BJ & Jamie: Bad roommate stores 11/9

Thursday, November 9th

women roommates are the worst, one woman cooked her roommate’s ferrets. woman at the airport before the plane lands beats up here boyfriend.

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Vijay and Jamie there's sneak and he Avery ads instead about women this one lady. Had a roommate. And her roommate she was stealing clothes at least that's what she thought right I'm. Petty get back it's somebody that there is stealing your clothes. When I know how do you know what you do what. You put their Guinea player when his affair he could've written them. You cook they're that's their right hands and combed it heats and his son killed. It's equivalent to being upset with a guy and put his goldfish in a garbage to spoke to him came in and. Who did that that's weird but not too crazy in earnings subway to that and all the digital eat parent. You don't goldfish. You meet this Jody goldfish I might eagle veggie dip it in prior day basis. This lady in New Hampshire. Call her roommates buried in the the exact in her for stealing her quote this is a disturbed woman who is. Is is very that is really dark with the this is all cool just to get back at attention were her favorite close via. She says she stole. So you know lots of good cookies very. Video. If it at what point. Her mind when you go over you pick up the little furry guy. It is say you know I think Kia because of worry about the great debate my daughter is an idiot. So would you be open. It's. All means change. I hope she's prosecuted. You've got to be prosecuted that's a leak. Yeah for two cruelty to animals absolutely. Eight we again right for her that's the role is really mean you can't beat her roommate anymore in my opinion. To smack. That's my opinion you know I eat close and make up man that starts a lot of fights with the roommates does. Yeah the closer I proposed Mega Millions if I don't know about to make so much that the closed portion are. The nicest cities to still my close to make. Huge drug could ask somebody. She tried to just let this dry clean only. Mind at the so bad actor. When they weren't close. Ahead slow play. Just go back to earlier when there are about you haven't remained sword fighting in everything. Everybody says I'm sexually harassing URI and I'm reporting its so I wrote debt limit that rewrite it reads some of these violent financial Clinton are. Our arrest. It says Jamie is all the sexual harassment and talk in the media don't you find it awkward to taxi BJ about sword fighting Windmills and Weiner yeah. Now I know damage Jamie please stop harassing Beijing parents yep I agree. And Jamie I love this show but I wonder would you ever not BJ finish one story ever without an arrest you will ever win. Through the political and public her you know if you know what they say in him. It changed is not important poll showed to the PGA and Jamie Weinstein show. The police will elite. Women a sneaky there it and he Canadians sneaking up ahead. Why are you that I get me. I'm glad. Panic accurate cool odd and I know I close knit in light sound and it hamper. Right OK let it borrow it. Went aren't going back home and I can't I have my wardrobe. I called Larry and it countered that explode back seat that you gotta spread out and you can't read them all back he got an upper right how that. She felt. If you're hot. Yeah I thought I am not act you aren't with our I didn't take all of cloning. And hate and you. Not the older I get. Liberate it light you need to bring it back it wouldn't pay it back with an hour I'll by a lot. You sound fun. Yeah I know are pretty Arab sounds like she was a meaning as a way to deal with this problem and threatening to take all are close to get well yeah you could compare it to that's what do you call her favorite. What are the retirement. Pregnant on an under. She wearing your underwear. In. My god and not chain of fields and own. Shock wears on are anti. Gotta hurt it up bra image that'd just be really that's some growth of single where ever anybody else's intellectual growth. Now right yeah. I I. I tack them on our ability art I did not it's not that I know I mean I read it and not. You know I. I don't think now it's just me I don't think you're pretty loose about this okay but I don't think I'd ever aware another guy's shirt. Or payments. You know I don't think I would do what I made I don't think I would go into his claws of error allowed a pair of his jeans and there was marking me. And you know how much you love the mark in suspicion that's obligated when he sixteen yes and what about the tightening as skinny legs any team truly love skinny jeans aren't taking it back asset weren't if that's what's hanging in there an added I have mine and now via MBS what are the least thank you are. Earlier this audio clip that showed felled forest for the from the airplane flight where there is no way I. So the story yesterday so there's a lady on the flight and she finds her husband is cheating on her right. On the flight there's 30000 feet in the air whom Aaron lane she finds out that he's added Jeter. And and all hell breaks lose yeah deterrent the flight. Get it going back the airport because he ticked because all you know what bracelet and that would be a tough. Place to find out all right now you're trapped inside of account swung 30000 feet in the air and it all breaks do you think she grabbed his phone and it can happen. And we know there was the other girl on the plane. Baby baby they had to you know three seats erode he was in the middle and on the other side was is mistress had one suburbs is wife Tammy maybe. Because I went to one time a Montana and I was about a person now look at past. But I had found my husband and my boyfriend both in Las Vegas a different hotels. As hard to do in order. As hard if you were mean bad urged the Wear and now when I'm glad I know you could hit well I think it could all guest's wife because my. My ex husband was also cheating like we wrap she mobile and so I don't you want them to get. I here we go out and this is the audio there aren't a flight 30000 feet in the air sheet by itself that she. He's cheating on her. Am I. I have question. First. Yeah. And I am I don't know that language but feel like it might need to be beeped. I will like them IDs and passwords in an elector to be honest audience. This does that happen in India well okay in short and couldn't find any India our language. Fighting. So it's really Chinese. It's a badge Chinese women fighting you Betsy audio yeah that's all we could funny. Well I feel like audio I told an airplane excellent brand new report ideal. John. On down as those women I hit. He found. Chinese body. Avid isolation they read the article. She he was at sound asleep is fast out here and he had the finger tax to open the phone and so she swiped his finger and opened its own rule it an fanned out to and that's see how all this broke out. Yeah. Important.