BJ & Jamie: Intern Colton's last day 11/9

Thursday, November 9th

Intern Colton’s last day and Sean doesn’t get to speak at the graduation like he usually does.


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PGA and Jeannie and Alice. 105 died. Acknowledged it was just talked these guys maybe ready to open it and turn Coulter than. Well let me tell you know what's going on it before the before the impact the microphone in their arm. COLT and for me to sporting the parking lot to today is his last if you enter in our Internet. Are you old soul informed me that he grad waits on Friday. Which is tomorrow I think it's right and tomorrow is Friday yeah so tomorrow's graduation day to davis' last stay here with our show from broadcast and school right from the Toledo school of broadcasting a word and I think it's near little I don't know. Near Catalina. Yet Toledo window how Broadway yes it has been right across recent art so. He's gonna gradually tomorrow and I set to realize what you've got to be looking forward to the commencement speech from shorts what. Most prized graduate ever from the Toledo school brought Jesse makes every year every year now and holt says yeah. He's been replaced. He liked Sean has no Bruno please note this kid needs of the you don't. Shots not broad all you battled back let's go to that now personal behind I think all. Great having you here pal. Thank you appreciate a little evidence as it's already gonna go do with your life. I would like to via radio a dignity I just wanna get paid cock. I don't know and applied Diane early TV producing and so he even got to feelers out there right now yeah definitely kind of good logic if what you were telling me in the parking lot to let Jay Leno and who's that guy that's replaced Sean the commencement speech. His name days. Steve Armstrong he just got tired at the Westwood Paul handling untreated so I think they're having him. All a lot. Ha ha ha ha I couldn that I. Outlook two gonna hook up top all apple lastly is it Westwood and uses less exactly the west glitter westward. And what excellent. As word as a magazine that I know and on the radio Nia I'll add let's. Where would west mood on the country's Asian bumpy you okay. Well I'm just look at it. Yeah that let me ask well nobody there pickle. So he's not that. Syndicated show yeah it's indicated to Sully any any graduated from the radio school of broadcasting as his own country's syndicate on. Himself Austin country ask Ray Wise yeah juicy new you have an it so he's not a producer. Guy I think he does produce is on shows but always own show that image he's all in the air by himself. He's the most celebrated graduate now from the school and chew on at one time there was a black kid at school did they take short supply. It I think it's only the fifth and I'd I'd I'd seen a budget plaques and obviously we could accidentally get BO we'll look. Laugh all she. Taxes so they about it and manage him you're no longer the most heralded a graduate of the broadcast. Time just learning this morning actually I offered optimize I. It isn't happy and Kim stayed well yeah and I always do my interns graduation speeches I am an Internet graduates while other entering. I typically don't speak to graduates. Here pal so I assumed I would be doing quite the same for mr. Fulton and then it turns out some when he took. Don't sell Whitney with a late in the parking lot this morning I was shocked on the call mark on shore and doesn't know this he would be drinking heavily. So I'm. To start now how did they could be good. She well media can't be good. I mean that looks good programs and the like this it. This guy got his radio show across the country already graduated from here I mean you like. Some guy talked to over the last little bit yeah I'll bet if you go over there that space soul your plan all that Jesus Yahoo! over Wesley ones they are now -- yours is gone. And we'll go there and my detect down block well yeah kinda duties Yahoo! is off Obama bounce or a smile crossed now. Battle on our and a fine has gotten I hate artists news broke on the yeah. Yeah you gotta know now. Ditty was and they haven't asked her trip. Well I just you know lose easily their had a last minute yet and so I assume they just would like neverland yeah blue mood reporters CNET news the gradual and best. But now I've got my accident last year you you really got into that you wrote it and everything what was about like you can do anything you want it. As a baby thing remember my ice cast maybe. And eat that you know you when he decided to go to the radio school you're impregnated. With this. We've witnessed our dream to be a radio broadcaster and as you go through school an internship you know you nurturing girls that it is. Because this speech and then when you graduate it's like your birth thing that broadcast I think. This speech had a lot of the because he used the same instinct and speeches whole big speech every single decent price and we did with lately and listen to be a little broadcast video holding each and it comes in you'd love it and they need would you read that guy out of there. Wouldn't say hate this guys not coming back every year comes back to this DB speeches he had impregnated by a radio is trouble and I don't believe we're gonna take quick break here at. He just goes on in London as the broadcast data grows and nurture it into adolescence and it. And more on Alex I.