Slacker and Steve - GMD: Apartment Argument 3/3

Thursday, March 3rd

Christian and Vanessa are apartment hunting. Christian wants to spend some extra money a month to live in a nice area where they don’t have to live with the stress of living in a run down neighborhood. Vanessa doesn’t want to do that she wants to live in the run down area so they aren’t going out of budget. Should they break the bank to live in a nice area? Whose side are you on Christian or Vanessa?


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Steve tons day. Her two students and try oh yeah. It is. Inside to her. NC is made made just days. Apartment shopping today yeah we're real list. It's. It seems like a simple argument about weren't trying to help them I was yeah. We have Vanessa and Christian Vanessa fifth. I need you need to know first what seems to be the problem. I'm well my boyfriend and I term. Finally moving in together. Yeah we've been dating why all. Needing almost three years. On it and one of their region are doing it because it. McCann gave money you know because I'm now paying like two cable a little kid you know it it's kind of stupid. Yeah absolutely also closer together seek it sleep together more often or is that they are you from doing he's doing it. Don't care about it's it's absolutely music they're gonna stay calm because I. It is really true Cairo rumor that you guys system could cut cut cut cut sorry I thought oh so you know for physical reasons got a chance with the. No I mean that's you know that's why we haven't done an up and Tom now right act. And gas but are now did you think that next step you know aren't we get a great point and we don't have a lot of money. So. It looking like we are going to have to moves into a not so great neighborhood it is. Especially if you wanna get into an apartment and I think that's a bad idea to be hired. I would rather not throw money out their window. Or rent and rancher became now you know I'd you know I'd Ratner. Save a little honesty how can be able to go out to eat now on man. And I just don't know when east. All of this money and watch it at Iowa it's not saying. Thanks David not wasting money it always oh yeah Christian anchors not this idea. But OK so what what going and give your side yes. RA are all basically I I understand we're issued a hold our own arm I think. You know it's really destroy her safe. Around debt do we you'd be better off getting. Place it's maybe a little bit hoarse. Expenses turning other you know 30400 dollars but being in a neighborhood that is safe so I don't actually have to worry about. My girlfriend. Coming home at night and like. So it's happening around and you know I'll have to worry about her and just make sure she's okay issue saved and Oakley but I just has. We boast you'll it will prod us you know that we take ownership and I really. Really happy in the place so we harks you know it like I'm happy. Spending money on Rama noodles you know or not and trying to scrape by in other aspects but. Are you know because I wanna be you know place with her that we are really proud. Those tend that would really enjoy it and I I don't mind making extra at Hertz. On C who added touch I you know get more money. And other ways so that we can crowds are and serious immune. Just stick with the safety of her argument it's probably happening and no I do when you're I think there's there's a certain. Saying that I am I am more like you Christian and I am like Vanessa I do scrape by our scrape by in every aspect of my life. So I can Wear nice jeans or that I can drink bone and I don't want I don't I don't go off very awesome when I do I go out to be a nicer she I want I'd rather eat out. Once a month. Or once every two months than eat out every night right at Lincoln crappy place right. And being more like what I'm saying. Because my point is you know we can get him much nicer apartment in a not so great area. We'll get hacked this base in a really nice area and begin to act this way we can get a nice department. I had an extra money to go out to eat and maybe you know buy some nice clothes now on banner you don't go to the movie whatever it's not just. Strapped because an. You know I watched my parent you know argue. Over money. Growing up and I don't want that to happen to act and we don't how much money. You have got to buy more meets my like oh you're. I noticed you're student I don't know if you're trying to be president. Really. I'm really worried about this does their right to exist it's not a safe neighborhood and there's in the end it was bad. And out it was far away that would be something else but it's it's clustered it's. Traffic he it's not residential and it peels really gross when you're there yet. With those apartment people soft I need any wind opinion legs your insurance deductibles because I have my car stolen and Zach. People break I'm not saying. I'm not taking your sinus or Cushing 'cause I didn't think about. In in the worst neighborhood you do get a way bigger place that's true though so I mean we're talking. I'd like but tripled aside thanks and it had I not been crippled us not pay it it is not a time it's. That's not true either. And there's like OK Rick flair to it and it supporters time. There's an hour wait there's one thing there's an elevator where the others like a walk up now. Yeah he can't thumb. It is it's that it's one story on it it has worn story is really just limited a little about what that. Aren't big steps. But