BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30. 11/10

Friday, November 10th

More Ski resorts open this weekend – Oprah is speaking out about the harassment issue going on now – Fans are baffled over what has happened to Khloe Kardashian’s face?  -  OJ banned for Life from Cosmopolitan Casino in Vegas – An FBI agent got drunk in the hotel bar with a stripper went back to his room and in the morning he noticed she stolen his gun, his watch and all his money.  


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Vijay and shame and boom. I eat it and I don't get stuff on the Internet and putting me so there's a picture Whitney Houston right okay. It says. End. Age. Blank blank blank blank blank will always love the so as long as five spots where a letter for a word. And a a blank blank blank blank blank will always love the legal low country I don't. It sounds like this sounds like wheel of fortune or if you that the Wii and Bible Belt and no. I don't get all I don't get. I understand it I I eat when I'm. It's up. Do you get tips. And ape. By the letters swell is levee and it's good to Whitney Houston's. Mean if you don't get any of you that okay against. Several things and throw win here but I'm not sure what it did you have. No I don't get that there is enjoy it you're listening please tell us what this mean yeah. Because she has that she's lap and so large describing. Closure guys that. Can laugh I would be I would like laughing faces I am happy faces Laffey tried faces. I can't. I didn't get according fix NATO it's yeah its making fun of the iPhone it's a correcting the. But what will. Still get it because I kids have that glitch on the iPhone right you can't write and I. So I say it's time. Ash were done at least it's a. Clearly I was I never would have connected to die I would never connect I nailed it now I get it to make up. I'm gonna use it now so it looks like I'm super cool exact I'm just can't copy it and start tasting his giants say that on our FaceBook page that we looked super cool yeah Sosa looks like that we might have even come up with a it. It act. Where's made it to Rodman's. Everybody knows camera that's it thanks usually. That's Aaliyah was Julia at the and I. Don't think he's done are opening this weekend. So I'm sun mobile operator keys don't give me a Holler the F but he's. This weekend before it starts Monday at age. Earlier in the hall little confused by the feet I guess it need operators lift operators today Leonard there's an idea let's bring your own list of the gap. He would I don't know up yes I like oh well this week analysts are now opening up up there at what it looked well and a half foot starting Monday he lived with. We have some things that. We do think. That this thing you know he's just an aunt and the head of the he's got to clean the illness like not be that that. Then he got by quite a bit but it's that well. It is rather let's talk about it is an hears it and talked I don't listen. I. Winfrey gives your thoughts on the sexual harassment. Scandals and all of them make others so many. Pretty. And it duke yes sir this moment views I feel a seminal moment it's a really powerful time for everybody to get world. This is really a question about power and the misuse and abuse of power. So I think it's a it's a time for those of us who do hold some. To come together and see what we can do to further this moment and thank you Brad. Thank you don't think he and we appreciate you know I think the people that are coming forward there are victims in that are walking is planning. Sure people on the sides have to come out and voice your opinion on this thing here to the elderly pregnant right I mean I you know if I hear from someone like. Let's see here who's the the lady who's going after. She's so that he of their privileged and yeah you're right there's hundreds of Xena but just pick one that is claiming that something happened to them in and their part of this and OK you know what speak out. All of these dear smarter. I grabbed. And yeah. I and the happy at. They hear it when it's like we've heard and not me it was like she's like the party the angry. You will typically guard ashen faced and bands are baffled that clearly card trash cans face but they can't put their finger out let's change I don't think that's her. It's gorgeous and his beautiful is beautiful. The salute to anchor desk. It's really I think she's had a lot of sellers because to me. If you look at the before and after. It's just really there's no creases in her face you know battling these trial. He had seek. The cheap things released to lines here that increases yet decreases stress Ryland like this well she is silent and she doesn't have increases so I think that Silberman. So we're sitting in those jobs. Yeah I looked in the capital in what you're talking about that they had a chin and nose job I think their nose doesn't different. I should keep these pictures on FaceBook please. Even let the games into the middle of what happened to globally but in the good way Indonesia looks gorgeous dealing thing I find interesting is that. She'd have the filler she supposedly pregnant. And she could have distillers while still being pregnant she couldn't go under and get a nose job that she was pregnant. Can consume so let's not quietly. If you innocent completely different and she looks awesome yes she doesn't. She never was the most and she was the ugly Kardashian she was dad did ID one C doesn't sound good coming from. She's super hot solutions they she looks better than the other two now. So high default the other thing I'm happy for others have to be more Bo well yes because they were Alice happy that she she's joked yeah. So far. We told geologist Phyllis and out of Las Vegas cosmopolitan and and he was drunk and that day he'd they abandoned now. That we're told he's been permanently banned from the cosmopolitan. Hotels and bars. There was some day soon enough to run with him for about three days. Before anybody I got to he would be a party and yet I don't think he actually not at noon. Hulu doomed but now older parent that he would go to there was a guy. Air tickets go but yeah. What kind of just a bad story. And so you know how he looked up to people in the FBI right you you think wow pretty amazing people. And especially supervisor in the counterterrorism. I have in the paper. The house of insecurity yeah we didn't via these wing of the game. Well we all have that neighbor knew and mines in ninja neighbor whom we all that neighbor were like how they are super cool and he shot. If you like he did you know and stuff and just just crazy stuff when am I guess they're just like after only me. Well the FBI counterterrorism to Verizon got real real real drunk. Any wood to a strip club whom all any relationship. Now this is the supervisor. Of the FBI counterterrorism. Department OK I went to strip club in Charlotte. He got railroad engineer now I feel like I'm smiling girl. Thanks Brad hey. I am asked me add. And wound low level. Here's my bank to Ullah. I hit what you whip this out heads cook. So I took her up to his hotel room and they continued to drink. Well I guess olives and she said jet to go body but instead she left with his god. His 6000 dollar Rolex. In all his money this itself to report to beat you know go back to the FBI ball she can say mumble reducing the trip forgotten that the. Should belong to is a song shepherd gamma again. There could be any activity still overtook my guns chipper took my role like sinister portrait which adds you. FB app that's a bad night at a distributing gas and dad they say he outlet overdo it but it is I had her. He was so drunk he could it violently support his body at the pilot bower and I don't know. He's he's gonna lose his job. Lightly yeah probably is lucky she didn't take the badge. Exactly and oh yeah cool to have the FDI dad's right. And hands so what's the moral of the story don't get drunk with strippers. The steel ride it was either you want to the other just control yeah. Or just the weeks and don't do well not bad combination play so bad it's a bet there's a public service that's tablet trash. In the importance on now I.