BJ & Jamie: A Lady is mad at Mall Santa and BJ's Santa Story. 11/28

Tuesday, November 28th

There is a woman in Toronto and she was at the mall and not at all happy with the Mall Santa. She starts yelling at him that he is fake and he doesn’t even have a sleigh! BJ once took his dogs to get pictures with Santa and he was a 25 year old kid with Converse on.


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BJ into game and this is a woman who went to a mall in Toronto she saw Santa Claus and she she realized that this seemed to was not the real. I don't like mall Santas pilot like the real Santa well this lady doesn't like me either because she got all upset. And make sure that he knew that he's not the real Santa. We can tell you're not real map. It's a bold. Yeah actually yeah well you know those small seem to some of them are really bad she said do you have a slight. Give ray here is Alex can make an argument that. That's what I heard you have things. T. Personally know. Yes that all crazy coming coming down the crowd are we from Christmas coming in shining. The countdown clock going and coming he's got. Are we just say it's a rats I'm excited about him yet when he. When he ate that sound like a question now Taiwanese to. Wait that. Much confidence that I. Didn't say I like to do to India will me. Countdown clock I need to bring my knee it. Yeah tournament and it actually count down into the center 26 days sixteen hours 42 minutes and fifty cent today TS. Days when money is today's sixteen and we were off a couple of days it means people would have been celebrating on to a seventy joke about it and let nations and colonies at twenty yeah. I don't know what got into what your ball census. And became a problem because they're burned and they don't like adopts. I've as I've seen empty mall Santas are not very nice to my kid you know. Right at it I mean it's stereotypical. Every move we've ever seen where the night and into the Canada's. Move around they don't care what they're saying iron yeah my leg kid who put the it's funny I know every movie I it's time. I saw the worst Santa Claus and imposter obviously. That I've seen it many many years last year we took the dog to get their pictures page was there. I'm glad you're not mine. Which is written with the pet store and this kid listen look look so good now. Wait think about what you just I. I know before you said Jamie I know I knew how what you would react to this but the people don't that some company of that that you remain in new descent and I blew it I did not go willingly. But I did participate in my doctor in the pictures didn't and coupled. This say that the clause was like 22 total first of all the should be a role he AT&T is in a clause under fifty. Okay yeah yeah yeah he was when he two years old eighties still at a Skechers sneakers dot. And I. Now I'm. I'll think about it because they said it would matter we ask in they said it would it better because of the way the pictures being taken anti dog dog doesn't know no matter you know think about his life he's sitting there with you ugly Romanians. And forward am dobbs on his lap. Yeah yours is Latvia was for little poodles if you think he likes his life though the though but you can at least the effort if you can't pretend to be easier to the wants I don't care for for the dogs. You can always give good effort didn't tell me the dogs in about that. I can't tell you. Yeah lab with floor oodles without that. Have you ever tried to have a dog keep the Santa hat on so called meta enough. Get to work it's work you do I pay anything right now to have a picture view. I got by the sitting on a 22 year old may have slapped with four Poodle the F yet there I am leave flash smoky sexy Nene. And Santa Claus to. Hope hope hope. Let's get yours. I was so I worry that. Smart but don't tell anybody else that story today is playing nighttime and never speak up but again. In. More.