Slacker and Steve - OPP: Kissed My Best Friend 3/3

Thursday, March 3rd

Tori went out and had one to many drinks, resulting in her trying to kiss her friend. After a couple tries she eventually made out with him, but now he won’t return her calls. She realizes she made a huge mistake and doesn’t want to lose him as a friend. How should Tori convince him she only wants to be friends?


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Yeah other supposed to be part of back down watch watch where your mouth goes all that's true all that matters here but I guys see guys. Photos of friends this week in and got really really drawn to. I ran into one of my best friends who I was out and things get pretty crazy. We're not going back to his place when the bar closed like I said I was really drunk and I tried to kiss him. At first he turned me down but I wouldn't quit. I kept going after room and we eventually made out phone call phone from an awful I slept in his bed but nothing else happened. I got to the next day left before he was awake I tried texting him calling him face booking him since then and he won't to respond to any thing. I made a mistake I don't wanna lose my friendship with him because I was a drunk idiot. Conway saved the French shipping convince him that I don't wanna be anything more. Than friends. This is from Torrey first question for you and do you really believe that's all she wanted to know. I mean that's the issue lined us Hershey line yourself there you go over there. 'cause when I get drunk. I don't suddenly wanna make out with you. See there it is you have to have that in you already knew right when you're not you can do yeah it's just the alcohol makes you act on it. Sure we stink didn't. Although I have. Marine. Or free him from his side there's no turning back now she showed it to the true colors she say she came back then you can't beat have you ever made Allison my name back to back down. Who I just had to go ghost basis and we've taken things to you can't even be around them anymore at all it's just kind of week you know that we've kissed re either dating or were down the right physical better. To date then the person that you know the best you may know you can ask your friends indebted and then. Now it seems yeah but when you go when you cross that line. I'm really torn on this because now that I think about it I kissed. A lot of people in my life and I don't enable. I'd and I have in fact kissed people just out of being truck. Just the end in not somebody that I would have thought I was gonna kiss before Regis oh in the moment in net gag you just. Am I told the tip of the week you're out of time. Like the next time you when I go for ticket. I don't know it just outsider so yeah. Are you pondering truth of just don't tell you particularly. The cookie if I'm if I. I can say this week king get backed down. If if this guy is gonna is that these guys really mature. To not if she was really your friend you would blower off. It Tim would respond he's got to respond with something new wireless phone while that was we have the right if you're a true friend you can respond you should be able to reach out discuss this and you're right. So then I don't wanna get I don't wanna become everybody was already calling but. You know what they're gonna do they're gonna start going. Is not calling because he has feelings for her. Is not calling tissue left without saying goodbye BC is or there's something more which he only resistant to beginning because he was afraid she was a mean. They need to talk via. How how do you how do you fix that which. Honestly we need people who've who've made out with a friend. There's a look this is so thumbs its that's what I like what ever been and now you need to re back into the friends. And we also need to know if we really believe that she wants that. We real quick you told me a long time ago when the show that men and woman can't be friends and one of them is just in it to pine for the other one out of the other I 90% believe yup. He's always you know waiting for the opportunity and means and it didn't come along so she just got wasted in pushed her and push direction well. It's pretty weird things that come. I don't know but OK so. We're into calls on how does she get him back is a friend blah blah I also want to talk about the other side. What yes this was her true feelings. Hey hey is there anybody out there because I did this was the girl I dated for a really long time. Oh you push your agenda owner after we got really drunk together one night easily ruin my best friends and I I throw it out and I went for a you did you like if we juice out and made out and made at all and you know morning it was Ike now worry I don't know what happened it was weird. And and she was fully prepared to back it down. I mean she made the things like it's cool I know we're both drunk. Whatever postage when I was at that moment I was one who initiated re so I was at that moment I had to decide. Do she's given me the out and I wanted to hater but is she giving media