of the wrist bands but around my leg. And and around what Micah. No way to undermine need the trigger on my cats. And silly where your socks pulled a no no this is slightly. 1976. I'm just yeah. You talk about your ankle and all the sudden they'll Wear out another and then I had a little expand the sweat band like put around my upper calf area and then there was that like I had a white sweat on it like wipe my forehead on it while we are especially leg while somebody was shooting the free throw a very well we know we're sure you're well. I was not shooting I just lined up for the free throw and then that like I bent over and boosted my leg up my at 10 o'clock o'clock wipe my end. I know not every day I'm dead serious privacy if you put everybody's it's oh my god that crap like a whole gym like erupted in applause. Like the greatest good like High School Musical likes the category that amount of Austin and so today you're here's my right and so I just I had a great game that game and so from then on our legs you know I don't I wore this let me in on my leg. Every game you've had so I had you know. I mean I never played again after that game because I got old because I pulled a stunt like that. I'm still haven't gone and my warm ups with the OK so here's the dang if we need to know. Amy you have one of those the same. Day it is your. Your mad it's your it's your Tim McGraw. Ladies and Richardson it's larger. You think you some NATO air underneath Yelp. Gives them their power they have some sort of emergency. LOP laundry of power to Moscow knows my cop your code of power until now they're under Spaniards you gotta top -- power that it is true in Libya as meals as mop the sweat band of our business owners are powerful wouldn't. This is opt to cook could. Get to your son to the it was not good but not if you've got. Look he thinks transforms you can either with a walk or with a confident yeah what amber. You want wanna hear about your your lucky charm your powerful thing that you've got X Jessica. Something that gives you infinite power that's not biblical. I don't know I anymore just tell us something that's with the. Our must feel pitched yelling at that meeting overconfident. Thank you have any high heel boot or do you have one in particular they you know you throw those on. And you're you're light it your your chum in the water. Most of them don't army but I do have one who really tell their bets that. Yeah really put me over the. We'll color so tell us what color are they why I have a scenario for you to the healer the big chunky yacht now. Wait a little tense. On how far up your leg of the I don't like these bracelets. Might be what what happens you sold right now do you have a month. I do not at all or so you're mild mannered Jessup right now but if you strap those babbling on and you detox dues differently they shot a voice to tell you story. Right yeah. Do you have a need for your Alter ego for that from when you know when it goes tomorrow. I know. Him and now we are to a with a I'm gonna call her and NASA is right now and the mess up and then tumbled some different data that it would quit real quick head makes so are you single where he was how many. Iowa about contact so you Wear my with him. Too much harder she doesn't like it actually. Moon too so you only need to Wear when your out does not get it looks a lot for you load those but it goes about hoots of power and our thank you. We have to mess hall high heel so Obama but get the guns. Yeah I you know I think yeah you're gonna say the show and what's what's your powerful thing. It's dated Kate topics it's travel are so it's nothing that I aware that something when I travel. I'm just on planet whether it be my game serve socially your business whatever I just get it in a different mindset and not a town. Oh OK I get that value can be anybody you want when you answer yes people do in Vegas all the time but now people are doing and others like he's. Roland it to peak and it's like now I am going to be solved Exxon is a bad ass there this and Thomas take no for an answer. I'm. Yeah that personality I mean I don't lie about who I am or anything but like I just I just yeah I just have no no dear I guess so I think it because might. My intent is long not concede these people are gonna become a. It is paid minimum exactly. I wish I have marked the other school as a Matt thank you for the call John. So it was that topped. You travel travel with our Zeke. I would cheer which looks charmed. I have a shock of power. Who shop with your socket power I was what's so special hour. I just I don't even remember what award this started it but something good out there yet even at the end of the day I chipped it up and Herbert. A little training tool in the truck and I'd like you know what this is going to be there this Schuettler Albert. You know so you do you'll only you brought tears stopped. When you need to take to task strong Nissan brought this out we need a promotion what it would when you rush to sop. I can't just let it be a random things like I can't she'll work bold let's suck ups such kind of disliked. But not surprised every now and oh. You're followed it and you don't know it's not rocket did Josh yeah so I. Like the thing is generic view it's just it's like a normal white shark but now it has holes all over the the super comfortable but where are still low one little hole in it so I gotta keep it. Nice to southeast south of soft us. So I don't. Some little thing you do I did ocracoke. Island actually make that they only let me know about that essentially think. I am a little loop or it but I am Tony Blair avoid or bone Iranian. And I changed them out according chill. Out that if Dario because. They have quite good. About that I cheap you know I mean it thinks super crappy day I Elliott Leo I'd like a man auction because that's what they're bone underneath. I can take not a you don't Anna began however act but like every time they go to an event put in another pairing that day. Totally changes wow. Man. Sort of on your sister's name for the just sit and I want a little crazy Dakota power Alain you have like in the league you're like yeah. Like all the music you change hearings on today's journal today. I. Rio for you this summer that's mirroring opponents yielding. Does I you translate your with a or if you spotted Michael with power and I think he's a war. Tell us about it on the soccer and Steve a.'s homepage.