BJ & Jamie: Toy Hall of Fame, Paper Air Plane. 11/10

Friday, November 10th

It is Mc Friday and we are happy  - Toy hall of fame and the paper airplane finally made it in. it took a while to take off!        


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Each and just listen of these new additions of baht toys that are going into the toy hall of fame yet and this list a few weeks ago. So yeah recently it was too long ago maybe they won't we had worthy finalists. And now they've named the winners. Com I think that's what it was. Because it will put through some of these like the magic eight ball yeah matchbox cars. Don't do it my little pony. Remember all those I remember talking about the plea food. Yeah I was hungry in the game owed oh. They have winners now I guess clue. Is going into the hall of fame that is on board game go with a movie though with mobile all. The football classic bad plastic ball again yet yet in the holes in the right not to the paper or plates. Play he would've thought dealt with a bullet paper airplanes were already there. That's a good line at special paper and that the like those reprise of it along. Like fifteenth century except that there's talk about. It was definitely feel that. Wanna know I think it was other there critic thing here it would Leonardo Da Vinci. I don't think it took it serious you know who dislike okay way to get its dotted taught it's a piece of paper you fold up it's got a heart. Salinas and his and a hard time taken off pitch. It could opt to pick me up what's gonna be one of those days and aren't those days. I love the magic people. That tournament favorites gas Lisa didn't believe I just I didn't like it see. I was the opposite bottom line I mean I always believed. He had an act asking tough questions. Oh in Munich like quest in BC and the idea would take it still recommendation edited that little tube and yes yeah. So that little QB float to the topic that blue water in the that would say. And chances are good. Yeah I yeah so yeah so yeah. So I feel like Ali's got it's unclear at this time of that was the house she hit a couple of good unit effective April and it is willing to tell me the tragedy he's ahead. And Dan. Then you graduate from that eight ball to a different ball game you know it was a gold hill audio and I'm yeah yeah. All right just got started as an outcry today the weekend's almost here I'm confused on this veterans day thing and I feel embarrassed about it I really do. Because I guess being celebrated welts tomorrow right it is tomorrow on a Saturday. I don't know why that have always felt like the veterans day was on a Monday I you know I feel embarrassed because I am at a market as an American I should've known that. I believe it's just Ali the eleventh. Early via. Via. Honesty vets day isn't it's not a holiday always observed annually on November 11 I don't know why have always said it was a Monday. Always thought it was a mud I don't know what the pictures don't are with me. Well it's OK you know now yeah yeah well. Yep and feel embarrassed we went down we should have all we should all know that date it's an important date very important in it we are it's all salute. And it. It's Saturday works though because you know a lot of people you know everybody's well not everybody but a lot of people off work go to events and in you don't have to miss work to go to the events so rash and then there's free food all over town we'll get to that later. Yeah I guess Levys are veterans it's as it should be if if you're a veteran out. Yahoo!'s like you and I would can't go in and just get these deals now. No no deal for us. JD why you bought bubbles is. Bottle water and she's very rare for each inch we see more on Alex I.