Slacker and Steve - GMD-Christmas Gift Conflict 12/14

Thursday, December 14th


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Selector and Steve. Exerting. It's. Days. Not a mean some sort of Christmas debate has thrown in her lap OK Tom let's cuttings old. NC would they have seen a service content. Yeah I tell us what's going on yeah. Well. I'm an independent now we've divorce the couple years you cannot demean those shoals and we have a twelve year old values. Really send him then and only look neat. And he has been begging to get an aunt are watching. TrueCrypt and I'm Selena Hernandez Dan whatever it. Yeah there's like 500 dollars Hamid. Themselves. Anyway my ex husband Glen is by hand that rock and honestly I ate. Don't lives. And Xbox in my house because my son is having trouble focusing mainly in schools. He's really struggling and I know how these employees to do this you know once they get in game they just go Armon Norma Kamal rail line and they're buying land and I and you tell. You said how would you sign right now. Well. He's he laughed and annex is no later in life that's gonna wait for to do have a I I don't wanna prove on the terrible parent of my kids pretty much been exposed that's stuff since they were toddlers for a while Oklahoma and there was more to connect stuff so they did in oh not so much use the remote Indian halo or yeah Grand Theft Auto or anything but like. Armed. So it's not money that's a problem for you it's you don't want him to play video games at all. Yeah I don't think it's getting to promote violence and I and then you know I rather need ancient art or music on. Or explorer there's something but just it's been around about. And believe me that he didn't have a trend Kamal are it is at least the time and it's it's just you know I'm not into that. So Connie this isn't a thing where you are using this as spy chief Tim. No to get back to your acts and all that sort of numb to do with you know making this up just for that reason years in the gym early. Yeah now the app is just you know or Malibu moon rising anger we have these things moved like. Still play out diet and do other things and I know I like you Whoopi just is hanging inside all day long video game and I know what that's happened. If your actual does follow through him by your son on this machine using a throwaway that mirror what do you what do you that's 500 bucks. It's meant for your son actually who. Yeah. All able donated to charity and got the so called who on the jolts are either. Army air. You do you wanna give your side of this. I know what's already on the radio who had a slight I don't think we appreciate you jumping on the nearest us. I don't think you taught or are so basically. I'm. Are you don't I don't unfortunately. Get to see him. That that and you know as often as I want to a minus eight now and that's touched look at it it's probably the biggest part of that is that. You know I wanna do something for him at. World you know. Arm the big. You know it is that's number one secondly I don't think Connie gets it. Connie okay that would really cute when the woman child on Xbox or the cute onyx are they're playing with their friend online and actually eliminates having to. Or reduces them Harry that come over it's not like you know can be playgrounds central. RA be it Mary date date their kids halves you know an X arkan and they they actually do it like it because the kids are playing with each other. I'm fine you're good to hang on the line even you know what. I don't want him to be moving on and on line stuff. And one more interest in the marks and music. You know OK and then and then and then and he'll be behind the lead behind everybody else who's you know when I don't hide behind while I don't online. And in the net what do you would not what you did an online mandatory that you have to have that statement ridiculous. It did not I don't know not a mandatory but would would would Q did not come easy to beat like behind everybody it. Online. You know. Online did you a couple of these online any time I. Went online sitting around you anywhere you ready for Pete's sakes don't go out and exercise and do some more. Oh you can today he can do that too he can do that too. Nobody would be confident that he would beat people and pilot I don't want that kind of violent blowing up saying that. He thought so now I guess I don't want it to do not yet you can't I don't like I'm gonna I'm not gonna get enough. I know something I know I'm on the work right now I wish packages all of them. Go walk right now I swear to god I bought dom sub ha yeah I don't I don't get it really well I. I love my four year old daughter play but there's dance central it's not not every game is she's the Muppets. I mean it's our strategy games and they're armed. There's basketball. Every sport imaginable and granted they're not the honesty help. Maybe they should be you know are on a basketball court one or seven but you know this you can't do that at 9 o'clock at night when they want a clear difference and and do you go to school and be the only one who would be heard everyone can go to school and they don't know. Yeah pentagon had not gonna actually went to school now you need to know it's not manage or a matter hadn't read the intellectuals book. Oh my god yeah yeah Joseph Kearney everybody's like I did it my diet what you know what you're. Are you ever did Jolie you know there was sort of a problem. Yeah oh yeah on techie. Reading it to keep checking with you. Might not ice. I feel. Your. Now I feel for him I really don't I really I I was I was regretting leading edge because of this you're leaving him subject are honestly in hell I. You talk and they I am not a good mother dare yell. At loop data eight. And that they left that. It might be a hero here now. Hang on guys recently yeah yeah. OK hang on now. Christmas is a top team of love and enjoy him presence there and should an Xbox. Industry armed. It's not it's not what she says it is but it's her house I don't know money. So this one because she has two rules of her house I'm sure he has different rules in his house when the sun is oversaw I don't know it's I mean I guess you could have an Xbox in his house which is dishonest living. We've heard from the son's organs to play it so I arm is our video games as. Awful as she's playing enough to be or may is beneficial as he's trying to play it up to be will there are being. And Xbox under the tree this year you guys to size here's the deal. The two of them are clearly not good with each other jolt was it worked and he is sighted to not continue the commerce