BJ & Jamie: Awkward Exchange between lawmakers. 12/7

Thursday, December 7th

Very awkward exchanges between lawmakers in Washington has us scratching our heads.            


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Vijay and Jamie there's a story shortly shorted to be this morning of these lawmakers having a meeting. Did you see and what is that crap. So it bears bites and of these people that we elect will not only are they doing is great questions so there's. These two lawmakers and the they got into fight because one of them judge the other guy's arm and then the other guys like. Knowing your day just a bit. Test yourself or so yeah hot but the audience if I got the OK and so it's embarrassing. It's embarrassing their elected officials and I'll play that right now it a shot but it in the box broke off the meat. It says a lot bigger in Pennsylvania is under fire after abruptly declaring a during the meeting that is fellows they represented that was protecting his love sneaking this tell them you we've got about this state represented a Matthew Bradford touch the art of Republican state representative Darrell Metcalf. Who was sitting next term and then all the sudden things when Iraq. Should immediately audio if we don't have to. Proceed on this one I hear yeah I understand there's some hard feelings what kind of Bradford managed look. I'm heterosexual have a wife I love my wife I don't like men and you might. But don't stop touching me all the time. I don't even ends yourself. Like we want to let somebody get people on your side of the aisle that might like get I don't. Okay chairman. Okay we'll put you off the rails and my my intent I was just kept it may be familiar provision for about thirty seconds. And bags don't touch that. I I don't know where we go from here really. Yeah I'm pretty much without any further comment that they got a good thank you destructive at this time thank you have to Bradford. If they stopped selling at least an hour meeting. So we added they get let's go Don and it's yeah. Everybody around him is quite obvious you're just laughing because OK this is a joke it's got to be a joke but the guy with Syria and yet he has serious note that the other lawmaker the he's the one that sounds like he's ninety years old. Not many times I love my wife I love I can't seem like to have some people on your side I know that like being cut out a. What is going on who go seriously it's not a good jewelry is an Olympic Elliott. Look I'm heterosexual I'm always I love my wife I don't like man is you might. But don't stop touching me. In weekday mornings on Ellis. I tonight.