Slacker and Steve - OPP-Caught Son Cheating 12/6

Wednesday, December 6th


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And so I don't think he then I believe is gonna boil down to you stepped up her mind your own business and without even hearing scenarios Steve I'm guessing you're gonna choose something like you should have to write a lot. Our own business there. Everything alone solves all don't get me. Fitness and he's Abbott sea ice culpable for the car and journalists nor name or her voice so her name will be Tandy and you'll be boisterous guys standing. Yeah I tells us don't lose. Complimentary so I have a computer authority. IAE. Left work a little earlier and came home earlier and I caught him. I've been relations with the girl. Not quote from Lou who. We did this evening news settlements are so you're argument about the relations or not about the cheating him out about bowl where we got with this this. I'm. Honestly I've read books and probably controversial but I I really. I'm OK with the relations because we've talked about it you think about it. Leg but is he going to the big deal for me I don't doubt cool like no man should treat only be like god ever and I don't know what do because. Blue eyed look into Levy a war on cold front because so species should no. But I'd be good but probably gonna break up that relationship from them actual number if you ever got which. Who don't really work. On our own. If you know I got to go to mom. I've told you can I do admit I don't really made even know what look like but I haven't gotten your cool we've heard. Suppose it condones bonanno reprehensible. Behavior after teaching your son not to display the behavior of the rappers that have. Who now what is your. I mean. It's choosing the sisterhood or choosing that's true oh and why do. I mean the money literally you should choose your son but it seed she's doing something bad you know. They're really awful like an awful way to treat people crime you know it. I. No word and you like her I mean she's had a real Jersey and we end. It is you who we are you sweetheart you two really good. Cute like good good quote from I ordered the good girl are complex meaning Richard it couldn't hurt him. When he got I think you should wait. Including the market by your voice heard it wouldn't matter what you promote a terrible thing to Pedro. On to power it is situations like us. It's like I go and you want to give ultimatums all right I'll give you two days you better teller you dope and I'm good you teller I yes. Yeah but this is your own son not a basis Emmys and he's. If you don't stop him. I don't wanna say that he's committing crime 'cause he's not. It's not it's morally reprehensible as I said Chris Klein if she was shoplifting you can you would go to him and go I'm giving you two days. To return that could go tell the store owner whatever it is or else I'm gonna turn you into the cops from returning to sort. So you're not joining me being legally wrong but if you don't stop him now he's gonna be a cheater. You can cheat on his next are Brent crude and he's he's generally with it yeah. Sarah is when you caught us. Our I read it. Mora at the moment about the awkwardness of leg oh my god I walked through my excellent as you'd like our warm up to me. I could quote door part of it but what if it didn't register poll after about a bit more than. Scroll plunge with items you know. So. I don't know what his reaction won't we are cool though that water will put the world about market account. I lose I'm. 100% stumped and I'm kind of shocks is it seems like you're stumped Tucson is normally your legs. Mind your own business -- but in this case though it's apparent in their child lose your words is not a victimless crime there's a girl out there was hurting and maybe since you're the parent you're asked her her but you don't stop your sign from this behavior now. You're going to be dealing with the divorce you're going to be dealing with us are based its fuel load on the road if you don't teach him this life lesson that. Me and you've been taught you should be a good boy bends. She's gonna she's gonna keep cheating the rest of his life Virginia brunt of the. And I don't I only wanted to feel responsible for everything. Breathing on who turned him about mamet goes but it's awful. And and and grow the word trust earlier between a parent a child to see you have to. That can't be the current that you can't lose that in this process either the matter what you decide to do. Arms. Mobile I don't know that anybody's been in your exact specific situation we will get advice for you on. Oh. You wouldn't put it shocked I thought I mean I am looking forward to work what they do it or are they are you worried at all for me right away don't put her. It's don't. As a mom I would say. As a dad my first instinct is to protect my sons my doctors all the way through though you're protecting. It just protects society and also protect myself down the road it's like you don't my son shoplifting now. How can be pissed at him when he robs a bank. They didn't I do and it's not as extreme. Late if you don't let him cheap