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Thursday, December 7th

Jamie had a dinner with friends for her birthday and they all did ginger bread houses kids and adults. – The Celebrities are having to now evacuate from the fires.. Chrissy Tiegen had to flee in her Bentley with her Spike TV award and her kid. -   The headlines in L.A. today is about the rich people having to leave in their Lambos and Benz – Rupert Murdoch’s home 5 minutes from the Ocean has burned down – Peoples list of most intriguing people of 2017 -   Lindsay Lohan is doing fine.     


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BJ in Jelena. Yeah Loeb I had it duet are so yes say no as you know was my birthday. Yeah it was yeah and you told me I was gonna love that creamed corn without being yields well yeah I thought he might. And. Too much. Yeah. Too hot Ted. I aspire. To in anyway a fine idea disk as we did it and so I may as suggested is. Gingerbread houses at a party for adults is pretty darn funny friends and all the kids can deduct their own table but then don't put adult student at the other day below the put it that it's not that it. Drunken adult has been. But together gingerbread house and know where the party wins or money it's super funny and he hits you Wear funny. Just don't post your video if you want to be embarrassed. Really create it for you think that you iron but there's different moods to whatever I think that your cocktail is your. For example my girlfriend she drinks vodka with the line or whatever yeah sushi actually like Kosovo. Oh she Helio and all I mean I'm mansion gingerbread out and then I got irritated when we were making fun of it because is really trying to yes but who. She took a very serious she took eight gingerbread house seriously yes and then there's. Their other girls who drinks Jim Bain and write downs and she's just like. Goes to her house is upside down up. It's not. It's different to you tell people drink based on how they build their gingerbread house they go bowling game to try no. Happy holidays it is that this season is all about right. Let me take this California's umpire I know we all know that and you've seen the videos. But if I lived in. Simi Valley venture county let's say it's like the Orton and Kasra place like gap. But all of a sudden. Where's the swing a cherry hills is on fire and amateur imaginary else. And cherry hills fire being maybe oh and to decide exactly not even anywhere near his biggest hit the fire. It gets all the publicity I'd be so mad because this is exactly what's happening in California. California is on fire it's venture counties devastated it's awful. A few house is catch on fire in Beverly Hills. My gut nets on got to talk about it ad is the headline this morning off all the evacuations of the stars. This is the headline first of up. The average home in Bel Air starts at three million dollars in Bel Air. Christi T get tied to get their Bentley and exemption and she even showed a picture of her and her Bentley with Kitna guards they. It's crazier what you got your bin Ali as she flee the fire now I hope she's OK don't get Ross design it seems a little strange you're a badly as you exit. She said here's what she treated. Never in my life to IC have to think about what I would take. In a fire so I took Luna who's a baby yeah I took Luna and nice spike TV award. Okay I know her sister listens to our show items that can be heard be say things in the past like blows she could be a big dummy who secrecy that is just. Look Betsy dumb we. Okay sister populist. That's a dumb to which you might wanna call Christensen at you know he can't he take your spike TV award. Tweeted out flyers pretty serious people didn't. Properly. And despite deep awarded your weight. Now he's saying yeah see why I say things I say democracy. Yeah I hope she's so she's got her award. And she fled the scene in her Bentley went there spike TV award and her baby probably at the Beverly Hills Hotel. And so they houses like I said started three million dollars people are leaving in their beds and they're bent lays there and negated instant cake it's become millionaires. Is their houses their mentions are burning to the. Other people's well and now these are destroyed. I did I know. Oh crazy that this the headline. It Paris Hilton Chelsea handler Jennifer Gardner Rees weather's been Maria Shriver when it out Joseph and Heidi Klum also had to evacuate. Known know. The venture accounting people and their lives lost and everything gone and. It just makes broke that that's still a big deal though because I don't think that you know fires happen in California lot happening airlock but I don't think it ever heard of one hitting. The us superstars like this I FT that's why. No it's the names too but I. I don't think I have ever heard of you know Bel Air Beverly Hills all that on five year. Rupert Murdoch has a house five miles from the beach. Can you imagine this you have a house five minutes from the beach in a bird into the ground. It's 830 million dollar calm. Rupert is the guy that alms box keys. It. Right the never Murdoch is the order fox television. Via red. At seems to me. Thirty million dollar home. Burned to the ground I minutes from the ocean. Have hindered you can see the ocean. You know how maddening of these seal that water Tia for your house on fire they even think he would have had a pulp and aligned runs like. You know five miles to his house of the biggest role should water on his fire. That kind of money you know I. Like seeing here it just I have to say people release that are a list of most intriguing people at least seven Jane. And it says they share some celebrities to middle east of the most intriguing people of 2017 Jimmy all. Real. New entry Jimmy Kimmel he cried a lot. So K I don't know I wouldn't call it intriguing. If his hormones need to be checked. Yes he's crying all those crap and why. I'm Nicole Kidman. When she died. We'll resume what did you get on this list jet a lot of Botox and this is my impression of verbal impression of Nicole Kidman. Let's do it. The shooting there one married too little guy yeah. Yeah our final and he's a little guy so sexy but he's eight. Small back on the season. GC where he bought her place in New York I but it is the that Broadway via. It's hopefully yeah he's a nice guy he gave her 28 million dollar Christmas present a man who has. Putting no. Not to want to know IBM adding that he nice and then really expensive. No meaning. Never Lou I'm really expensive you know. Veteran in that circle yeah I sunset at the party last night which at that was released. I don't know how this has happened in this penny goes yeah and it's nothing