BJ & Jamie: Grinch Bots buying up all the hot gifts. 12/14

Thursday, December 14th

The Grinch Bots are ruining Christmas. They are computer robots that buy up all the toys and hot products before the consumer can even get a chance to get them for the kids.          


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Vijay and Jane and pretty soon should bring my friend not my friend Tina send it to me okay is this. This early she explaining Mary do you read the stories don't worry I'll OK so this is about the grinch bot. Yes it that they have is called the most money seventeen story of 2017. It's a Christmas tale a hard time. Cyber nerds are using high tech software to buy up all of the Christmas toys and. Great jazz great ruining Christmas for everybody now you know how the grinch stole Christmas right that's my favorite man and great to rally nobody buys and it goes down there that little bit him on it and everybody's gifts and stuff it's kind of sad isn't. Not a great story about for the doll you meet their dog units ripped open it in a dusty threat that goodness crimes but still optional now we're anyway imagine now. What the new green stole Christmas is gonna look like the grinch steal Christmas for 2017. It. A green sitting at keyboard note all. Hot in the last. It's even Christmas. Well let's get you Maury show he can pick but that's what it is. It's called the grinch but in you guys you're not crazy if he can't find here's the top twenty at different spots old. This year the LO surprise which we talked about yesterday yeah right that's that big bald and then at the egg dad egg that has assembled kids' toys and they went to great spot to stolen the LO a surprise the grinch got to have stolen the Barbie hello dream house. It's like hello kitty dream house. The Brent spot had stolen the Finger Lakes and those are the top three things that clinched spots they put it in this whatever their computer system thing is. And when they see him up for sale on Todd target Wal-Mart any of them when they restock them on nine among the system you don't have a shot well. Give them by small out to it that's what did didn't do in the sports tickets yeah. Consciously for a long long time now they've contributed to the grand true. Feeling Christmas so I know a lot of the it says Tony and sat there and try to wait for target to restock on line you know there and their finger rulings or whatever. Because even as soon as they'd plug it back up there on the screen. The grinch but. Automatically before you even know it. Combined. This is worse to have because here's the way I see it. Let's say I wanna go to the Super Bowl look at I can't buy the ticket because the box already bought it I can go right but that's for me that's for me okay. So I know in my head I would never ever pay a scalper with the box. I would never paid three times surprise for a ticket because I just know better. But. When you need a Barbie dream house and because little ECB. Yeah tiger sing and business team that's did this now look at little Nancy she can't season it's tired named. Andy. Does having our network sent to a good lord of the try to make a point if it does well let. A little low. Some jury. And now studying at your heart to see you're gonna go out you're gonna book value 15100 dollars to some scalper who Rambo the bot to buy this thing because it's for little Eddie that's why. So until they have yet that's even worse the sports tickets because you know that's more for. Org to every state needs are and this. Yeah. They say is having a hard time even getting some of these things didn't elves can't make some this stuff because technology. Into it does freaking out go like this. And stealing my thunder. Unbelievable. Save says he needs I don't blame him yeah he's aggressive that's his job aren't yet he's really not happy about this at all in fact does say it and made a quote saying that he was looking for something feelings now. And and usually Santas like this problem every year I get the kids being mailings they want him. But now selling for 5000 listen we're pulling the 1999. 12 you know is selling 4000 dollars it says it's making these cyber back to these current spots you have millions of dollars assured us they would you market it that much. And the stores are saying hey listen we can't do anything about it because people are complaining movements indicate target what you put something on your software whatever. That that stops these guys who just going to Biden you know hundred finger early. It used to be so easy for Santa Claus you don't need enough to compete this stuff does spots the military's drinking more her Denton. I heard that too because you don't let I have to tell you the funniest. So stay adds that lasted under two years ago act that is cavaliers since it was live on the computer you know you couldn't write to him why is live all right. All MG and. Say I had tonight cool going on did he how he was live like why but what's he lit up and so we said. He says what I hate. And so sick and ready because it goes it was real time it's really in real time it's unlike Ralph he's actually knew and he wants what every wags and in night. Or else made it well and proud. Made him. And Hewitt they egos all over the world he's heard everything else why would you pick out wealthy. Tell you why people look at Google month a couple of shots he's yet the bad happened Geithner about it. It's they get up I filmed it on my boat and I guess a bit after eight Santa illustrate the. Bad guys. But I think audioblog guy does is literally the news here. I got to find out what that is. I report videos he had like a little bell and a business that can be used the elbow and mrs. Claus would bring him another big cup and open. The eggnog. With a spirit not pick up the simple book out of you should make some leaders diet goes through Russia. And. Now that are. In the importance on Alex I.