out there she really not wanna date me so I had to be like. Let's get drunk again no I basically had to say what it's like what if I don't wanna go back to just being friends whose she was like while receiving Jonas you know is a really weird is that that was one mysterious things ever said. Because. I wish her saying I did it we were both drunk I did it we are both drunk and dumb. I thought I heard letting me off the hook was not her letting alpha got you it was actually. Horror saying. I don't ever wanna do that ever again but she didn't care and so you would I absolutely check it make a set it was a serious thing ever to you put sure agenda on her mouth I. I mean it's it it that's a scary moment but look what happened though you guys were due to be given great couple years last a long time classic a really long time did this is scary moment you started for his here's the here's a problem for Torre if she really wants it back to back down maybe he'll letter back to back down. If he says okay let's go back to being friends Tory what you have your drunk self wanted to kiss and do you have what it takes to step up and sanctum. I don't. I don't think I wanna go back to that how do we go back to. But there's that then there's analysis and I don't know pitched into the how Louisiana results further. Yeah okay well if your if you've been my Torre I'm made out with a friend did you pull that off have you been able to salvage your. To go back we're just goes for his own way forward now and then or is it for word. Separate. Ways and that's what it looks like right now she wants anything but what it looks like right now Sondra. I. Reasons. To our. I wanna do some being it was sold desperate about senator romantic relationship with my best friend at the time. And such ended up to you know ending didn't dating somebody else. We we stayed friends through the whole thing I just kind of what I'm doing decided I. Are able back to being friends that you slept with some. I'm yeah. It went you know it's pretty easy journey because Greg I can see it you know he really you know what they're stealing it from me here you know something like that it's. Deal romantically about it while he found someone that you're happier. I was in the relations is probably bad that's why you were easy to go back to being friends are like go it was. And so. I'm not an. All I just knew he was happy and errors are an adorable couple and how it's really good friends deter any action in college and it was really hard I don't really awkward sure. Maybe a week maybe two weeks but it and I let it tokens I loved them both sentence you know we had a really good friendship after that. Consumers are still together and are so you're you're still friends. Yeah are you should trust you around them. I'm lol I don't. You know I don't really hang out saying you know just you know you can you don't expect her hurt because of the cast but you know there's nothing there I have I can get a sponsor relationships aren't solved say you know we're all schools each other we did. You know I kept leaving a close friend and such are brought us together and you know it's really emotional tie it was you know good for all of us know that we shall I each other going through something trust like that. Good for you you made did you pull that off you eat and that's really rare yeah it would be tough for me to back to back down a lot if I'd really wanted it. And I didn't get a I might be really want to friendship back but I not to be able watched her be with somebody else like you do it an hour drive every moment. Like I see her happy would be like all of you should be happy wouldn't mind you makes you happy you have. Shrunk again if not policing the world but wow good for you son yes appreciate your call very rare Torre cannot learn from that Justin. He's pleased with governor. So back. Couple months ago I'm Ireland. Or more than that now I can a year ago. I had aged friend to secure the Vietnamese and we were friends since I was all ties with Al. They already have given her. Cooking up and I didn't want to lecture guys you are bigger friend to me. See you get Josh may be a man's grip. And then that we haven't talked. You did you win Florida now nine why did you go forth died nine when you shut her down and say you're my friend. I don't know again I'd I go to argue that I Canada's foreign and concrete. So. I know I wish it wouldn't have been out here who like good friends we get like. Out which is like she turned into like a different person anyways and it was more than that then went back and I just did a formulated. But it didn't want that. So did indeed your friendship she's somebody who would travel to come CU and all like one time sleeping together it's over. Yeah I don't know I mean it got a clear to me like water outdoors and I tried talking cure and then. I don't know I did somebody just changed things. So there is a weird yeah and I this. Can do it anymore. We're where their relations and noses awkward weren't they any good. But you know they weren't a train. Give