BJ & Jamie: Wht House Mistletoe and no more hugging for girls. 11/28

Tuesday, November 28th

People are upset because the White House has Mistletoe hanging up in the Christmas decorations and Trump is bringing back “Merry Christmas” back to America and the White House Card will say Merry Christmas. Another report is the Girl Scouts are saying it is no longer okay to make your little girls hug family members for the holidays.   


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Vijay and Jamie you thought this audio and AOL AOL was cutting edge current you know what I feel like Jamaican economy. Well and. Here's how ridiculous we've gotten being politically correctness world continues to Twitter trolls are out. People on the Internet are all set listened to list. Or tradition at the White House is decorated for the holidays but don't touch is causing a stare. Mistletoe is now part of the declaration. CNN's Kate and they treated the picture of the hanging plant while on a tour of the White House. Many in the Twitter verse deemed the decision to hand the decoration. In which people standing on your radar exposed to kiss across one. Considering the recent wave of sexual harassment allegations that have swept the news you. Mistletoe. You believe this people think about this I don't know he'd follow along but they'd have a missile toe in the White House. And beach. I actually adds now comment sexual harassment begins her sexual harassment in poor taste. Data around mistletoe before it seeded being hung in people's houses when you go to a party or whatever. But I've never gotten under the mistletoe and they have a complete stranger walks through I do is grab that person gets mail I have. You have via the death capital that's what people are complaining because of people like you know and that no I haven't grabbed an identity it's been done to me in all it does happen. But it's usually at office parties when people are drinking and stuff and I. And catch. It's now in now. It's stuck fits sexual harassment missile totally sexual harassment and according to the Internet query Terri. It. I feel like everybody's get nap yesterday I don't feel like an Aetna. You know we've been that's quite a lot and that's it just keeps getting worse and worse and where I didn't think about. I mean. And light is that I have been grabbed a lot of women have been grabbed and that drunk down we're guy at the office where is Graham didn't. Tie his shoe under the name and of course I cheesy yeah. And de Niro is like. Well thank you have and you like got to push him after this I get let that be a good idea right it's really irritating but you don't care and then built except the next morning fills in committee but yeah. It if even remembers but what I don't think is bill when I saw the missile hang in the in the White House I didn't think like bill sexually harassed me. I decided that enough I was like that's Freddie the 26. I guess the video came out with the combo lineup trump going around the White House where you know showing all the decorations which is absolutely beautiful White House. And she's doing this in the show the mistletoe and the other thing that the people outraged yesterday was to it truck. Said from day one he's done it he's bringing back Christmas the word Christmas. So now the White House Christmas card will say Merry Christmas instead of happy holidays. And people are right well. I do get that one thing they did that made him a man what's where he cut them as Ito on his belt buckle oh yes yes yes it's that was rob yeah. I would say it but it was a very precious having some putts. And then there was another sort of was performing team there's been a presidential plenty of and it's still on your belt buckle you know the Bill Buckley dresses has. White House it's all in fun it's all come. Hot. Then I was telling Jamie about a story that I saw over the weekend with a Girl Scouts and I'm surprised by your reaction to this our first radio this is the story it's so. Do blog post by the girl scouts of America is sparking discussion the topic is the hawks the girl scout says that young girls should not be forced to give or receive hugs. From family and friends during the holiday for the group says telling the girl she knows someone a hug can affect her later life she may feel she ever. That was another person this bill affection when Levi they're high but there are. Just even done something nice for her to. But when the way I said this to you you can defend this thing. By well I don't think that I would never force mice not it's kinda girl said that that crap that they said afterwards yet. Is really ridiculous from. It's too but I feel like she's. Forced to use her body for content abstract but what I am saying is back in my day OK he had to hug that creepy uncle remember garment you. Pig and a uncle Herman he was himself against. Ice and again that's right but that's York's decision to do that the Girl Scouts should be the ones to come out and put its mandate out that you know what you're a bad parent if you if you force your child to hug eating what in your family. I think I'll shouldn't make your kids hug people. I mean there's creepy people like uncle BJ that would not nice at all why not give great ha yeah he doesn't argue with the but the but she's craze these are basics means everything everything has become so. It's all Harvey why. Part is ridiculous. Clinton again yet it bronze. Post find the girl scouts of America is sparking discussion the topic is the hawks the girl scout says that young girls should not be forced to give or receive hugs. From family and friends during the holiday but the group says telling the girl she knows someone a hug can affect her later life she may feel she owes another person this though affection when they buy their body but there are. Just even done something nice time. So inside if your parents let me get this straight if your parents. Gave me force you to give hugs to other family members that when you get older you go out on a date in he buys you dinner they knew. Gotta go for yeah you've got to get a lot. I was forced to you know give hugs when I was little and lanky you know might it KK neglect my face which so gross it. All the way from my chin and also grows. But it didn't make me that you know people elect me media and well the. I did have the AF Edberg he did she really Q Edberg these sheets you'd. June tobacco yeah. Had birds he chewed tobacco and she would come walk into the house seemed to always have to get it kissing she was the one that would grab your teeth. Did you hear it all your face and heard with her tobacco breath. And she would give no big kiss right after she is down the Pepsi. Yeah yeah yeah all I come out we would seem Burt she got in would virtue would come through the dog we would scatter like months. It was like somebody turned on a light of a room full mice we just talk off. We'll remember what my uncle Herman he was my step uncle or step stepped grandpa went everywhere as. It was slightly creepy for months next doesn't he would change if he she hey didn't we on that review and behavior out of and some pampered me you have. You've finished and we there's Fareed you all yours now for pepper. And the I. You should say that you government bigger the deaths and that pretty yeah yeah I'm not. Two and number I didn't feel his three G yeah. It happened that day of live and eat it and. In the mornings on Alex I.