BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30 11/9

Thursday, November 9th

Tabloid Trash: Garth Brookes addresses his lip syncing. Kathy Griffin takes her apologies back. Charlie Sheen is accused of rape. Portia De Rossi is saying Steven Seagal tried to unzip her pants. Hollywood Cult is getting bigger.


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Vijay and Jeanne I just about this he May Clinton music awards and a lot of people were upset the guards drugs. What's causing in my view is let's think oh no pain never seems so let's say I hear he has finally an explanation on what happened okay. Right now or in the middle of twelve shows in ten days. Not ten shows in twelve days twelve shows intimidates the voice is gone try to stay will be on stage tomorrow night for another seven nights hopefully Spokane. And we get a game time call on whether we did boxing to track her lips sink in and etc. that's because of which is not their annual reps and country music the best you can't. Accent again Adam Minot flood shows this guy works of art helmet he's always on tour of it never stops I gotta tell you that our source Garth British a year with. I saw them Las Vegas you know remember went to several months ago and collectors to year but. She sure brings that showed to a halt. She he is so good he so energetic and he just he just gets caught yup there was the park sweetener. She comes out there over their love song listen. The roads that are hanging around it it's his cubs. Complete breaks at all. I think she wants. A guard and Tricia. To be like face and them TM media and then they're just not because the outcomes are like looks a lot different face. It's leg and you know that. When not guy. Yes I don't have that Agilent flag down and address when he puts his tour together you know she's like a year ago without me. I'm going to be there and I'm missing a stupid love songs I'm gonna do it and he has to put her up there he doesn't show. I'm Kathy Griffin has taken back her apology for the trump. Be heading picture you know why why is she doing this because she wants to be in the news again. Looking hairdos I'm not sorry I take your project back a 1000%. And the reason I apologize ms. my good friend Rosie O'Donnell and so she's at the words what Daniel pearl's mother saw this. And then according to Daniel Pearl of course the American journalist who was beheaded in Pakistan and so when she said that I said oh my gosh and I said look I've never apologize for joke. But I get. She took it back several months ago and yesterday it back again. Can you imagine being locked in a room with a Kathy Griffin and Rosie O'Donnell I. You talking about hill. Hello Gil de hoop. Some news sent everybody. Hurt. Rick that's you though that makes sense though because I could see I think Kathy Griffin's only friend. Rosie solely trade being that have been yeah dad does makes sense. I'm could be a explosive news article yesterday should come out with this because this whatever is really talking about. Is that Charlie Sheen Corey came thing. On the center of the 1986 film Lucas I have a little clip that you will play number seven it kinda just tells you what's going on and so. You don't. But yeah Franken the day my best. Might be over here on a different art lesson here. Charlie Sheen is just found himself almost the Hollywood stars accused of rape. Now the reports come from The National Enquirer and they claim she is finally being unmasked after multiple sources stepped forward to confirm that the HIV infected actor great child star Corey came on the set of Luke is in 1986. It's hard hitting. That's kinda just I mean how they describe like decades or whatever HIV you don't don't just like me I know is bad guy that. There's certainly hear words that throughout in my radio career that you just did say all right here with you because they were sold the IRL word you know like. Great example just works. But it's like to me ever since is Harvey once they cannot. Every word is used all the time just his regular just normal stuff in it's not a protected in any way whatsoever. Yeah that's crazy and instead using it a little bit them like adults it's it's a shock to lead didn't feel a little nervous to even say the words to be honest. So Charlie Sheen though categorically denies that this happened with Corey came on the set of the movie Lucas. Army said that there's no way any of this happened at lawyer came towards that this didn't happen however. Corey Feldman wrote in his book that he did this did happen that I am paying I had been. It whenever on the set of Lucas but he never named Charlie Sheen. Then another guy came toward intent does Dominic wrap drastic or whatever. Said Payne told him about this Internet now it gets even deeper and uglier. In court documents. From the past. When Denise Richards filed for divorce. She said part of the reason was not only does not sneeze drug addict and alcoholic an island other seven you know whatever. But he watched porn featuring young boys. Charlie Sheen dead in one. She filed for divorce in 2000 by the wrote in the document I tell and I discovered pornography. They he watches that some very disturbing. What