Slacker and Steve - Worst Gift Ever 12/6

Wednesday, December 6th


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Staying on FXT. Is quietly freaking out we're reading these stories northern but the worst gift you ever got ever. Come and why you freaking out about it. Combined close we bought you clothes I mean I wouldn't buy you underwear brighter side suing. Answers like Sox well because that's a little too personal you have your brand loyal to your socks I'm sure you like a certain sock. And if I don't know that by by it was socks that I think I don't want really give a crap about what they do you do you Brent oil sock when I have to certainly intend to buy what you like the gold tell one. I feel like you're the gold items to be gold so until I grow from its aching sobbing gold toe because I would argue she was my dad. So that I what I regularly tumbled so what you are going to be Tennessee Utah yeah forget that rim is. The blacks are. Really high soft quite aware of high socks. Because more than highway need high socks. I hate when he screws don't Sox ankle socks I do that this summer when they were shorts and stuff but no not the wintertime and he'd like war. You Wear ankle socks in the winter it's about all I know you're shoveling snow and analysts noticed in your shoe. And moved he's got his foot up and suck. Won't have a little higher and I'm the no show ankle but you were the black Tyson what do you know judging yeah you do ICU you look. You can't see myself OK my Chelsea could ever give any need to worry Chelsea you've got to Wear the high it's important cowboy boots and your sock a we should. Well that you've got to protect your skin from the top of the blue chips yes he did is the only time you're ankle socks with Chelsea but I am. We are two grown men's yeah just kind of as you're the one that's all we will check the list. Com. So we think there's there's things here about the worst guest ever and these are not great like I I think you guys have probably gotten worse yes. And the ones on this list on number one was ugly clothing and that's what got Steve started on the standard several of them. Or clothing related yup and you just think that's too. Personally is people didn't like coworkers. Might you know by a co worker Roy goes sure. Aura sweater vest her slacks you know honestly tell you I don't know how this happens. But I just got this I want everyone to know this is not a commercial this is not but I just got a catalog. From a company that I know I heard you sing even name before what do you I would and I think I could buy you something out they only Wear it yet O two carbon tip cobalt two. That's Smart you cannot do. Why did you just I don't know why didn't just in their like Christmas. Callista and I was like oh sorry I could platoon through all the ugly Henley's any snotty in his view where do. I told where I'm now pleased you don't know I'm. Could I not I could I not like open up way up. Put my finger on any page and you're not it. I don't have as have most of the stuff sometimes and which you're right he's going to bite you call out from it you know that's where regular stuff due to furniture put down for something to I want to help the that children my house you know what's weird is resolved by something in the little that'll show up on my social meet more -- I can see everything you shop for because we sign into the same things like so I thought they knew they probably Saarland slept some do you have an account I don't know how I don't know how they got my address he threw away your barn and the other I look at -- for sex I'll look at it tried to my. Stuff there's nothing in that entire catalog that he's isn't either Heather gray. Or Heather blue bell ice in my quest might success or is she. This that's my stuff you got me anything out of that catalog you know worst insult is you where so I that's I don't distract you and I have a problem will always like to show up to work here really time that happens is when I'm sick and I'm wearing a Henley and I'm like I attended changer showering you know you're proud aware that I know I Wear those Henley's when I want to die I notice the that's I only where Henry is what I'm doing yard work. Want to be dead corporate that's what I where's my style I ain't. What did you say what does that say about us. But I am always like north you are going in the Yang and each other all Marion you're dressed up is when I'm dressed like for my funeral just put throw that channel I already did so worst it's ever ugly Kobe number one number two toiletries hit. So that's what always gonna travel cure like a little small stuff I hate to. The troublesome I think that's more personal for you assume I you know you get you know what I she's being why is what I like journals I like to sensitive skin or Taiwan so Hackl yeah. You don't know me man that's too personal strippers Bob bath salts or bubble bass. It's personal I got to know that you use aluminum wheel kind my grandparents bought me soap on a rope. For pretty much as long as they realize that football was Alonso baseball and there's almost every year so let's ask the baseball he's in Liberia with the did you ever use soap RO. No I saved him he did the original packet until I paraphrase one of your sins if it is. That's the further you can email me and millions please think it has a we're going to see some sort of it's. Medical web precision where we all talk to each other consult thanks so what do you want shakes. Things from pitched Yelp I I got I am I got so many of those and then the perfume bottle shaped like cars I hated the guy got those number four Sox. So what's again a little too personal I don't Garcon are also a good guess is they're easy to throw away when you are wrong. Are you by Cianci socks or somebody will buy me some of the fancy like brightly colored socks high aliens are yes you would learn no I I think can be an awesome yes styling that's a bad gets the job because I don't run don't buy any size and my view idol I don't I liaison that's that old navy shirts is the focal camera dual run on old navy Henley's. T shirts with a funny clever inspirational sayings on them only guess about just our guard you can was it for holidays but I don't want and you say to this day. That is like a regular guy sure yeah. Sure