back into it out we in New York Decker hates you know I they weren't like I didn't you know this. Your it's your friends you write in your head as you're right yeah it. And let me barely got it a heck I don't wanna I I don't know that they get and Buena Vista doing a great record fully commit to it now the gun into the kind of weird. Home. Dog release you wanna wash my. How important that our great absolutely or are ordered out I. Didn't know students well. Mean so that's not good news for Torii comes from you haven't talked to that girl really ever again sense so thank you call Jordan. Guy who you think. I think men and women can't be present period. Is he is like a lot of guy friends and check out my boyfriend and one in particular. Can bet he was hoping that eventually after league guy hardy little alien an LA I have not talked to Ben let's see you later. Now I think that's 88. And girl like a couple of my guy friend I like Democrats think like you know. I. Bet the though that I thought they may be you know the actual concern is there. So they did it once once you've crossed a bridge you can you can't. My true there's no way to go back can go let's pretend we never made out all right let's just it's just. So I think it overt. They're out Eric. If I swear to god on the return to me tell you again the fifth that we still can't. I dialed back I'm just saying I've I've been in the situation where it's it's been around back it's but you're right it's awkward. And then giving alcohol involved. Makes it from battling for your friendship becomes different because you start to go like he's so Iceland my shots as I don't want rested I wanted to be like. Healing you Los emulator is something chi yeah small yeah there's going to be changes all right thank you Jordan. Unique. Yeah I hate it when you think. Well I think it's a terrible terrible they and I made outlook might as you. And have been on earth are we got that look. We grew up well it's only straighten up you sorry you made up when your best hope there you are you you haven't toxin how long. He. Heat's affecting your phone is dying on us hang on there now we'll get back to you unique turn your phone is like Diane. Aggies. Hi hi hi. What do you think Garrett out so I had then in the exact same situation as Corey RI which junket. That friend paralytic I. And we made out we shot it seemed added. And look up the next morning and that we completely gotten it. Yet nothing's changed at all between ten and I. Who initiated the NATO. You know OK so and it's amazing you're able to get past day. He's he's had to quell his feelings uses it to you warned him is he's always he's he was. He was after you before you need to pretend that he's not ask you now but he is still a few. Act see that's and the interesting thing and my credit yeah I'm saying let another light situations. Can't make out. Turned full fledged friend to benefit. Turned girlfriend boyfriend turned to access. And he still held need to back I asked as feelings. Does the does he absolutely does he's waiting for something happen your fiancee he is waiting and waiting to court. I feel it's it's I mean if you thought I would say they you were the one it's a what if it wasn't. Him that initiated that night the initiator the drunk initiator you know the one who's been who's been snake in the grass the one line and so. He's all he didn't put those feelings to bad. He just waited yes there underground. Yeah America and the rule acts are still there. They're not trying to ruin your life but yeah thank you your karma again yes Tim Gunn made it yet. Torre's got to be the one who turns it off a team. Right guy who you want. OK so I don't know I didn't situation I don't like me and he was just trying to about point battle really drunk and we mean how would. Monitors. In the months later we got into really in many months later he was Blake oh we should stop let's just be threatened. And you pull that off you what while you're full circle on this whole thing or were you able to do in front geez you are just friends now. Yeah how we behave how we go out to eat together we go to the movies and stuff now like we did back then but now we. Don't do anything else Seattle. You know nervous I didn't drunken column back into patterns. You know. So lineup to try him and that we could've stopped it and we are strung together presents its sign them. Who started attest personally it. Them do you pieces don't. I always be losing as more and just go back you'll Rolodex and think about the time email your friend if they started it. You news they've always wanted to be with you and windy with them your friends your nonsense. They still wanna be with you that's true team not just so you know he's still thus. It. OK can play easier in case of emergency break glass analysis agenda. IE if you still wanna help Torre I mean there's some hope. I still dies got to get over it you she's got to be read those steeler let's hope so far and never ever try this again. Yeah but Torre more advice online Eastwood dot com slash slacker and defense.