Slacker and Steve - Trump’s McDonald’s Order 12/6

Wednesday, December 6th


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Steam. We avoid politics links to plagued club because it doesn't you know politics don't make good bedfellows good stuff. This thing interesting about Donald Trump. While hole. Key if you don't know this I don't know this of widely known tactic he. A Doris facet that doesn't drink don't call did you know that I did not know that I might be tough I'm pretty sure she doesn't ever drink. Considering some of the accusations others sound so good things he says the pastor which sometimes joins a Twitter tirade you'll man Desmond Clark. I don't he drinks at all I didn't know that arm but he does enjoy a fast food in this thing just came out and again. Don't know if it's hash tag fake news or not his typical McDonald's order. Blows. My mind the point that I felt like let's talk about could either of you to do you guys can eat. Teaching each person who ways in which he weighs I'd never seen a person eat as much as he eats dinner. Could you eat he's order either one of the mill could you Steve. Who among those younger yes you I could do I know I don't think I've done that the first part. But he backs it up with two more other and I couldn't that's us so here's disorder. It's too big Macs right there. Do you dare eat one big Mac doesn't mention prize duke the duke or tries an assumption on this or it all argue so that was a listen only mistaken I don't I did not assume Fries with that okay Tony McDonald's not just rice says that's an area. And that is so yeah. So it is too big Macs. I don't some really big pesky night. The tournament. Disappointing that we just went firefighter do you that you like doing physical labor work construction dudes who could fire down packed away a couple of couple double quarter pounders wherever I can kind of see that. Vinny backs it up with as Steve said two or sandwiches. To filet of fish sandwiches soy yet to Max to delays. That's force and that's Brett local I know that's like basically a loaf of bread yeah that's a lot of bra yet another big Macs have three pieces of bread on the it's dry yeah. It's beautifully but I can do big Mac it may be like a double cheeseburger. You can do to see much this I really couldn't Corbett 200 due to but I can't for some reason when big Mac sauce of I have a big Mac sauce or big Mac first. And they seem to time kinda go zero ketchup Muster burger it's only kind of could go the other way could start to the mustard indyk now yeah I could I do. But going from bad to filet of fish with that car I don't know maybe he certainly is harder filet and goes to a Mac have been goes back to its order for what if I were if I were laying this out you know how like. Other related to alcohol does everything always alcohol for me. On if you're gonna do wine tasting you would start with like bubbles then go into whites then go in new reds play glider reds pinot noirs and then. Work your way after cabs and then duels infidels or somebody just wrecks her mouth forever Oca. So I would say the fillet a fish. He's the bubbles slash white so that's lighter you would start with the fish yes I would and I do the next fish and then graduate that you can go back in four dollar. Don't you go see this Max is snapped that's insanity. Means he's he he just five days. Conventional wisdom and a lot of places that there's no way you go. I don't did you go mash that is Shrek you did go back to port and I did you I think you nailed it I think I only know Mac Mac. Dish dish I don't I don't mean do that either yeah. Jack is are your cross to get the Max sauce with the tartar sauce so many here. Asked its changes a little bit as well go from a Mac to a debris were hamburger that is going to adjust your match sauce to catch up this weakness of the kick you out and go around the area. But he's not done. Did you assume when I think whenever I've gone to they just ask you restaurant and somebody over reporters like tennis. They top the whole thing off wins the crude draw. Diet Coke gives thank you Brad. I just need a dietary zero I got to wouldn't want our salaries they don't. This about the source damages are about torture counted out but at least it to go it's like sequential bold liquid for you. That's us and I resent what would you Jackson doesn't it says on this and Steve is calling BS it's easy to chocolate. Multi checked with the only cell sheiks at McDonald's if they don't sell malts because I begin mulled all the time ago but if this is true. More and he is happy here you have to shape so he's rapidly hopeless up. With our boat and car wash that down. I guess there are no two out of the five things that he's getting I can't do any two of them. I literally couldn't I couldn't do a politician who shaped it shaped by itself do you ever got to shake with a meal mute. Your church or school. I'm you comment on the I'll send some mile and a lot of back. I'm no sure thing sadness I shake is a dessert there's nothing clinching not exactly clinching. How does this mean time I come. Not sixteen billion pounds righty what's the most you've ever eaten either one you think you've said you've had like a Mac and why it. American and double cheeseburger cheeseburger Fries and Coke. Yeah yeah bold statement yeah I thought a lot and you. Hugged all you like if I go all usually do like a big Mac meals and then I'll get leg kick depending on how hungry I mean there's six or ten piece it chick magnet rich and yeah that's not bad about a tradition. No way no this is what has skills I could do was sharing with them. We need to show you president you know I meanest days now I realize how he's got so much time to tweak it he's got to be in about.