but men that are gold diggers. Kids growing up. Really gets it. Via a love his arrest he's right you know. Those sitting. Here. Now out no no we're not say that crap note. It's like you're just always given to charity. That's not a bad thing and just say always. Cared. Someday I let's see here are Julie Roberts. Of these she's on the list of seven straight season trigger so far no one's been intriguing on this letter. And reading. Blake Shelton. Well maybe him and I mean after all he was what does succeed in life and I am up if you. Those are few of them say he's intriguing I mean it's intriguing that he got a divorce it's intriguing that he started dating Gwen Stefani. So in so that he's the best one analyst eggs. Fantastic. And here I tell dude get at Kevin Spacey I guess I'm Norwegian printing is now saying hey. Ash tag me too with Kevin Spacey now this Mahan commandments. Closed your female prints but anyway he's he was at a table and Kevin Spacey grabbed his. At this particular debt and as you know and that you have a cigarette and again I was like food. Oh. And he said that Kim sit bases at oh sorry I didn't mean to do them. And I think that's true. No I think that you know when you reach under the table. Yeah it's pretty intentional he added that feeling do we go to dinner with people we got to keeping hands above the table. I feel like you know you're going to yeah you know I didn't think she really attacks have there cigarettes down there. I'm do you any about Lindy low. Oh sure yeah you're right about that. The ladies and gentlemen why she is all to know did she isn't such a fantastic place Sheila consultant now and that's we have. You know I've heard telling us. What a great place she's and. A little Lindy La how are you doing now will got a really happy and and in a very good place and I'm. I love life. And I love to give it to other people but you know me more hope for it like to children that. Everywhere in the world especially in Yemen what's going on right now I'm I'm trying to collection to go there I'd really love giving back anything truly important. I'm glad she's okay. Any parent that can allow her to be near their children. So hurt want to give it to the children keep kids away from our. And she's going to Yemen she's back in the US isn't she knows she's in Dubai and here's the next crack author she was in your notion. Lots of no paparazzi and these financings are you hot yeah a private life you can actually live your life and I lived so much of my old public. It just it was a perfect match for me I walk the walk outside and it will be guys slapping flashes if I don't want my picture taken like that it doesn't exist there. She loves to buy rights loves it she says I love life in Dubai because paparazzi does Nixon's right. But I think this party was in Winston we're with the interviewer the place because she even said one over there in Dubai and they don't need but she she flew back to New York attitude she is allowed in the country. Who she is The Who. She stays up there right in Dubai is a great place for her. Should make money. That I don't know what she does well early and we don't you mentioned it. And my guess is she's hanging out with some of the rich people in Dubai Dubai is what the wealthiest places on the McCain is so she is flaunting her stuff. Over there with the rich to play but stuff and she flunked her stuff stuff but that's up that you can claw I don't know if you swore you can flaunt it in. And freckle stuff. Oh I don't know. I don't remember anything about freckles but I'm sheer. There's a possibility tasty red frankly stuff yeah are often yeah and she's over there with all the rich you know. The princes a doll this you know geniuses Saudi teens and that's where she and fortunately our mark at patches were at Wal-Mart now. And by Wal-Mart she eased that the oil people world there I gold people you know there's more gold in Dubai in just about anywhere on the planet. You gotta go where the money is. I and then finally Neil Patrick Harris thank you by the way for Arnold does well again about herself amp. I'm Alice and it was talking to Neil Patrick Harris and like so many Evans I he talks about how he deals with the sun always changing what he wants for Christmas. They keep changing their minds about what it is they want to all Gideon will want his Betty blades and their little. Tops that you spin and then they fight each other and they didn't it attack until a week ago. He's at Papa. Can't tell you something I get what's up I don't want they'd leave anymore no not now I want hot wheels. So I go and I get so hot wheels things and get that that's exciting and then two days later he Papa. Can I tell you sense that I don't how will they want. And I want to remind crash. So from saving receipts. Is Sandra. Showed true yeah I like those thing underlings. Me. Well I don't know why he hasn't impose this your house but at my house scene at the laws always had a deadline. That's yeah yeah he wouldn't make sure that my kids found out that he had a deadline it wasn't my deadline it was sadness of the elder not to know India had to have it by the fifteenth you could it change your mind does. Yeah yeah. That was the deadline. And it called Santa could be part. They didn't and people are look I told you could be the hottest gifts and it sure is people are looking for those wranglings. The what the monkeys on your finger podium looking I gad to people what that any other big gift hour that area the ferry that goes in your hand and then she lives in Chilean bag an Iranian and supplies to land beg you. She I think assault one the other day I ever really get that was a stoplight that the the lady had a monkey on her finger which was driving. I looked over and there was nothing he could have been a bandage but I thought it was my finger linked it was part I. I couldn't tell me it's in the car now they fired but I I looked over and it's like. Some even a commercial because it's a haven't seen him in real life. I guess they ask yeah that's right is that I I. Don't know I don't know about that time did ask. But about it for when it comes the lingering some put. You're not no I'm not but I know I hear listen if we're not something I've been investigating and they got. And bring big. That's not open. We don't. Other commercial ads like how to open up your knee. Anything would've been good at that point but Tennessee and here we go Freddie carried out Friday. I didn't know they did that it up it's a bit. No one knows she hit it wears on monkey gets let it ever. This thing nearly I'm not playing the movement might beg a tablet asks who is affording the finger at. That's frozen. Into. More on Alex I.