yeah he had to go so. I'm he doesn't want it is he doesn't anybody listening to that's him conceding it's just. This hostility between into them is not it's palpable so Connie it's just you at this point and we'll get your verdict and well obviously share withdrawal. So let's get some people in your Don. I music I have apps exports. To XY. Good boy during its all the media game and the other or that I had control never brought up. We're not opt out education's did you compare that to against a four. You withdraw those write out a new era but. Just for lawyers learn how to develop urgent personal relationships that burned out a deal worked with detention. And equipment challenges. The other two and a spiritual. Pick gorgeous is get real if you read lately UK than they dislike and chips my side. 36. Duplicate it it's 78 hours shops. Garnett double personal pitch and it just. Any purpose and I'm Tony Stewart a lot of crap everyone art or toys. That's going to be in that they do not ready to play video games and apologize to you are crap that they did it or not see eye to. We are we were arcs. So there are so happy to play video games and he didn't do so nuts don't need any ser eating also had. Bring your own little experience isn't it associates David Cone Don. On Connie I don't know if you're gonna lights the majority of the rest of the calls. It's you candy next maybe. Don't Americans my eye is Greenwood and then I just. I tell you think you're only really listen I have. You're you're only gonna listen to opinions that are in the same source for you know listen all of finance. Really matter it might have been allowed to make and didn't know what I'm saying and. I agree a lot about the interpersonal relationships. And means including the way the gender gap with our eight. You know heated going the other way where people are just you know watching a video game then it becomes an addiction and women you know it does. The lead to a more violent and disconnection mean. And an issue. And I don't think it just. Ever made a correlation between the school shootings and video games only anybody's ever seen it and Lee said that. Why it happens but let's its merger remembers your candy. Yeah I. OK so I'm until side but but but but but. I am I'm Connie tied to act surprised her. Our as a mom and two that her boundaries stokes and I it will say that I don't have kids but where I'm coming from is my husband is in love with this video game you know it's just that things you guys don't but he is also like insurance and that it's his job and shouldn't tell. I would give it just like. At a boundary you know if that Xbox come didn't come in your house you can say okay. Well if you wanna have been about an activity you also need to joined some sort of scheme or club. Or it can be whatever I want I will pay all your equipment by you need to have something else to deal in addition to best. And the only other thing I look on the positive about my husband lived out of state from his family and had brother. On that you would then get online and do the online thing and back just. It's great for them because they're like they're spitting in a room together so I would say. You know if you wanted to encourage you get that you are not allowed to play violent games in Hilliard you know act AG it is still my house and my roll them aria got bummed you out by Bennett he can get a game to play with his dad. Then dot you know a couple hours that they're essentially spending together and I only know because likes being not from experience it really keep my husband and her brother. Close to an end more contact than men look at they're never gonna get on the phone and talks about long. You're right president doing something there that's true. And so you know you can draw the line and say Xbox chat. You know recently and educational on on the he's mad thank you. For the call. Night. Hey guys. I'm on dual side and we had parents need to be Derek I think kids not to brag or more we want them to go I have a special needs lunch which he. Very accurate I have a eight year old son Luke Perry actually pretty even athletes we also like we dug into what he what he does he play the videogames. Where Google rather. Now being tracked. Uga might might get hero parrot. Video game. But he also had a got a job shall it play put it into you watch the play he earned that we have to go out and that John has made him a better student it's made a better kid. Well I mean my climate that her wind 82 word he was that appear years ago because people is that you'll get. And thank you really call Mike this is off. It. Yeah all right guys but you saw. Our global civil side and I says because you know with mama I do agree with our I truly believe that oust the violence which it would. You know day it is it's been the key in video games. So but I do echo what they're looking callers said in regard to missile form of leverage to where she has to you know conversation with a record do you saying hey look there's not to be I think you should you typically get involved in it is six Molitor and you can use detained. You know. To play with it also outcomes that you were brought against you don't want him to play because it got a lot harder Saddam and Al talked outer solar because they're twelve he's probably not rocket. But on the I'd agree with the outside do. We've got mom are still allowed to act as somewhat developed a relationship with her son he car do you long distance in you know maybe ship the sort of Bremer H may not at all may be at your baby at sixteen. But she knew those who got to find a way to get accurate that is his time what's on the mob outside you know a lot that to happen so that's got to market got a. They cite its peak. I'm while cutting. Yeah I don't know if you're gonna like this is good news bad news come. Bad news is you lost in a landslide you did even on FaceBook the good news is there's a 500 dollar president headed your way Welch. Com. Mean if you truly decide if you if you came on here with a an open mind. Everybody thinks it's still a huge can be in your house we take you control when you're us when Benjamin gets on a kids just have unfettered access to it so annoyed you about out. You just. I'm sure there are parental things on and you can set up times and we need is completely younger so yeah. I'm not interest in the Clinton and soundness. The okay wells Mac and you hear what they're saying. I'll and I'll consider it and you think about it aren't you rethink it. We appreciate guys don't come on great me today yeah it was. Much friendly ear without the to a dwell on dinner together.