Slacker and Steve - Worst Smell 12/14

Thursday, December 14th


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Staying on hey guys I will admit that sometimes we choose topics aren't the best the hump. Mom. Always find a way to make it work always make you yeah it's all we do. I don't they Wear and make this work employ no I don't because I don't wanna do it for one I don't. I I was not on board in the beginning and Heidi don't. Want to do that that you knew the one that related most of the stop I a little lives don't wanna do this that the main story has a word in it and I rally want to do with the story at I want nothing. Here's the thing. We've decided in the democracy of the show to talk about worst smell ever happen. He needs you've been exposed something that just was brain sabre just what is the worst thing you've ever smelled mills talked to you will listen to your. Little dean Steve we'll talk to you and they will listen to your story. I don't want to do this I want everyone to know that this is I'm under duress right now that's on the word in my eye and only words I Shearer humorist rate this year. There is an Arizona woman. Detectives foul odor in or nearly new cart system mechanic. And you found dead mouse. AM. It doesn't matter what else he found he found dead mouse and match gets played a lot cement blocks a man gets a little deal like a lot mag it's worn out everywhere rice being there all late you know goo Wie and stuff and Maggie and Maggie yes and term for maggots mad TV that the kids don't actually is helping me why they use of an absurd where I. Go imagery that's what they're realizing that Hannity and it smells I'm wondering your car they do you know what dead mice. We're somewhere demise of honest to god that's all the primary and the story and then I stopped reading so I don't know anything else about it. Northern not where where the mice. Don't know just about the bundle by the maggots. To order my surely there in the cabin filter so they live data they built a nest hair so yeah it was multiple ice yes. So he multiple maggots nor the mega when I choose to politics. Demand Sarah flop and out of the air conditioning then get back it's now I gotta I gotta know I don't think they do it was a maggots or just Darryl brown death that's why the smell is there this smell was there from the dead. We just haven't filtered needs. Like two months nor did and they stitched their deaths was like blowing in this in the in the news the maggots kill them SL and anti Israel with further and actually made it into word dash and part of that at all. Part of the reason that. He's DA and they and they died inside the dash and so she was and then finding maggots in her glove box and like falling out of her dash and all I see no need to. And maggots have a great sense of smell so you wonder if they smelled. Altitude just filter but I. This could smell good day it's now bill slippery. So I guess dead animals are and Malta Italy did you have a dead animal so what's a different site. That is one of the worst things you can possibly make an animal. You know I went on vacation in the couple Summers ago and we had cooked a huge batch of fetus Monad for whatever. And my wife the night before we left my wife is one of those nut jobs who wants like zero sat on the chicken so I spend forever like carving all of the stuff off. And so I had this whole saying of chicken guts news. It's true in our trash can outside thug in the month of July. And then we last for seven although he never got put on the cup side loses liquid nets season and we know we don't now. We don't because my trash cans Arnold I endorse. Did he steal really well who's who so it was like it was close and then we don't from vacation we're doing everything unpack and then she's like. Here's all the trash and low usually never handed to me what I walked outside. The second I contacting open. It was late. The hectic it was like Jeffrey Dahmer's basement home there was this because it was ninety degrees for my. Seven days in a row in this. Odor but yakking you know dude you do you notice now isn't it Maggie. Stopped. Yeah we weren't on Broderick you know. It was so disgusting. You have a maggots are friends because they eat the dead skewed and stuff some good stuff. Yeah. Besides the words that are currently coming out of your mouth once the worst smelling thing you've ever been around I don't know if I can say this one under the FCC but it was back in my theater so I. You've still sitting right. If you go or if that's okay that's when you're why it was fifth or sixth grade and I can't remember the art projects were working number they had to bring in these little. But hot plates I don't know we're supposed to use them keep things up melts altering. But so these kids in class and get bored and they started like burning different things like body hair than they would pay hair pulled. These include among there our hands on fire so it's so I was actually. I it's got its own special. And so that eventually it would just smoke permeated throughout the classroom so that's all you could smell was Burton movie. You have. Make it even we are years current vote he you know you're not good with no holds at all. Indeed they would be good but he now hosts not the relate slick like maggots are trying to. Mine I think anybody that has ever worked in a restaurant can agree they agree strapped at a restaurant. Is probably one of the foul listings you'll ever smelling relax over the radio station used to be yes. On the gas in the old place where the great decision is to be. There was a restaurant and they're grease traps for down there it. Raw sewage smells like perfume compared to a what is in the grass just makes. I don't know but I you sort arrest strike aimed I smoked at the time in the smoking or it was a bright album actually next to the grease traps little Venturi whatever lose anyways. Awful because like not only did you watch in my. Smell like cigarette smoke like you want to install my Greece strapped to it was it was neck. As