I mean bottom line is you guys have agreed to move in together. At a I'm not trying to diss this saying it causes great need to be to end like most of rather remain debates but. Is gonna lose to Hillary if you can't decide over but this is not stepped when he this is step one that's true so this isn't. I guarantee you'll hear that you're fighting reasons why. Things. You guys involved major points probably over to the kitchen table a few times let's let's get some outside opinions here NCR. You can I just don't know where it's always been there would be no cable. Cost side because most of it's small it's more this studio for this match and a nicer part of town so he wants them all and in. One bedroom is still one bedroom. We're okay the in your you're over exaggerated but I understand we are a response so really I'd like I get it it's a smaller but. It's not good significantly smaller that we wouldn't be able to have move anything without bumping into each have a. As for you it's about actually part of town for her it's about the apartment itself I checked out. Eight I mean that's a big concern as he has always had to speak girl and she gets off work at 10 AM and 10 PM 11 PM aren't Lauren okay. And I want her walking home when it's probably an hour after I think my county and warning electric ten is a little. Kind of guidance contests. I don't like to tell his stranded flight. These women and their own party I'm sure it and I there. Are. It hello guys hang on from a test does it come and bars are ready on news and get it right yeah well those costs extra. Hole you want to not dies. Coach and that's that he can meet interest you and our Boris I think. There's some is settled we didn't intend to. And rocks and iron in our eyes so she is she art under the guise of her safety yes I wanna live in a bad part attempt. You know it's a way bigger apartment for way less money right he was a live on the better side of the tracks but she's like you know what why Weiss. Apartments are expensive let's just live your for a while and we can go get a housed on the row the sudden blow or money on nice apartment. And if we if you ever lived alongside tracks you I. I I eat my car was stolen via my apartment I think people would steal stuff off my balcony all the time our homes on the third floor and you would have paid an extra couple bucks a month to avoid that whole situation just moved like six blocks at all was a -- less often good and and I. So you guys ultimately will get to decide do they go big in the bad part of town or little in the good part of town are worried it's jury members in here for you guys and decide this. Chris. Yeah I a not. So I'm not a politician on this one. Oregon. Green and Ian my girlfriend I had that same situation he argued and argued about being an I and it congress lower and account. Saving money. Ark I what they wanted to build my car. But you know what we ended up shooting kind of talent. Two smaller Harmon and in the end of the day you know like a moment I you Rahm and I he. Appreciate chicken nuggets at the press and I love. Her and he'll treat her about it you know until I receipts. So how do you think you would be unsafe on the other side of town for real. Won't you know into it it should double trouble ticket security you know I. There's limited access to where I live in other told controlled by key club my car's safety not to worry about my car. You know and it didn't cost them you know Oden and I don't mind speaking up a separate second job. Libya. You know it's it's it's worth it and today. Thank you for the conference. Very Vanessa. Not over yet to Hun Sen Clinton. We. Had not heard urban netstat. Totally I'm Heidi as. My head and I you're in the same predicament that Torre got married. He legend has. You know I named to play cat and I said you know that we can't afford it energy and they're all day emerge in a not guilty or don't regularly get good. I do anyway it usually ended at the end and not Niger you know not at night in the neighborhood and we don't have money to go out and you gain on the weekend and. We're trying. Do you have personal and saints. Never. Urged you have to wait what's more important to him yet he won haven't eight point lead but also what has you know. You know you when you have to make sure you can pay your Belden had money he wanna ride in education. More than you are and you can't do that they can figure out what's more important air. We need to ask just ahead of time Christian are you trying to remove and replace you guys can't afford or you you can. You're not going to be upside down if you move into the when you liked. No doubt it yeah yeah we can yeah. Saving me some quick greens since you got to clarify that just people are asking that question yeah. LV do you we can actually afford it it's just an act the only difference is we wouldn't be doling out. Or five times a week we go I want to win and I'm going to eighties you had not just a new deal we would see one or two concerts a year you know I'd like we wouldn't be able to take some crazy trip to Italy. You know next year ago I don't know people who actually do you have got like. There are eight you know it took a look it's it's a minor inconvenience. Whereas. I I go and I'm I'm I'm willing output minor inconvenience. For the opportunity to. And you you NASA. EE UEZEC. Lying about eating well. We're not in my thinking we crunched the numbers and it slight. We are right. Down to the wire I mean. Send. Like