Slacker and Steve - OPP: Found My Gift 12/15

Friday, December 15th


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Eight. So we got. Somewhat of an emergency OPP here because on this woman knows something about Christmas or something okay. Wants to be disguised to. I do not apply your disguised as requested once tell us what's going on for. OK I was there extra for a bit of also is the jury look might hoagland no. Stripping retirement. And human I don't my equipment are gonna you flicked. It's here underpinning one big terror. And I'm glad you've been talking an hour later it from being done I've been waiting poorly my whole marriage wait if you've got a good morning at the meetings there's no way to. Yeah I'm good. He's blow like you may get it like it's a diamond tennis slid into. Or to terrorists. I like you're gonna be here wait a minute period and being there or you be able to reverend ground. Much. What are you worried about you worried you're just won't measure on the roadways are wet seal and. You that's where I'm at aria. The barge and he really did a bad car that are hiding may cause would be at least I'm and it's been you back here. Also on the Dyson on the ball that's like a solicitor so that's a series it's not only those you yeah. You aren't sure McCleon well but I if I visas I heard this kind of changed her voice you've been building an outlet you're going to be the paper mr. grand gesture there alone or play to our great senator Byrd. Cleanup after all there boom. You know when it mattered you know I don't know what comes out of our relationship and how are you being here and Miami I'll. Says he really putting government auditor and I turn our powder room. About the situation McCain media I want a better gift early maybe you're you know in a couple of about a total little mortar about a mission and then there. Well you do have the luxury of time and you do know what how we some we didn't. You might go back to the thing that I'm sorry that I get hung up there's one thing that I get hung up on over and over anytime we have a deal like this is its stake you'll. Just. Glossing over the fact did you quit looking for your Christmas present like a five year old ass like a site you're much snoop placed it links and now you have to go to him and go. So I tore the garage part tele town the president and is. Yeah and it's not so what are the very beginning he's going to be on the defensive don't went first up you didn't trust me that's very nice is that so. What. You. If somebody I missed the if this happened you Steve would you take that kind of criticism we know you're not bin and long term relationships I. I don't take that kind of criticism well I had it a done to me a long time ago and that's why I just give cash you just can't know hers she's. Six act and you go where you Warren ML were all happy and there's no thought that's okay yeah. Just want good god you don't really hear. You're pissed because easy didn't he wasn't thoughtful is a no you put the the the main goal here is you need is you want to get what you want now what he thinks you want. So no now we have to do we take it from there now we have to work on him to get fuel. What what what what do you want Percival. I mean. I don't know exactly how it means that you implement any given crowd at home and tomorrow are much. And your money go. You know they could conjure here and holy period and army. Or any lake. What are your first thought is it just sort kind of both of you with signature together how fast. I thank you might go about your may apply it looks good you know birdied if you are you attribute them to try and Burkle related. I didn't argue need to get a secured a worldwide. Immediately imitate the vacuum back due to cash in and get to presents she's I don't they are you suggesting we do this sort of leaked during my usually coordinate iTunes and different. I'm just go oh dude I know what you're getting me. But there's no subtle ways to attack. Actually you want to get aren't any amount of time we how would you slacker you're gonna crush his ego yes there are crushed you know in the process do you do you do what's your Christmas present and it wasn't. Being built up so much would you dig that vacuum isn't cool things for you. I mean it aired here all I mean I've. They're really really old dark humor now that you've heard about army might give the American commitment but I don't pull off tomorrow bird. She's doing something to make your life easier yeah thinks that's a big yes. If I get my mom very critical of America my mom with the flow and a lot of America. That's where you went through. And there's just trying to people stop and see your now what you're in for Christmas sorry this then has been due through all this ring yes it's sites. The reason you've heard no matter what he is yes congratulations so can he smoke but how the hell he had marriage. Our. Your round a tie guy no kids no nothing like that. Oh I see Unita is true oh my god. I was I. But the campaign onward to find some fellows new purse you can maybe I knew in the right direction and I guess I wanna say she's being self centered and it's all about her selfish but if she wants what she wants. I know that you I mean and I'm just seeing from the guys' perspective he thinks in his mind he's he's doing good he site I see my wife struggling with this vacuum and she hates it's probably kicks in every time she's like. You don't sing doesn't do anything he's thank god it's become a buyer in the top of the line I'm Michelle or she's worth it to me. Right slacker and he actually stash that little nugget of mass in his new home runs to that. She's good but not that could put the but he he's buying her appliances get credit for being thoughtful obsession that we're remembering little wisdom us yes with women now so why because it's still it's just it's still buying an appliance it's buying a -- yeah our Christmas but it's making toward you have to do anyway it's easier so I don't BCCI heritage its first federalists. If you can help him get a better Christmas presidential we'd love your advice Tony shots at the I hate what are you adventure. Nike didn't do it very well aren't ordering Pete isn't pack being an exact you'll. And then being like I have an answer to Perez well. Oh hello there acts you miss. Cool. I'm. As you'd like other radar that you really got a you don't. And she now bummed about it you like yeah I got your back you are giving by the way. Yeah you tell us this support. 8880. To 90% of guys. Aren't Smart enough to do with your Zain legs most guys like she's not gone spam fighter bucks on a Dyson and store grand on a trip to Paris. I. Side each year is no end. My candidate can you when you're not at its new big red literally got me a regular at six weeks but I vacuum. He also got meat I mean like Erie. OK so he did do and hopefully Tim whose husband is doing William is also doing guide through I'm. This guy. I'm pretty rigid in cyber riot I'm sure I mean she's. It was not just him wow she being selfish to do. Luckily I did well like he put a brake intranet bit so you know. Hi I'm just a look at the book you just be ready Tony and I am an all women listening but not all guys are Smart instituted Ecolab the decoy in my she's a real deal now thank you for this series no appreciate it Sarah. I what do you think's. I think after they really can't wait for her crappy year presents and birthday present and the rest of Burberry. He had played. Just dumped all over their kid in him at each seat belts out don't expect it they'll proud of the fact that. Are struggling or not you know he like pulled out all the stops I really hear her campaign. Banking burger going to asking how current. Well I'd like to. You know like you said earlier topical or break the back in their I have it right there are not paperback there. And I think I've been. BN LV to give very insecure we came and had a quiet pregnant I was like sticker out that kind of like. Where in Atlanta. And I hear. Like I keep getting pregnant and make it in other now even our public think person good so worried that it is not going to be your right. Elite is that I didn't acting at each other president and then that you late. I guess for. They're Koppel Orly we need NET let's go pick out there that there is no right. Build up or hurt feelings or hurt you or anything like that. Like it that somebody. Who is. A catch. You know a lull a trial open record our current. And complain about it as an adult. Better 00 so I cannot be grateful. Try being a lot of people are saying in LA Steve's recent. Try being grateful Blair is right try looking at his perspective she's trying to do the right there would be really is he thinks he is. I Kenyan. I got duties thanks. Chris and I think it alarmed by this same exact match you before Christmas. A copy. Even if you've been brilliant so hilarious I do my best my opinion really car. Office alone he's genuine that's that's not an awesome. Well I mean that's sort of send the message and leisure and bite me backing sir Chris mentioned you know also let you know that. She turned it around it. And they can take the other one back and go by what she really wants which is not the same prize is due to Paris is considered an hour. Anymore advice you have for Kim be ungrateful will take you over on the side during Steve's taste okay it's.