it is we don't want this or do we really want to take our. I have one mortar attack junior I knew he was appearing to probably attest to this when you I will never forget this on my entire life when my daughter. First started eating solid foods and got. And we put to bed one night we had spaghetti for dinner so was that thick rich red marinara sauce. And we were and we had a baby monitor on all of a sudden we discern like it. In my Gillick well that's not a good sound and what better go check that out. And I opened up the door and the wall of just all vial vomit stain NASA faced was probably one of the most disgusting things I've ever dealt and I entirely IC and tiptoe when there and have to clean it up deal with that I'll hook and I. Yeah Topper gotta go so. Exact same everything you're describing the exact same smell of the bonnet and everything's happy and tend to I'll we were in a group together going to Florida on a plane. And he's holding his baby and they do it all all all group Paul who were on the tarmac. So you couldn't get up to clean himself top hole and there's something wrong with playing Swede to sit on the tarmac until all out 45 minutes. Oh and your stock in this tube. I mean you so bad for him it's like dude ever might. Bartz becomes. Nice plus it light and then everybody one yeah all of us closer royal Surrey yeah created a chain reaction. That's a deserved to they're only one deuce and after losing buckets was all mixed up well. About it you did not blocked so we're exists he's Europeans he there was the bars tags on the plane bone but it was the most full slash I borrower seen. That many people whisk us full bag like once we got airborne everybody took returns going back and brushing their teeth and there's maggots they Timo OK if paid you to do without them it's the Tim nobody is listening. I know I'm not a but there's also we got some of the stories we're gonna tell you about a beached whale and a protein shake yards and we'll get to those who we wanna hear. As briefly and is cleanly as you can what is the worst smell you've ever encountered ten Jefferson. Yeah okay we're smell ever. And oil is migrating uncle Jim. You had passed away and they never did and they don't welfare check after two weeks ignored here or mom home. And I had to go help clean up afterwards that he had been there are so long given a bigger guy and he had licked what I'd pretty much help keep recoup. There's seconds slower into the basement. That's true that. Happens. You really does it's is that's disgusting that's up to the controlling literally in their dead. So little July so it just radiated heat more like Spain like concrete in the basement. Zhang ya. It just. I'm sure you love your uncle your great uncle Lou after that you're to slate Jim Ali yeah yeah I's like I love you all go nuts still owe us all else. And Lance like you would go back next we can help clean up the late. No I'm gonna write his book tells light exercise but yeah you weren't at their sewage system quicker because I feel I sense some ways so clumsily easier dome going to ask candy. How he were smell ever. There's a bacteria called the action and even required cluster ready and get this show. Until it happens patient and yet it's six. Or didn't nursing home. It's corporate tax bill on the nursing home now weird smell started out you know error that's not that we are now. That's not that we are now you've got all the other weird smell. It when you watch in the newer. Now that make you want you reaching and it will rip your yes no doctor they need that eight. Oh so would you treat these patients you have to like have. Masks and oxygen breeders and what. Eight Q now that that's what they have this. Since he's just one of them gets to they'll get a loan. He can't eat it actually it only is that they had that hygiene usually that it happened in a home. Meaning in nursing homes because everything and Jerel like that well cash and relate Wrangler and started. Usually it spreads to her family and that's because they're not. Teens there for you the Washington. So it's cold to the start of this you guys aren't you and. I like people not wanting him after the got to ask. And that you have competed and even into their deep color I don't all the funny that we have because people don't want their can't. Yeah and that's probably more probably would ask you John GP before we shut down the entire economy but don't you get Andy sellers is that the fossils or we can he or do we. Laura hang. Yeah I had he's worse now. I'm out and train the mushrooms there might have been transporting a one Brett you're not only in the bat to beat the while the car. Slam on the brakes that I'd gallons dumped Billups both welcome back. You think he cleans it up at it can't watch what they can't imagine the car wash is okay. That now owners like whoever did. Some guys all hold hands forever and culpable. I'm sorry remembered that you're with Dave's back you get up we actually think there's only. And it this summer and month out. We and that now the current election they're still way under the meat as. I I and it would be in jet when it. I guy that came to clean crap they'll get freaked out. Mushrooms you can yeah. Why do. Oz I was not cool. Zoe you. Yeah I and I were snow I'm. Console and I would read a maggot. Yeah you know he's sort of what does it to console soon. Well I don't I get less and they're pretty much a little stones and all formation that Conan the backing your toppled. And when they crack open they don't like that we had a guy come about twenty a bunch. You could look on Google people pop up now and when you contests. Because you don't have bad breath but they'd literally smell like be worse. Every. Look at how I am and they get them the ball well but you look at like ET a Popper nodding crush on. And they get it I can make a big breasts not so bad and it's why it's completely. Off the ball off our buy Yahoo! at this discussed. It's a feeling of who the Magid and receipts and we don't. I've reached my magnets capacity for the yes.