BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30 11/9

Thursday, November 9th

Tabloid Trash- More Hollywood harassment accusations fall under Charlie Sheen. Denisse Richards said she found Charlie Sheens porn stash which included child pornography. Portia DeRossi says Steve Seagal harassed her. Movie set to come out in December decided to cut Kevin Spacey for film. Obama gets summoned to jury duty. Garth Brooks talks about his lip syncing. CMA awards and what Jamie thoughts.


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Vijay and Jamie you know what I'd love me. The smell popped up respect and I you could eat popcorn every morning announcements so delicious and don't immigration easier. You feel like you're in a movie they do overdo it skipped it's valid here so. You're welcome I at all I didn't offering me frank and our planet. Now let's see Eric can't do math it's 2.5 earnings. Times a 140. New Year's when sworn in as 280 plus have a that is sent me complaining plus seven in England no 350. We need them. Like tent at what I'm listening to some hints. Here. A lot to get to a lot of touchy Feely stuff if you know I mean not a good way well my gag that. What is going on in the IRO I don't know it just every single day there's three or four more accusations. It's always in his different people. It's not even see people wanting it to the list goes on and on in Hollywood so. Every Sheen is did not saying and the accusations that he had touched Corey came on the set of Lucas he was nineteen Korean name was thirteenth. I guess them some bad stuff happened and them. I guess she said that Cory came mean you had told this dominate that he and Sheen had smoked some marijuana the kids on thirteen. And then I had sex. But in that Sheen rejected him later now Corey Feldman is saying said the same things like what listen I was his best friend he told me what happened on the set match. Corey Feldman never named Charlie Sheen he said something happened on that that was somebody but I'm not. Tanya I wonder why. Because Corey has been on this Feldman that is he's good at this kick lately to exposed so ma Hollywood people that are part of a pedophile rainy. And even named guy and last week on some interview that he get a look like it say anything about Charlie you know this kind of strange thing. Well that was back when he wrote the book and maybe I don't know I I don't know. But now I racing this had happened Charlie Sheen is saying it did not happen at all now if that doesn't get to. More disturbing. The ex wife and Charlie Sheen what was her name I can't find the article let you down lower than ex wife not the crazy one the normal and the Brock Denise Denise yeah. Denise Richards in her court documents now these took place in 2005 when she divorced him in her court documents about Charlie Sheen. She said she had discovered some adults see the art films that were very disturbing. They promoted very young girls who looked underage to meet with pig tails braces. Extender. She also said he also looked at very young men who did not look like adults and they say he was watching this porn of these. She said she confronted him about the pornography. And the straits he had access. And he did not might impact he got mad hatter. Any reiterated there was nothing wrong with the sites that he was looking at that he was accessing them all legally and that she should turner head and ignore it. So she divorced him didn't ignore. Portia de Rossi reveals Stephenson called harassed her during her audition. And damn. I guess CN zip. Paint. And it can't do that Bruno who moved them that I ask whether he should name in them it's bad news Fiat. I'm tired if you ask meant somebody says yes but knows no no means no no means snow for sure. And in an unprecedented move ever in the history of Hollywood this is crazy. Mark Wahlberg. Michelle Williams and Kevin Spacey have done a huge movie it's called all the money in the world and really really big movie it's out December 22. You guys they have cut out every scene from Kevin Spacey. This movie comes out Simmons 22 every shooting all the scenes with Kevin Spacey buried there they're replacing him. Extent they're expensive and very sure it's nine now. You have a choice do you that are he show Leo whole movie. Come all the money in the world and again it's let's be released December 22 Mark Wahlberg is now back in the studios they thought they wrapped it up Michelle Williams. All of them receding with the new actor Kevin Spacey is Don he has done he will never get another job Nokia never worked in the external game. And shouldn't probably. And he's. Let's hear a show up for Diddy any. Of them happened to me here. You don't you think they were shocked to easy they were like. Looks like Barack Obama the former us. Shot to show a cup of. You know what he's been saying the past couple weeks and some ago it was yeah he got this a summons like or the noticed. Two or three weeks ago and it was announced and he said I'm going to do the right thing. Any adding no Genevieve Rotella. That addition. I know now that olive garden though she's the jury commissioner here in Colorado know her name is Genevieve Rotella if you know her. We you ask her to go ahead and take me off a jury duty. Because I think the bastards guilty. I don't think he can do that she became I think that's how might rise in illegal I don't think you can make a request like that I think that that's illegal. You can go to jail. Or tampering with the jury. Every Saturday at any of the Geneva Rotella tell I think everybody's okay. And picked up the journey jury duty. And I'm going to be super sleepy after flying home from am L under way after Thanksgiving and you wouldn't rule. And we. We shall. What. That we need to you have to if Barack Obama can show up Jimmy white each. I think its name. Did you read you. She's a commissioner for the greater protection. And good luck with the orders she likes juicy burgers and. We get a one in on a main link. Other gate at your brightly. I see where. They she liked that jays are dark the. A you look she's vegetarian she throws you'd resist give it monopoly offering burgers and traveling them dear galaxy went after every I have mats. There's a called to Ireland but that weren't. Everything's just sexual assault sexual mean I really is the ears I have papers write for today adding. Carried out ready sexual assault and I can't. Sexual assault. Sexual assault sexual self. All of them why did all of