junior ones. There's no room for error there's no root her like a bill going not. I tragedy. I don't know its currency and do you know throw and didn't and it talked to make it saving us. Where we are now well forget about the yeah and I end up. I don't like my job has the opportunity of getting promotions at some point and so did you learn. We used you know. I've been there for two years now you know I feel like in. And will eventually happen I feel like we just have to be. Optimistic about our future instead of chips I. You know all my favorite part is I don't think no matter what happens I think you guys are gonna make IDs are you like to gospel Yelp have there. Hawk yeah yeah. So I'm not a Christian so I didn't end there reconvene at eyelid and mobile learn a little. Played I convened. It was a night apartment. But I do well element based there and not only in my boyfriend are looking and that's bleacher area action. And the apartment and banging and yeah actually pay a smaller but it. I can't I think the feeling of beans they each and so much more import and and each. You know it's my place to come on you and I think these types of worked it's why I keep up our day. And it's worth and go well at. You just go make more money problems us. But that's simply the American dream come on Caroline. Yeah yeah I. So I'm excited with Christian Arnett continent and not because I legit and it O'Neal to my situation. And without bigger apartment yeah I might eat cheaper but you're gonna have to pay extra marks furniture that well that. And a lot trend back from this financing at hand I'm also bills and stuff like Vatican mean more heat that you hear it averaged out. I don't have a guy that Christian. How do you feel about the Vanessa. She has terrible human. Yeah that's something unless I looked up until they had the Houston woman kind his nephew. If I'd seen him. Yeah I nice. Dario got broken our Guillermo at the Nassau home. It's not that this couple here. Just listening to some is gonna have enough fish move in together at this. Do you you put a small place and no money to go out and you are absolutely skirt. No it's premature Obama because it changes your whole dynamic. Is. And you've been in the situation tem. I've been in this situation multiple. I'm in I'm not married and single. Yeah I'm. Oh. Well I mean the breeze. I. I am I went. But I about the death by pressure the story I elect might very. And I Mary for 23 years early bird got married really been that bad a chance to get I think the planner either. I argue neither are in the budget Aaron Baddeley and and we we wanted to be they financial. And we put their per year and we're ready to get the heck out here when our belief that Moore's. Burton and I had that Ali and the one that has it been like family and what is in their right weaker credit I have to go to Christiane are safe chat Manning. He didn't want to hack you in the cat oh he doesn't want. Make you feel uncomfortable. During your first calling Murray you were on her side because that was that was huge that she you identify with her. As planned it. I let her as a and I looked at her and the banker the family so it's easy money earth are you. Specially when the earth are you out on how they are or immature and don't charity money and I say you know what it. Livan about our account but it you guys are mature and know how did you carry my knee I can be you know. The league aren't your belt and worked so you just splurge on your wage because. If she didn't care about her. He would care where what you could hurdle that he cared about it. It might have been between here and went to Turkey and my great and I'm. I have to try to get as they protector and guardian of our. Nice yeah thank you. Let's get one more I can tell you Steve is tallying sees the most I can see Marcello. Yeah I I'm I'm the next despite. But why people are if they're living in a bad ever had they're less likely to get robbed because people typically don't feel like battered neighborhood. Sorry I'm Ella EU. They lived in that bad aren't so we don't steal the owners want to use this. Bet people in the hot money on people on about I never had my they're a bit and will leave you alone though he might get bit they mind their business actually. If you want to save money and get back my thank you really bought. Don't get stuck behind I'm bill that the beginning that many get what you want later on. Well good good points. Thank you app I've heard what the phones don't want to say spoke look like fight this got to see Christian at the end. So says she crucial to winning gaining Vanessa had a huge comeback. But in the end both on FaceBook and on the phone England safety they went safety over over money being sorry Vanessa. Currently only come. Well yeah I mean and the ones we took the week we had a nine phone mine Zurich to still ringing in so conservative so you have to live in a nice. To get this. It is my season breaking a hip. You did you know I less concerts and myself and Albania you're. And now I mean now I. It is safe her you know on and now that's an important thing now. It is or how I feel like you're not doing. That's thank you guys are being on we are awesome we appreciate it. If you still wanna sound off I clearly he didn't win I mean great you can hear her voice I don't know I pity you if you wanted to know what those guys had yeah. I give us more advice for them on net lying FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve fans.