BJ & Jamie: CMAs best and worst moments 11/9

Thursday, November 9th

CMA awards and Jamies thoughts about it.


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Vijay and Jamie I just look at the iWeb watch to see you may awards last irony and so I was just looking at the comet so here's what I wrote McCain I swear to god I love social media so much. I said I have to go to and now they hear my thoughts about the teammates moon. I wrote Eric church I yon. Pink lets a player barbies in her room. A lot because she sang about. Plame barbies and are you of the songs called barbie's isn't. Probably because the figure is a hook is like eight times yeah I was reading about it despite having told Barbie she was a barbies and aroma. Faith Hill has a very very long shiny leg she does almighty god. She that are dressed go all the way up to her die and she had so much grease on that leg yes it looked like he'd try to do need a room and look for them in Atlanta under a big shiny. Red leg I mean of the dresses red apparently was was tidy. Faith shall any legs it may well quietly fantastic. Legs they. I'm Carrie Underwood had some fit you know it's really different outfits and dad. And then I said Miranda Lambert the way they shot her from underneath their chain and should be mad. Right because she she doesn't look as chunky is that made her look on camera because they shot the way they shot or was not parent and think. But into the house I said and I suppose just got to be solid team right that's fair and it's right at rice I read my comments mixing and now. Don't yell at BJ Ani mar oh my god don't holding him to ask. I didn't post any day I would like why. Yeah. I quit letting the UMBJ. Would you ever do is nagged now. Snag it could. We urge you are sounding old Maggie right now who've. And I say yeah yeah our Dallas to say somebody says. Italian Erica I'll do it to me jam I was sure to get in touch when we hit it disappeared I know how we didn't file the error when I don't know what it. And as a creeping things that crazy nobody even knows where he isn't going to be everybody knows what you know I'd love dogs you know play. And I think you were like that we're. Nobody's I thought well you can't find an abandonment you I don't know what we're anyway actually be in the charters and. Maybe they're really. This age spike the plane went what did you say that was solo spirit. Up from what I've read this morning I did what what country music awards because. I'd never look at music impersonal. Don't really didn't hear more awards shows so that's a bad combo for me. But. Everything I had said anything negative at all everything you read this morning is the show sucked. It wasn't very good doesn't mean there's no way out elements you know the last time we had Chris Stapleton in Justin Timberlake and that was laugh out you know I thought pink would have them out she. She she's amazing singer don't get me wrong it was kind of acoustic. That was an acoustic instruments were different string instruments. But it was amazing how she sings I'm just not dig in the Sonya because I had so much silently Barbie as a matter of Malibu barbies marriage what's what are ignorant I don't think your latest CD. But is that good that. It is her CD it I don't think it's. And I don't think it's it's it's not quality. You know I just know what she normally puts up because I love her music. And I don't think a lot of radio stations and a plague our reason Myron in one place shortly on the hook to that. It's there yet he got it number I don't know I'm an. I I watched it to about that point with pink yeah and then I just didn't understand why she was there. Because she's not a country artist. She was gonna collaborate I did to it's I kept waiting for someone to come out with her I think because barbies in my room it won't set any other station might may start and it. Take it right there at around noon and here it is up. It is if you England here in the bones it barbies and. Yes again. Spain. Time to hear this song and Ariza left him. He says again he finally Zimmerman. Yeah it's no more repetitious inept lightning lightning thunder thunder thunder and I know my liking me it's just fun. The Phillies right there yeah Kabul doesn't have a lot of times on impact but nevertheless. I may be she is trying to get into the kind of piecing. Maybe she figures it's over for the pop thing I didn't see faith hill's big long leg I did the guy isn't flip a picture on it Israel's shyness that he liked my leg. It was very reminiscent of Angelina Jolie. At the option as it was very much so hot and greasy I really wanted to see the other. Out of wondered if she didn't say that went in on any G. Children learn to gentle and a perfect leg at a Selig worked it out. Again deaths picked out of his that would still be diluted you know Scott tees on an idea that just kind of like this one's a good let's listen dude yeah. It does look it is a major leg as several possible can you have one good leg of one with the like Tito was so relied on this. Outside that she has won the Atlanta. I'm not that I saw it last night. All right it's the BJ JB morning Joseph gets tabloid trash to a lot more coming up this morning peanuts in the immortal. Now I.