BJ & Jamie: Louis CK now named as a pervert. 11/10

Friday, November 10th

Another Celebrity named for harassment.. Louis CK is a comedian and some female comedians have come out saying he masturbated in front of them and even got naked in front of some too… These reports have been out about him for a couple years but are coming back around.


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PGA NG game and they have Louis CK. I just turned my I didn't know his name for sure until yesterday. And I found that is a perfect yeah I guess. This is amazing that all the names. You'd never expect. That it comes follower with all this crazy stuff going on with its estimates stuff. I don't last week we hit the old bad. Former President George Bush yeah he. Let me could. Sheen was. And do and it joke with that didn't you mention that Thad amazing though it's a quite a few women and forgot the jog but it was pretty funny but cop a feel not feel like his favorite magician is David. Copperfield. That samples that came out gesture or at last week's. That was last what do you feel like this week. At a dead end they're certain names you hear it you think man I'm not shocked not shocked while path. Expected that. But the reverend Jesse Jackson. Yeah earlier this week. Mariah Carey earlier this way we have been known Louis CK and by the way it is like what in the most beloved dad loved comedians out there. But did you hear is gross miss did you hear what he did is so state. And the girl comedians they thought he was joking when he's like yeah I'll take Obama close and you know they're just slap them like come on attorney. But Kenny did take a closer than what he did an excellent deals disturb anyway. Hey here's. I don't steal something okay I'm not and certainly given the OK but. If you're right let's say your backstage some kind of god does it if he gets up eighty whips out any okay does what does a patent. Are you a get the hell out of there. It never happens again. And B are you reporting it. This Zobrist series helps in years and this should go to. Woori gonna tell OK here's my point was that. So we're always around comedians and we think we're planning your own self. So I'm then I'm out with this comedian right and then he's like let me take my clothes and I joked that. Sure because I think he's getting is this how I see it went with this female comedians. And Zell and she's like yeah sure is of any takes off his clothes she laughs. And then it though he did Hastert's going into the place. One of the hotel I told him yes your take up close I think he's joking we're limited real you can go to employees act would have led to the report but it's higher court I told them take up this close I signature. A game content content and that comes. Definitely. I don't know these it's strange to me it just trying to choking BH is strange to me that that. I mean I could understand you and I joking with the each other. But there comes a point when people start taking off her clothes and doing certain things that it's like okay this is what let Karl Malone is no longer joke yeah I mean we we need to stop and this is not once but he's done this months. Admiral according to the allegations on many occasions. I just give it what's happening is it's opening. All of these people are like. Dude that creepy I think here's what I think I don't think that these leveler pressed charges or inning I think they're finally getting these things like. Dude that freed the key thing happened to me and now they get to tell the story I guess you know because like. And that is creepy but you can't keep it inside again hey you know that gave them believing that this guy's a creek park and being you know money problems he just keep it to yourself but now you finally get to go. All my god this is crazy does I did. So I swear. IIQ and nods and I say this come Monday we're gonna have more stories more names but he is gonna get even more bizarre. People are. You know I think we. All all of us women we all have a creepiest nor I or my god I know of somebody some thing I'll say this lending and this is crazy. So this girl seems to get them this guy right in their day after and then he walked out similar car. And down and sit cool he said. Itching to get their cards like those nice to me she said we needed to good to get them away and he said can see years shoot just like let me doesn't slow and see what tells you are might wanna buy you parishes Janeiro gay. And the next thing you know. She's he's in Euro two yuppie that's what he's doing that's what he's there. You know. Yeah hey. Yeah in the immortal Don Ellis nice nice.