BJ & Jamie: Drunk stories in the news OJ and Horse DUI. 11/10

Friday, November 10th

There seems to be a few drunk stories in the news today. OJ being banned from Casino, Bj went to lunch with some fellas.. and one of his friend got a little crazy. There is also a story of woman who was taking her horse to get some spurs and she was given a DUI. The Sherriff says if your drunk on your horse and weaving we are giving you a DUI!          


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VGA and OJ Simpson in Vegas is thrown out the cosmopolitan. And different from life you know I think they were just looking for an excuse to bat an eye. I like to Tyler too because like I told you it's a very confusing story with OJ. Because a lot of people were taken pictures with them and saying he had water with lead and I am speaking of which I'm very concerned about her friend powerball peak. Of our units of the story here no doubt about it then just gonna say he went missing in action yesterday after our lunch and hooters. Bumpy even he doesn't know the whole story I yeah I I know I myself put doubts that we go to lunch yesterday myself and juicy burger Paul and tell the story alleging a juggle them not get so hopefully we get to whom locally until I talk to him and our high blood. This is like that Fred you know that phrase that you go somewhere they just you know you won't. I know how tired I was warn you I was war. About taking powerball each group by the way isn't the guys for an hour. It's great peace greater love him to death so I honestly can talk differs again about the things. Because I blitz happy Alan I need to stop me about this is about a lot of that to keep. If we both realize that god and I know just a second what Jamie and I talking. Be right back on them and. Then you come from them. No that's that's what I liked my common sense if I. All that stuff I said about looters yeah. Knowing there yeah I was just getting we have no idea what people are dulled down. I would go anyway right but you went right idea yeah I did go yes I did go to. I don't know why don't think. That's also. Friend that we went home and I don't know why I was making stuff up about a friend I exact why would I throw him a big plus right. So you know your son and Paul Paul and power multi solid expert lunch. Right you just adjusted Pete didn't go Powell worked ultimately couldn't go. Lunch I was I don't like this they wanna see a Zach I would tell us that we can't. Take notice of just decided you're vocal immunized talk about excellent work Todd. Yes he's. Eagle on Jabber yes and he hit he had lots but he left when I left exactly. As what my pointless what he did. Don't know if you don't get no look this kind of knowledge and the company dollars improbable beat. It's got he goes down the looters eighties with me and eat I leave because I gotta get home but he stays in the hangs out with some friends or whatever. Any tells me that he asked to get back text he does I don't act in the office I got to putt I got a nine ball pool tournament I got to play. I'm like dude do you ever works. That's what I said. However. He left hooters to go play poll here our office and have a pool table we heard. He's an expert does Diana anyway back to the drink I don't there's a lot of people. Lose I. I have question I would have questions about looters trapped all that stopped for a second let's go back to back. Always it baffles me that and I don't you go because you love their wings you know for the article I do but I know I know. But you ever feel like a curve. Well I mean no it's down I know you don't feel beard at all. Well I like I likes what. It's. I think you're impression is completely wrong there and I don't like it and it's weird that you don't like it because your not a big fan of the food. And I also don't like because I see four guys there all of whom like that you know. Looking at women that I could even tell you who's working as far as the winning yesterday well last time you went to twenty she knew she was pregnant with twin peaks is different. I is different it's a little bit more. OK let's put up my polluters is way Harvey died in LA Politico hamsters yet not yet they were still Wear those orange meaning those. DE yeah at. Really it my daughter kept a there Hoosier. SE if you can tie the backers say that blurted out. Not the back right leg kick it let's get to the he had run out of time I acting a woman gets drunk he calls on a horse and he. Our story yes she did this happen of Florida so she got worse and none of the coaching like over the weekend. And dad and she was right resolved and ends against the worst dis word liberal to see what's cops have specific example accounting woman accused of do you watch on a horse is speaking out. Them I want it done this game day chat plan to get themselves will what you state is. Well usually it's an attacking intact you know linked then tacking. In a worsening. Let's listen again the Polk County woman accused of do you watch on a horse is speaking out. I was amyloid done it gained a tactic to get. Insults and slurs and spurs transform my birthday and I made forty dollars in my pocket and the cops to get. No status spurs deputies did it hurt with this set of Hancock hall are with you why I don't horse. Sheriff Grady Judd believes that charge fits the offense when you mount up your horse of Polk city Florida. And write it in the town like level can be road you can be sure one burned we're gonna arrest you for you why you're here we even are your horse GQ. We weaving on a horse OK. Everybody no. If it is going on down there a particular why do you ride a horse drunk I think you should be able to. If you follow other characters out our web. Page and cultural problem and mean that. Don't get that I mean it that's just say this we have transportation pure and record up yet. Follow us they've also I'm rested people on. Riding lawnmowers go get that that's got to blame gore oh okay that's what dangers that this is how are seeing dad play. Rounded out front cargo car crashes into it people the hype. The poor lady it was her birthday. And even knows or birthday it was her power of day and shoot forty dollars in her pocket she was going down the bison chaps we get some spurs and straps. Want to get in the okay. Can we hear again bill and I have. Analysts are the whole county woman accused of do you watch on a horse is speaking now. I'm always done it day to day tactics to get themselves and explorers. And first draft for my birthday and I made forty dollars in my pocket. Stupid little. Today Dennis burns and deputies fitted her with this set of handcuffs. Charging her with you why I'm all for you know I I know she doesn't. She just seemed like she got it all where her what does never teeth while that's wanting me to just certain but. Even the cop himself doesn't sound like he's got to know every. Day sheriff Grady Judd believes that charge fits the offense. When you mount up your horse and Polk city Florida. And write it in the town like level can be road you can be sure one thing we're gonna arrest you for being you why you're here we even are your horse. Unlike the cup. Thought she easily talks. I. Is she. Barrel or you can be sure what bank you get out here are dropped where got to be very against yeah main road and she of the dangers in Japan Saturday it was her birthday Hamlet know it was her birthday. It was her birth day in shoot forty dollars she had to go by her own birthday present. It gives the woman on the way I. Thinking her money. That's ultimately the aren't yet. But she pays that Gordon I'm right there people they shouldn't forty dollars. Late dinner did and that's not nice. We see more on Alex I.