website featured very young girls who look under age to me with pig tails and braces. And I don't hit the rest of all right pretty disturbing yet and then she said and there was also pornography sites he was accessing a young boys. The did not look like adults. He reiterated to me got angry that there was nothing wrong with the tights he was accessing and that I needed to. Turn I had and just ignore it. I was surprised that they didn't confiscate the computers at the house apart now. Yeah that record through proceeding it's in court documents in your written these allegations of child porn. Then it would taint at CL APD would garden there and confiscated. Corey came by and we battled drug addiction for years and died in 2010. And only thirty years old. He knows. Charlie e.s could deny this I don't know what happened obviously but he's gonna deny this and he's in a pretty good position here because Corey is no longer around so therefore it's gonna be third person. That's doing doing the accusations here's something to happen now I do think that his family being his mom cori names on his family. May soon Charlie. Go after cash rang. For millions. I have more or allegations other portions Iraq seen spoke yesterday about her experiences with Stephens and really. I guess she was auditioning for a film and dad in the final audition he unzipped her pain it's. And so Stevenson goal and that's to pay that got the pony tail her. Is it cop now. And they've added so that. He's really fat belly is being antique not used to be you know pretty. Pretty instead. For the movies he did that not to ease kinda let himself go Oakland the cut. I think he's I think he's got like seventy he's hanging out at donut shop you know in the Hollywood that big go to what is that plays golf rabies now you don't it would near the airport that would double that other I've never seen apple C. Now. If I think it's got rabies don't cooks. Your price. John I don't I didn't Felicia still end up with age I did go to it on the on the roof and that's whereas Stevenson gullet. He stays there yes getting fat. Now let's hear another guy up former actress has come board accusing Gossip Girl star end at west let give them to about the swear that with joy or no rent him. I read about this. This COLT in Hollywood. Culture where women are being held at that they came out yesterday. That that this guy has this COLT going on with Hollywood actresses right now to like sixty to eighty. Actress I had about heart went at in new York and that. Gosh what's his name's daughter's in it that model's daughter isn't it and them. Home that new Yorker I've putted this report I saw said. Would dissuade Desmond and but the thing is is that he makes Serbia like seventy pounds member I I read that story like last week you know it's that actresses or models daughter she hasn't doctor for money. She fears yeah he's from achieved from. In the room her name in the show she's from but nevertheless she appears your daughters they are now rank and held up wing like 7070. Pounds or something crazy stork Hollywood is freaky isn't it. May have the underbelly of Hollywood starting to show what it's hard for each other. Yet and they put that bad founders initials on that they have on their body. In that came out like last week we can imagine one. Daughter Africa earning season when I first saw the story yet your right it was I think last week sometime but it was just a story that was there but now. Now it's really starting to gain some momentum as people are sitting in this really does exist the score none out here. It is well. We have that here in Colorado. Motive we have colts leaving colts here three weeks ago. It colts have a. I am not exactly sure but Colton says he's aware of one cool yeah our intern yeah yeah there's one well in Loveland there's that it's about. It'll be five minutes north it's called Eden valley. Eden valley has big corporate they have the arise festival there two. And it's really crazy is like all these people from around not tired different states come there I mean it's so beautiful over here. But lately it'll do me now like little do they know we always. Physical runner sometimes. It's really crazy to actually count it's not people's. No you know it's funny that you say I now I just that dawned on me there's one in rampart is good yeah. Because I was with these guys and we Iran a Jeep and in rampart. And they said she that right down there that's a cult to it to house Dell the national fours but they. Somehow got it and it and they said that's a call down there and it's by bad news. They should stay away from it when I don't go out there and ask for a glass of water never. You'll never come back after a quick call to talk to you next you don't today is Colton Orr interns last Dag. Yeah I've got some a sudden news he told me earlier this morning that this questions. Certainly we are well. Its last day it is not anywhere hardly eager I don't feel like that we didn't Richard just got to know you know ethnic humor here army times five six. Apollo. Paul and I think in your mind and you're already graduated but yeah. And I went. And they don't tablet trash. Into the importance on Alex I.