that that's all I have let me find some fun. Hold on to see the flip side of that prison program. As teammates last night. You know I. I they are great they are fine but they work. Amazing the awards yes he worsen in the org they were signed that they were like oh my god. But on Garth Brooks everybody is wondering Katie Hagar is why did you well lip sync last night here's what he had to say. Right now or in the middle of twelve shows in ten days. Not ten shows in twelve days twelve shows ten days the voice is gone trying to say will be on stage tomorrow night for another seven nights hopefully Spokane. And we get a game time call on whether we did boxing to track her lips sink in and outside village sinkers which is not their annual reps like country music the best you can. Then it's so he hired he's in his voice sounds. Which which OK if you can't do you can't do our do you know that you are but yes it's your missed a golden opportunity because with the sea bass. You can reach a lot more people than you are what's gonna show up some arena somewhere. We're talking millions of kids are at approximately nine. Just saying my got an artist or a golden opportunity that Garth Brooks doesn't need any help at all he's worth gat. And we gotta be worth what 200 million solemnly at Athens. And huge just huge and it is huge union agent Moore remember he's good in concert he's worth every penny of the ticket. Always that's right I'm not a big fan of Garth Brooks can't even really name many of the songs but he is H oh this guy puts our show. I'm so here's what I wrote last night before I went to bed I have met right now but does seem majors a couple of my thoughts. Eric church was kind of beyond for me pink ones to play the barbies in her room a lot I mean a lot here's the app pings on about Barbie. Yeah. Yes again. Spain. Marvelous you know that's got a real country sound to it it does I think this is a mistake for. Trying to crossover to country music I think what you get labeled you gotta go all the way to country music. She seems hip and knee. Really hit. I think she's changed she's had a couple kitchen on them and soon it spin around all. Mo idea the original of pickup trucks now BM touring now. And have to carry and it had a very different I mean she had some crazy outfits go around. Look like (%expletive) but in her for it but then she did a tribute to all the people. In Las Vegas it was beautiful it was amazing and or in Amber's. I mean I remember this is really hurt badly. Do you feel like her songs and winner of the bleeding heart she seemed to be in the like you're just home. Torn apart lest I did this issue missing an about it and then she is something about. The songs and something about all we have left is a rain here shortly this. She shook her hand they like why in the partly is like in non he had left after marriages are raining season. I think she'd try to has been trying to feel much we have a rain and number sol. I have. It's like she's so. A twang and you know then I know what that's about. But should. After may originally have left the ages. Now that it's a nice ring. And you can blame you know it. It's not something cheap. And then they gamers in innovation I was listening as well that was a regular weather standup but they did and country music that stands for everybody seems like I think he feel sorry if you may because of Blake. Then I hold my interest in the groove yet like everybody. It was kind of like whispered around the auditorium now is like that comes out and Steve can make you feel better country now she's got terrain. Yeah you may hear some let's see if he gets from playing here we go. Tone are we ready. Yeah. Had me. You can hear the pain and now around in the pouring. The pain on the line payment or voice you know. No she's okay. I feel like she knows that Gwen Stefani is like a better runner yeah. Then I think it seems like twos that says she's tried to fight back or getting new boyfriend yes they seem to the bumper. And yet she's super shiny. Shiny the highlight of the whole team it was Faith Hill shiny leg. And shiny. The shot you ever belong to any leg. Then why should I mean that's I don't. You never seen anything like it reminded me of the Christmas story. And the leg lamp. Hollywood grease on it. Look at that leg. Well yeah you can't link like that. Science theory is the other one and is Harry and nationally worked out when like. That's one of those look over here little weird then this is going on we hear so yes of this other my legs the other leg leg he disaster and as a disaster so you overdo it with the other legs all the attention goes yeah like I. And. We think it's Harry W light things and that's mr. Johnson. I mean might be right. John is that your words daddy is my where aids and as I look at the picture I think that's just dull. In her leg is stuck out like she's wearing like a romper with a one giant laying. I think it was I don't split I think it's a hole she two or dress no she just put a hole and it was like this leg looks so good I got to hang it out. So that's hang out I think you'll really fast I don't think you split Utley to the ground I don't think that it is. That's why it didn't ever show her Ed good to get an hour than Harry. Because she has a hole in her dress with her leg out accord and John you like the king of fashion. Either broke. Maybe things are going solo was heard to you know they have had their own home on a private island in the Bahamas in any Seles and somebody dressed without holes. Yeah. If she's gorgeous he looks like he's changed. See I see it the opposite. Had no idea the opposite he looks so different to what she used to look she's lost too much weight. She looked good last her Paisley did how that would put a dot in between her eyes. She is that you know I think that you have between your I have right here yet where he would like most women in this room. Like it's like that. The drinking in the years and like people can live in there okay. Let a canoe. Noon she had that. Let's send it Botox in between your eyes. And she looks good. This looks okay but he's lost too much wait till they get that really it's doubles to blossom which way you look sick it away. It was eight we're just used to be in fact maybe that's what I do not about that. That looks healthy now. That's a lot of people tell me that they are there Eden daily look help them and how things are available to and. I am done pretty good. Let's sneak into the importance on Alex I.