Slacker and Steve - Kid Damage 12/14

Thursday, December 14th


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Staying. At I love my children you do with all my heart smell my soul. The thinking they can breaks and yeah. How did you damage any. They are damaging little turn buckets. A six year old boy and that's all wanna talk about. It doesn't have to be something is physically destroyed six year old boy. Jumped on his Grandpa's Amazon account. This is awesome and went on a toy shopping spree like big time spree. The guy said he first noticed something was off on a toll race car second delivered to resign Cape Coral restaurant. Well that's weird to me in my life Sony gets a Christmas presents or whatever. Then in much larger box containing a motorized McLaren car was also delivered after he dug around a little bit he discovered his grandson had used his mom's iPad. Two by close to 500 dollars worth of toys are right on good for him. He was kind of proud of his grandson the first should be. As he does not use it and sell. But. He's a little bit upset as well fit until months. Here's a feel good part before we start talking like to damage he's now I can return to Tory she's gonna rattle more often given to a child in need. That's actually cool I think though they're gonna make the kids the grandkids pull out the winning name or something. So recently he gets to watch where that who went out the stuff he bought. Also must. Carry but I am at the other kids and we don't want Mulder we shopping source other kids that beat people. I know a lot of people Dina via Google home and none in. Amazon elects deal Leo. Kids are just go out Alexa quarter. And it's. And it happens like I was absolutely order bring everything. Yes that's also that's awesome actual bomb it it's back that well for you as a parent that's that's what I don't have one of them. You said you don't you're very reluctant because it's this papers just. Supportive and I also just it's not like you creepy crap in my house did those things are you even go hey Google and it knows. Thank you heard that he heard the sentence before that to you would think you will it has Hewitt's listening all the time what are you doing what's what in your era let's what do you do. Medium we heard it's just it's a few. Big scene of Big Brother what makes listening to me all the time but what's one weirdness and you that would be here older I'm miserable and I don't. There's times Roman noted may be seeing some Bon Jovi songs I don't as we still does a Google engineer who can tap a new data and got endless. Hey chick. I think people are sit back too much in tap the news hacking news Elizabeth I feel like there there are so here's some other kid damage stories. And this is like I. Couple months ago but this thing this kid I don't know if you've seen the picture I'm hoping we don't authorities prepare its. On. They were in one of the department stores or whatever so for a in night. They have all that make us and now this makeup it was harmless. And the kid just. Oh way. Are all of its. Let me just its arts projects to come up Trace Trent are on the roster currently meets with. Yeah bombs not much was kind of tell by thirteen hundred dollars on make up forever displaying. You third. Never hurts that is some two damaged here's another kid damage on. Museum did it visitors damaged 800 year old coffin by putting a child and it the other parents more to execute the one who's still Damon's a tough. Book that they picked him up and put him in there okay and I'm still trying to turn an instant. So it is such as if you can control. It was all. This is bad isn't this an 800 year old top tens. Maybe we shouldn't put the she's usually sturdy. Little stick it up a east. Teach her aren't exactly meeting this is the eye and there was a rampaging boy who caused chaos in a battery shot. He broke a jumpstart kit. And it somehow still the store was smoke. All hole hole I can Killy here's a basket couldn't battery acid on fire when and how would you even do that he listen like cross the wires some sort of process streams. Ideal and all it says 330 dollars for the damaged not a bad both your parents won't pay for it. And there may still. Mean appearance joy execution less crap like down out your store what do they how dare you leave stuff out what I don't pay attention to my kid runoff. Lets you have a sign on your store this is no kids there's there's a potential for smokes ability. It's Seymour did you ask me your I work here you bring your kids to my house Friday. Do what I asked at my house child proofed or did they have to say I shouldn't bring my guess if things don't. If my kids to your house him. I assume it's not child proofed because you don't have kids OK thank you so we onus is on me in tactics or I should know to go I've got to ask you how do you child proof before you come over what's the value of money and you don't have enough time to get it president bag is that the that's intrinsic it's a good Hoechst. First you know by all the things to shove and all your outlets are just real clear I was just go around and Graham won't need. All you wouldn't say how many outlets are ordering her improvement of yours in the bag you're right Steve I should have a little go back to bring your best over. Forestry