there's a great shirt cover but you mesh sure you knew more once she. Literally sit just math and that was my receiver Richard ever got anybody it's likely overture to the problem is you put on late eighty product out there and I don't know that I. Outside Asia call millions of candles worst it's ever been I see handkerchiefs. Hatred shifts for women I don't know who wrote this list in what time Perry is not brag is that we're similar. I can I. Say. I do want to hold on good morning. It's not. Until it's expect it on the other. Well it's a block of sorts is a yeah people you don't isn't it does not address scans. So what's the whole. There's not as long as humanly possible to do I don't want to TV show and I'm a gentleman will offer his her chip would never say she took her and I'm Mike do you just blow your nose and well it's freshly bread smells like Downey you can get. I don't want to ask you what we did. Then we. I'm soap on a row is on this less serious. So here's what we wanna do we wanna make this list an actual good list we want the worst gift. You've ever gotten I don't wanna tell all the crappy stories move that I've been through but I'll tell you all are just headline and I gave her ranging anywhere rush true story that's true I got married. And I got a local iron that they made waffles and that is true that is cold aim worst. Gift amber if you had a worst gift we won't hear your story eye candy. Study candy I'm. Okay well. This long elaborate you another top story when I. Libyans now what does this. You you're never mean it because as the girl thing only about armed. When I first came when I was growing up. I had my recycle and my grandmother who has any technical I'm glad we would celebrate it now you know my grandmother are the only two women and our family. Yeah edgy everybody together and smear read about it Kagan unhappy period. Shocks all Matsui your. Mouse won't be the sleepy water and it really only truly grandmother who's doing this guy who's celebrating her her granddaughter coming into womanhood. I can almost behind it. But. I gotta go and needing the red velvet half. Yeah her own. Shrubbery church now. Wow. Just found the doors to. The kind and so all the men of the seemly stood around anymore and only. Congratulations. All. And she said yes once happy period you know quite well I don't like. Thanks and that came tally decade and they're never meant a more plant. Meal like panic about everything that. So you were mortified that is Montero followed by a bunch who's been sweetie it's that's on these counts but not in that we can yes thank you for the call. Some day. I can honestly say am I have officially eaten my last very short take a look. And tell the good of the incident now that's gonna ruin it but I I guarantee you know nobody is likely going to. Despite instead student David Hank Aaron is the question is a bunch two acres out there anything that you would yeah this is Sarah. Yeah. I. I even worse just to have her. I got my husband and a bunch of content style movie ban torture these. And he taught me eight car and you're what are crap. All my god. What are they giving you the lower with the if not I. Look at the it was a nice car for was is something that clearly pulled off a managing tennis. I don't know what what was eager hand. Or any oil on it that's you know do or are you in the bag was. Yeah. Mom and religious scrap books you're supposed to cut out. Religious pictures and put him in the scrapbook for yourself and religious poses or does that work. Alms and have been hit like little quote. Here's meet reenacting the last dot. Com ticker NASA pretty Baghdad C thank you for the car. Christine. Yeah I I worst guest. Where skid ever okay so I got. Reach out and it's heat ball like water that you can't argue in that giant laughter. Here. Wanted to say they're mostly air source three pounds of whom must be a call wrap. And crafts like gosh hefty bag with a one size magma. Yeah I could play really in like the largest gift bag you could I ain't. And you know iPhone click. Licked it beyond permanent actually from a guy like that but I in college I open it up and it would lead and we target she'd ball. Do we like c.'s balls. I'm really you know I'm not a kid she spoke very. In need of getting them aware I don't need her memories. Any opinions on JU again and we take him beyond my old room that sage of China alternate but it's tough Jesus talking about these diversionary and not talking at all I don't know what they find stuff is to do it makes it knocks. That she's president. Birdie I see and I did it out see that's a bad gift Christie's your business in Europe bad receivers with the economy still. Yeah I were just. Good. All slacker when chilled again this is again I I gave Stephen tongue scraper when I first discovered Tom dreamers he worked its its habit who woods who David TU MO are they similar signal the. What cook and I am not married she am asking you and I. She ended known and the Yemeni explorer. Indeed is very thoughtful. Out every year. I'm we receive something very special from her. Tomas Rivera but I don't think that's that it's in it's got functionality as a brother and a tongue scraper been so don't broke down and read only take you more use so yeah absolutely you know Derek. Yes sir yes sir I ya know what's your worst it's ever. So I got an ugly sweater my mom a one year put in the closet all the tanks on it. Our guess what I got again for Christmas for next year's UN and in my closet to get out we wrap it. Jimmy yet do you that. That's a single bought another house uses like you never bored there's no SOB I gotta respect that. So did you Wear the second time. I didn't have a hard to tell her that I knew about it then put it back in the closet you're never thought of yet. Oh wow. Remove your birthday you can try out and Doss yeah I think that that's a pretty bad just to susilo. It's really easy when is it how we. Yeah I worst guest ever. Sell a lack hypocrite hunt my mother had not thought to be a great idea Q. Give my husband and I all the things that she is stolen from the airplane like entry blank can't. And the minister to bribe. And it just rhetorical like you've got to be heeding the message out great. The next time you travel you are you ready you can do. I just I don't know yeah.