now there is you can't be mad at him later when he screws around on his Weis and his kids and you know she said his job linked. CR you've got to stop this now without breaking any rules and why I don't have a clue how they'll hang on. I delight as the worst year I don't know iso I got an office and we're right why don't you really don't bother. Honesty ruin your relationship with us we believe what does it want an old that's that's what I need to preserve your because they have to be mother and son and the rest of their lives if you have any advice Turkey India we'd love to hear it Diana. A guy who do you think. I'm treat it now I. Because I. Can keep an important because Robert this is not cheap. Can donate. You know you can hear it just try and how symbolic end end up to a little brats. Everything that was illegal mean clearly it's immoral but he can do it it's sort shoplifting you'll. Key role he's a heat of crap you better learn it now or your could be one walking disease pregnant crap although it is that went out there. And what does she do Diane and I mean I'm not saying your wrong but just tell. All of NHL bench that you know maybe you shouldn't be like a lot of people out there they all met I'm just saying. You know try to have a moral concepts and let you need to tell you you don't need that in L. I think I'm not get it safe and then you need to have you the right thing is do you know right it'll do you don't know look at yeah. Staple. But do you but someone's been in heart and all end. When he being taped. Oh really no. It's not okay. OK so we don't secure about trust between parents and has clarified we don't care about trust between a parent kid in this instance this parenting drums. All not only need to Ron like that's what's wrong with the kids now nobody ever had many consequent. On our beat might. No one alerted. You know what Calgary and you're right Diane writes here's that's freeze all sides. And I. That's being and he might be scarred for life. And now and I mean you're in clean it it shocked all. Well we we love your tax valuation irony in your probably you're probably more rights yeah. It's just when I left a world congress just that it's. How ya how do you do it windy do it I'm Angela. Area I unite what do you think. I think that it occurred signing and obviously sixteen years old he is responsible enough to have sex she contracted him what acts and she shouldn't have enough trust in him that keeps my churn out just now a mom and she template which are getting drawn you need she looks on your girlfriend that you wanna bring jobs and you cheated on her. OK so but apparently it's just like if this kid was like four. I love how you appearance you give that child options you give them choices it's eleven logic would steer them into one readiness yes. Right and I think she telling them I mean if he managed and are having sex should be much turn out to be able to handle. Hearing is something wrong you need to rectify it. OK SOU demo the logical way is. Would you like to tell your girlfriend about what you do that's till I drop and and will also ruthless guy tonight right of one of these sounds better and I. Good young yeah. Apply you know and I know someday I might do that but the thing is that she doesn't need to maintain her trust with them. In order to do that she needs to put him in that direction soaps she she'd maintaining a truck doing it this way she's reading when to be meaner. To take accountability for action and make the right pork production it's on you know me you don't like I think I learned there that don't store and might. But if you don't always a teenage boy did these wow he's digital comics he doesn't really got oh yeah. This these same guys like you say it's and let's you're accountable and somebody's got to sell more easily cured scandal like I. I'm minute exactly what are you gonna do about negative. Yes yeah. I when you thanks. And so I am divorced. And try to do a husband cheated on me and I had a great relationship with my mother and rock. And I saved that. Hurt number one job is to be a mother. And I am I don't. At any harsh feelings towards iMac ex mother or not but she was there for him and you know I. Went to her and we talked about the situation and she encouraged indeed right being an. Alvin and nice you know like you would with any other issue you would deal with your child and I'm I don't I don't fit I don't have any bad things to say about her I think she is especially true that the situation and. He needs to do the same things. So I I think it's got to be supported. Her a parent and try to make it to the right thing app early. In the car. It's I'm just telling you with a teenage boy analyst. This horse can't say I hope you make your decision so they get teenage boys program by the beer track. Tells the story similar tell the menu shop must see dragged into his girlfriends say teller what you didn't. Joked. Yeah I could you think she. So there'd been talk you know way next time they're altogether she can get they start for locking in on you guys on Tuesday. My girlfriend what can I get the gist editors and there. And all real.