or copies either so. Some corners visits. McDonald early in the war but to make that stuff cancel some corners you like put it on guys when we first had kids my house was lights. Floor to ceiling while that may do each year whatever from the from pier one. Brought iron and glass you can get everything in my house who is a site. Every corner and light brown to like 600 soared sharpness with. Everything in my house it was like we don't Biden foam Kraft put her on everything you and that's what decision me bring got over two on the that's not happening yet new. If your kids and you'd like to send him to Steve's house so where's show hidden damage is really no actually if you do have a story of a kid your kid or somebody else doing incredible. Physical and financial damage we wanna hear your story Amanda. And I guy damage to hold yet. When I was about all. Seven years old my brother was aware and my dad stopped at a convenience store to get them I ate. And he left us in the truck. And somehow my brother managed to get the truck even easier on Boone ran into the front of the convenient door. See. I. Is you have to buy all the IDC I didn't know it's just a total insurance claims is an arsenal. On now. Well we both live and now I'm Kelly I'd years ago that we couldn't go to Disney World that year. Like my parent Canada originally planned because they had to pay. Them earlier it's still the. And now. They wanna tell you when your kids so you wouldn't blame the brother and do a code ran on a mob. I don't act play it's. Oh man is he's still the million of the families with. Actually he's not might think terrorism worse. But she's younger and that happened. She's now rammed cars and the snow banks and why did you bring your kid damage Amanda bug Sam's. Yeah I did damaged. So I'm happy nephew that it had everything. And that they came over her house it went into our bedroom and Allen are yeah. On. Yeah asked Belichick could have totally been bad it worked out bind because we caught in time. But the fact that we don't have kids that we and he didn't think about it but the fact that they have kids in decades yet when it lacked experience. It wasn't missing these. Well no good meal that we had just actually just dot net I'm not like within like media couple they've held I'm. We just had had a parent that secure and we didn't even think about it that it would enact that we're waiting. You don't have kids so who you hide this from you they're playing really badly. So like we're not you do it and they'll need it didn't and tragically I would have never forgiven myself obviously but. It like it it it would and a whole spirit that but at that at that big. Yeah it's still could have been if they would have been playing with it blog not a good they could it may be bigger to about I don't know. Could have been fallacious day I'm home my god yeah Hans. I mean your heart sink when they come walk to lose I. Yeah and part of that early it be dare offer letter it both. That's hard I don't know who would have been in trouble for not that's a view like that is. All holes while thank you for the call that goes back door Tony about a man how you know Zack who's tanner. Yeah I'm he did damage. All right well not what this probably happened in years ago it would not I was born my older brother would stick. And my dad was working on it he is 1928 Ford model T. In the building with his spotter and everything and he went in to go to kidnapping they're working on an all day and all the sudden he woke up to the sound of hammers. Home now. Yeah but he ran out of an how into the garage and meanwhile the brother wanted to help them out so we took Weber you know didn't how it. We're Bain and on the spenders and just destroy it standards you can't work was done or working at Hillary does. You bastard Romano John. Right I don't I don't play it. And I want her good helpers that oh my god you don't know that it. That's not the saddest things. He worked so hard you guys a little different now luckily finished a car. Well and I knew you know my goodness and now than hurts that is tees off. Well you could put it outside and said it was hailed. Facets to see slackers goodness an awesome vehicle yet as this I sort of my slacker hail business. Andrea. Yeah and I hate you team damage. So we are at Amal we rarely walking by at Barack decrypt. Aren't so I'd like and what I'm here illegally look. Look around. We walked out he noted I kidded about playing with the Chinese being alert crooked you walk out. It's that Spain and had that little sticker on a pick 100 dollars or oh my god in all but under our bank or walking back. Could take it back she dropped their great. Everywhere. Always he would've gotten in the no you have to now you just to zig soon you don't go bash all of us she's. The. Everybody low they're it's really hard. I want you so that is dude and you didn't go back did you. It didn't break near the door like that look good start like that kind of quickly picked up and putting and make Coke plus it. And I had no walking by everybody in the door like that three people that we're working there were like looking around for it partaking like question need to turn. Only. In addition shooters out there and beat him and so you really didn't ever paid for it. No. I'll play and.