BJ & Jamie: Pooping deliver driver and more. 12/4

Monday, December 4th

Lady takes a package off of a front porch and when she runs back to the car the driver leaves her and then the nanny comes out of the house and attacks her. BJ says there is a flier on the light pole in his neighborhood with a picture on it of two teenage boys that are smashing their Christmas Decorations. 


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Vijay and Alice. BJ and Jamie. I'm still a little disappointed in me if I'm OK daddy don't. They UN actually believed that Vijay Harris would sneak into closets here work. But the sales. And get to make out there. It really a surprise. Were you used to being undone though this was like 45 months ago. Well that heard the story that she's having years ago. Okay yeah do you remember who used to be. And humor bad bad boy what was it that bad you have to have. And I wasn't in a closet hit back at my attitude then it let me just a bad. Had bad though so it more faith you know go down the. When you more than he Wharton and their wish and work you know looking removes a motorcycle gullet scooter trash it if it. Yes this school crash and that's what that's what they called back from from these the geragos mark democratic that was you made that idea was a beard and Norway lit. So I'm sorry and I've had it that she now doesn't that happen which is so bizarre I mean whenever you set I'm sorry I sorry sorry yeah. Well except that I'm condemning my heart good I still believe that may not know that she's already set I know but I believe you you're listening to somebody else who. No you know leaders had bad wheel scooter trash that was me what. Hash tag scooter trash that's when I heard the F. If you go to our FaceBook page a couple things on the other support pirate gets tackled and somebody that's delivering more clearly. Is that a name that doesn't yeah well I think and I think that there have major negative. And I would Leonard now. A lady goes and steals a package from somebody scrub ports the port pirates' runs back to the car where it's a getaway car with a driver of the car leaves the outer. So today he attacks are yeah. It's crazy yeah that's really happening so much it's. It's insane ideas do you the dead and everything's getting caught on camera hole. What was that oh yes and yesterday. I mean in my front yard accepting of the truckers. But there's a light pole and then there's a flyer attached to Ryan. Change somebody's posted pictures from there mu what's that the vice COLT in the captures them green ratings yes. Somebody posted pictures. 02 kids that look like they're about thirteen or fourteen years old dame devising their Christmas decorations bring the kids are opposed. Right there this year though these little scoundrels. If you're their parent you speak at popular and that all. They've posted the pictures of these binders yet that Ringo is catching a lot of people it's the best and bites that can even continue to do so well. That you can post a is there there appears dormant. It's legal we know what you're saying. I may ultimately you can get around what a savior. Let us and has appeared whether it's private property I mean there on York private property don't don't don't don't don't don't. Well I don't know I get what you're saying that you can videotaped him or whatever but you can't go down a couple down the neighborhood publicly and posting these kids pictures on the opposed. Even though. I'll turn it over to the police I don't know I think that I would do it up. Princely. We got to bring this up tomorrow at this time where's aren't we start tomorrow because I need to go to text it would have on today but but we need to bring this up tomorrow I'm right. And that's all part I don't then let's let's get him on the phone yeah okay guys and our job on me. Importantly will have time. And I have a ring doorbell and have caught several things including a hit and run the cops confirmed yes you can post minor faces. Since so many says they now goes tomorrow show. I was gonna say that for tomorrow. Now we're saying and look look look look look I've got a lot of things they can you do it very embarrassing that went out and. Where others is that well well. Well well like I got from. Now I get the things that aren't acceptable to workplace which can be doing to other people yeah yeah. I've got the I got the ball we'll help customer that took design. Video yeah I've got the Pontiac Silverdome would it would blow that. You see that you did hear about it what happened. They they go to blow up the Pontiac Silverdome you know how they do these implosion swear they did they build everything inside hinges. Just collapses. It's it's great thing to do in in everybody covered it. They they fired off in Detroit when this happened. Yesterday ethic and a and the explosions go off him when the smoke clears the suit is the silverdome is still there. Nothing moves in Jonathan Blum I'm not being blew up. Here's the contract or the contractor blamed it blamed it on some guy. Stepped on a wire. And set off just a small portion of the explosion. We've researched everything all of the kicker charges went off as planned being shaped charges did not. There's wires separated somewhere we've researched it we ever founded chip we don't know someone accidentally or wire up we don't know we're researching that still. But we're gonna resurgent. Somebody stepped wire and listen to conclude hopefully the number of black and you know. This is a little embarrassing for the company. Number two they might want to find an easy I've never seen in implosion like this wearing goes off at nothing falls. I'm here I have disturbing down. The closed rocked the app but some make no money until I am yesterday sending up clouds of smoke hundreds of people she did. Watch the stadium. And and then as the smoke cleared everybody was standing there screaming yeah. I know that went away. It was still lit. Near the homes are yet to release of gonna wire tired and it's Dartmouth and the last thing for tomorrow's show I have where you. Doing Christmas cookies in the eighties he issued a great pumpkin tape of it this is real goal for tomorrow sure all. Here's what I need you today for me today OK okay so there's anything going around called the invisible box challenge. Where you act like you're either standing there and box holding about students of the box so we should record do like acting like you're walking over bop. The lead over the population liked them should. An epic Bo box tricks you have to give be the trick that I do. What if I'm loading a box question via caller. Against it and you know legend. Of course and one would be like Jamie and trying to think outside the box. Yeah I am a game and a did you see how proud I did it and I got to go. Action and I checked it. I. I wrote it down for the sugar and that is visible on we have come. For the national estimate looked duplicate tomorrow show it's going to be you know I know today was single men tomorrow look so good I'm excited. In. More.