Winter Veterans Ski resorts. 11/10

Friday, November 10th

Winter is coming… but this weekend will be nice for the Veterans day parade.. Sean is happy because the Ski resorts open this weekend and that means his son is going back to work in the mountains.     

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Vijay and Jamie good morning Jamie why. Are we do I'm actually fantastic any. Not today yeah I I got priestly class and I know he's in I would at 715. Senator Bob myself there's a football game bond but it didn't seem all that exciting to be and I'm like you know what. Don't go to the and they need. I went to bed and he looked best feeling in the world news and if he get up this hour now obviously you do or you wouldn't be listing right after that but when you wake up. I felt like it was time to get up to go to work and I woke up had to go to the bathroom walk out of was 11 o'clock and I'm like and yeah. I got five more hours. That's a big feeling a war that's funny because what do I thought it's almost on the I noticed it was 1130 it's good actually for a blog all guys that. That is weird great deal it is a great feeling I don't don't even know had exploited it just is beautiful as it is it's like why. Speaking of sleeping and today I I got goalie Brad after Sheldon get my headboard my clipboard you water Burma actually never been by you yeah. I am taking it while. Bet that forever I don't I just ordered the headboard of the board with a. I don't think it did and just and then just say in these I thought you do know I'm gonna hit corporal Snyder's Lennon and. So apparently the head board of our good sleep yeah it is going to be a great weekend yeah yeah I think actually it's looking really really nice and I think now don't quote me. But I think there sand put up your Christmas lights right now this weekend yes because he's gonna get pretty treacherous and winter's coming winter is coming zone now's the time. No ego and look at the forecast here just a few minutes to infect like that and day out because of the kind of what exit still significant spill. Maybe have to put yourself in debt net. I don't see no snow noticing that for him on nothing Rick maybe never ever again where she's at this what relation to the watcher SEC's. It's going to be a beautiful we can get up and do all the talking he did a winters again and again that's what she's I. I think if I'm not mistaken and saw some report even last night this morning it's all boring right now. But I think several of the ski resorts opened up today they do in fact do that yes they do brat. Copper. And you hit it. Yeah. Have to get that information against in the copper and. So he's done is keystone ski and thought I saw that yeah so there is some work on this issue he said I am where there. Where there so like speed on the slopes right yeah. Ready to rock and roll but that means it is not give the go. At the I smell a rat there no I got a job it's it's all do it where it is tomorrow morning he's in keystone of that. He is and he still has it lets. You easily at the in his girlfriends and instruct or how do you know it's legit. Because essentially he's leaving tomorrow morning and that's enough for me. You don't I don't know he sits up. So have you check out. I would check on him yeah I ever chip on your kids jobs yeah I like it but it just started this school location types will like two or computers out of California called the school ball and it the yeah checked but let it. What would it make sure I am because I just didn't want you know hey dad dad eagle LP and gives us. Let me look at this and I did look into the schools to do the school yet and he is is right today needless operators today. I he starts on Monday at eight go to mock you smell a rat does. I shot is happy and that's it and. Had no answers your. Senate seat because didn't they need it lift operators Friday Saturday and Sunday it must just get the most handsome guy out there do that. And then and then against Arnold a new people a month and a half and then they get fired them and I don't know they just add all the right now look I'm not adequately tell us that we can so slow that we can't just never an easy time when it first opened Monday's attack a house that's why my days when everybody kinda move this yeah. Are out here a little dialogue. And now and then again it did for and you know how. We'll easily wind tomorrow tomorrow and then with its two day trip and how he wanted to let that. It's pictures and is gonna check in amounts so I don't have any idea and Norton I can't put your hands up to the area. Have you had just look at your face like you're just a little bit the termed it a little angry yeah I know. Aren't getting a fifth fatality and a relentless and my mom left last night after the weakened to stand in Colorado Springs yes he's leaving tomorrow morning that. I daughter's gonna spend this Saturday night at her boyfriend's. But I mean we're talking in the first time in months. Alone and naked time this. Saturday. Or Sunday. And I was up well in part I. Yeah isolating them isn't everybody's at a house and it's just quiet yeah calm again and again. Hope it's gonna happen that way now and cancel or didn't cancel. You don't like I'll hire a good car true no she and her out to come back into dollar grant dollars. That's drug bill are employers' side is like he did I do you know. We're the whole thing at Nortel. Did many money. They say that you can get that I don't wanna Zoubek statement it's. But I don't not because it is yeah. We should all like I and my answer out of this now when did you start back up of diamond. Oh recently it was into and lived in California the man at the end of progression now since he's come home he's made it clear that. These 22 it's gonna do it on his own he's under is these guys feed under immense a lot. Yeah let me Al let him do a final hole sanity then he'll never gave me good you noticed. This season ends then he has a plan what they're going back the Bettis but the color right back you know my element of the story. They're out there who says that season's owner and mart's April back to live in the main room. Sounds like you've gotten everything under control that I know he has employee housing. Because he's taking TV in his Xbox. And stuff like that was a hole. He Ain T going up there would nothing and I stopped by the time top eight you have this base. Selling it now on I'll definitely be taking your TB and I'm now. Now anxiety got out of stuff radius I know he's going he's got a place to Billy's guys are even and hang on the wall he's got a as a plan I know he's got a place ago he but I have not jumped into the deep digging part of that and the it at that and you can you can bet. That. I don't let it. Every weekend I I just have this gut feeling is that. So what is not good to know. As well as you have it in your head right now I don't know what the initial assault in an apartment will you need to take an emotional relayed a fit. How you didn't you know it when it does not predictions idea you know until I am I stealing one on you now I don't gonna be cut but I just feel something. The most liberal I just didn't write this very second but does not. That's all that and needs to be relaxed and I hope. Played so it's going to be hard rock. Which he didn't get to the real which is the best iPod doesn't look great it's it made me play and loving naked weekend. In. More on Alex I.