BJ & Jamie: Oj in Trouble. 11/10

Friday, November 10th

The reports out this morning is that OJ Simpson was thrown out of the cosmopolitan in Las Vegas they are saying that he is belligerent and drunk.. OJ says he is not.  Jamie learned a new thing from her son,  it is HMU.. Hit Me Up


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Vijay and yeah yeah yeah ga ga ga. Veterans day is tomorrow yeah and that big day and actually not too you can also I think this is critical. Now in Cuba for veterans for that's lame people. You give in all the national parks for three yeah. That's pretty cool pretty cool you know still ensure him a little bit of errors because she always thought that it was on Monday. Yeah I can walk and I didn't you know yeah I feel embarrassed because Eminem I think here at Lincoln Memorial Day. Well no Memorial Day and Labor Day are you and I voice on veterans day. Well it is on Saturday and now we're gonna open up the whole list of and everything for you veterans that you can get for free. I mean not that it makes up for anything he's done. But. And I think an Abby are right here regularly and lea a due to implement and you know so it's a great effort or. That helps right it's very good they're getting a lot of places around town so we'll put the list of biographies OK perfect result law yet this is so many but. If your veterans get out they're just jump from restaurant to restaurant. Heading in take advantage of that right yep all sorts did you see this OJ Simpson could be going back to prison. You know there's so different reports about this yesterday so many begins from people reporting that they weren't the cosmopolitan enough. Hotel and casino in Las Vegas and people are posting pictures and he wasn't drunk I just an average than he wasn't drunk. OJ Simpson has reportedly gotten into more trouble. According to DMZ which knows all security guards kicked him out of the Cosmo hotel in Las Vegas last night after he got very drunk and done grew late. DMZ report that OJ was angry with the hotel staff and OJ was reportedly nice to the security guards still the hotel banned him. But ever. I. When you are saw several different ports it looked like he was beating himself to me it didn't have a kind telling them there's a call which I don't. Yes but the call they make that guy a little on the lie in against them none when one or whatever it is called opt. He is like OK you know whats the problem and the lady goes Orenthal is here. Where are you can't go off. Foreign policy or never know his name and would you. Yeah I do that YOG I wanted in Africa. They're Jews as she goes our goal is here but it does seem like she never says he's causing a ruckus she'd ever says he's doing it. I will say though he's in the worst city eat could ever be years and to be probe yeah. That's not a good place to be people are so vast mega vat lately. No matter who you are in even if you're not probation it's always just as bad as it. Not only that and it it's you know when you're Orenthal. Or anyone it's hard distaste for it but at that talent but he's. Never had a drinking issue or anything like that he's not a big drinker is always said that. And then like I said the girl said yes it does he didn't have any cocktails around him and I tidbits whether it was a drinking. Out. Of it must just got out. If you did drink you can go from zero to sixty fast that's it he must have all of a sudden like he was fighting was fine. And then like 1130 Mazda this guy after he got over the and a head of the Catholic this is crazy we made the prediction here on the show when he got out of prison. This guy's going to be back in prison wouldn't be in less than a year it's going to be by the end of the year and they say that the cosmopolitan is the end of pro life. Probably did and a man who from I can never go into swanky place in Flint you know he's gonna have to go to places like circa seconds. That's grosans down the sort considered it was what a high chair I left some I was it was taken over by MS thirteen. What's that new digs. Oh yeah. This is a circus circus is a nice life there when he was I don't know four years old you know. At issue. Or is it. Right in the lobby do you expect to go into circus circus and their there's neo clowns. Off you don't little luck cars. Eat right and yeah us this you expect a circus and they got to gain. He's dodge and stand there and the lobby in the L stared at each other across their little for something like their get raid at outlets there. Race I don't like that place there. Well we'll see what happens though Jane I'm speaking about myself and I learned a new thing you guys regular is okay arithmetic and never. Estimates Sweden Eilat was Shula should not be unanimous actually snatch. It's. No it's shaking my head to break the present day and we don't get up it is like smell like. Mason. The our civil avenue and well I don't look it up I don't look at that you guys sitting decades ago but don't look at how I can and they say OK I can do and don't look at technically not getting any Connecticut. Eight Jimmy. H. The news. I mean you. That's like NASCAR doesn't of them is trying to close this may not know that makes cameo. That. Guesses. Thank you Jim you. Hot. Can rule. Mistress. My son's eleven hook and it. Is yeah. The hottest of regular hot and should healthier show on in the damn. Car I don't why. Oh yeah yeah yeah tomorrow. Well you've got to Agnes I didn't I guess you are tied it on that I'm sorry I'm looking at the appears in the unit H and you hot. Podcasts mr. umbrella and a. Bless you not you know it's honey mustard and now yeah. They. I would never got their own Halloween not if I I didn't Elvis when he there was that agent really isn't really. And I have really what is agent exits on. And it definitely is. You know because you know is right into a girl nine. There's no probably good teams has been around for about ten news at eight. Who were dog Iraq. The first night. That you know especially kids go to really mom yeah you know it's been around holidays throughout the tenure he's yeah right let's get an. Guys do the thing is you know on the databases in my from the eleven year old my favorites still bullish mosque yes let's give them the elderly as zulus to hard to put. I think it's again. You know it's True Blue who couldn't hit that no mood. In. More on Alex.