Slacker and Steve - Saddest Wedding Ever 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd


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Staying on and so this is sad and you. I just wanna say that if you listen this site currencies for us a level of compassion you might wanna look away at Obama and yet empathy. There is some. This Connecticut cup butter you've seen this story. He's a 35 year old dude she's a 31 year old woman. Mom. And they had been dating for a while. And he. Plan to propose to her on December 23 of Tony sixteenth if he had not only does he was planning to do it now on. They didn't dating couple years. The morning of his proposal the doctor diagnosed her with an aggressive form of breast cancer. That was our Diener let's it's which means. It's I don't know if that automatically mean stays four but it's bad well it's bad debt. Mom. He said I left the plans as they were I proposed tour. We had the toughest year of our lives she struggled with cancer through the traditional chemotherapy. They thought they had it under control. Then in September. He told her to spread tour brains and a walks. Here's there's a couple things to happen next is and this is where gets into the weirdness that is slacker and Steve. Com. Would you I already know your answer no this is the question that we're asking everybody. Just in your head right now is you knew that you had cancer and aggressive form of cancer and your man propose to do. What would you say. Absolutely give him the note yes in a heartbeat it's the point where if you wouldn't go way that I would. You you you almost have to you're one of those people who wants to suffer in silence for alone I don't wanna have to burn another people or some other people and in my crap so I would release go gold when he it if you were this woman and he gets I don't know what I would stop at just don't. Do that although that would probably be my only proposal however have. I would nip it in the book. Are you a little. I go through that. Because you want somebody to get drug down in your muck. No could know more of like the romantic kind of I I don't know I think it. It's a sweet jester like what's it gonna look to gonna hurt them. Tell us. I want to be on your team needs I wanna be the person who releases them from I don't know that I have that strength. I'm you would need someone to be with you through this entire process. This is where it's Fuzzy for me because when I get sick I wanna be a lot sackler. But I never Dan 66. I'm talking now when I need to slow them I might go to my room communal cleansing. I'm not trying to leverage snow this is active but cancers another thing I mean I've had of the few different friends who threw it in the last few years and it's night. You're down down so I might be a person and who. Clay hills and tries to grab on and tries to hold on don't. You know. You guys itself says hey you know person but at this RR. Played. Us if she went through the proposal. Now what's more that's kind of like a promise of things to come and Mel you're going to be young men okay nevermind I know I mean here's the thing at the time they said it was an aggressive cancer but I think they gave her hope. You can beat cancer that's in your lunch that was UK okay it makes it more difficult. I see he went for it. And OK I don't wanna go here who don't. There was another scenario just like this and the guy I was in the go ahead and proposed to the sick woman his attorneys say do not do not propose yeah. Because then he's on the hook for any financials from that point forward and she passed right post. And if they do make it legal or they bought the house if it is in now it's all on the surviving member so he would take on all sat. That cancer death back. Adds that's a little I know they're yeah they're not thinking which your heart you think you would you have an idea why you're thinking that right and that's where fighting cancer is not cheat pigs yeah. Courtney. Yeah I. Should I would not. It's I would not expect it would not. The Q I would not. I watched that happened with my Carrie and her. I'm might get both my much and she had just found out she had breast cancer and and they thought it together during nine years. That pretty much consumed their marriage and it destroyed my Brothers. Should absolutely not I would never do that to somebody. Corner let me ask you real quick let's say. Same scenario Richard Doug goes you know I just can't handle this amount of this family she would crucify him meant to them for not being support sackler. I'm actually at that would younger yes I'd probably whether they're older and younger anymore and no I can't say anyway because she. Being deeds with something like that age. It was really hard especially. On the person who did not actually six. I'm and then relapse with all much stalled many hospital bills Blake should we get to tell her how I got a job when I was fourteen how can get. It's. Oh. I would absolutely never do that with somebody I would actually upgrade that when I carried my husband because I'm really likely hit. Get the sound bite that's right it's so. And not just. If you sit proposal he's at it but I don't have entered so. But would you set him free if you did would you say look I've got this we need to break the sub for the bills get ugly. I lay it I would tell him that and she wouldn't which knowing my husband he absolutely would not. I would at least set up front and sort of legal. Documents. Or we would give lurched. So that way we could be together by he wouldn't be stuck click the thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars that it cots to be treated. Spitz thank you curtain call and the honesty Renee. Yeah yeah I. I would dole long look at it any agreement I see that in the tenth. Right and a right before I was diagnosed went from Brett in there I immigrant impression right or my cup. He's cool and yeah I pitch and having not heard in the air. When you come home from those horrible. Long and keynote session in the us it's nice to have somebody there. Did you ever feel selfish righty I think you're right it's it's until death do us part kind of thing. As might Steve is one of those people who can't even. Rely on anybody else is all he can see is a burden even if I'm standing firmly Steve I wanna help you Stevens type of person go. I can't I can't let you help me Greg is a nothing to Columbia to you about you guys write to you yet. What I did out my girlfriend I told her I can't I don't want to bring you down. If you don't want to stay you don't have to feel and see what why would I walked away from you. When you eat your battling killer and the most horrible relief need an aggregate we go through. Do you think she ever sat down in lake said. You it's one of those things I know somebody who got last win their its like. This guy I know got cancer and his wife was like yeah I can't hand when I left and we alt. Critically we crucial fighter she's a terrible person but if if she's somebody can handle things I need she's actually not can be helpful for you know Rais. Ray machine what should actually very helpful lake scene in an even hesitate she said no inherent bias and we have been together for two years now. Reynolds and together for not even sure it happened once when I was diagnosed with my bracket. Kind of like how you've campers you properties he said you were. You don't have to stick around. You say well no what would you say it because I would see no I'm leaving you by. All you may did you you know it's samurai readies at this I click wow good for you grinning congratulations on Sunday I am yet we appreciate the call. Pass and I know I wanted like I said earlier I wanna be you but I think compare. I see that's that's sensitivity because I want to know there's something that's gonna give me some like you would think to yourself over that now I see people that's who came home. And I know how hard disk going home and have a nobody there would get. Suck and again it's okay when you're dying to be selfish because it comes about you know maybe I could still couldn't do that other people you don't only think you can fallen in the normally finds you dude. I'm saying it now. Juliette the and a high would you accepted his proposal. Oh yeah not. Idol I would be I don't think I could do it but I don't I don't think he could be back for asking. I think that he. It's like oh like that so love Il in Iowa unit now. I'd just be at your account I'm gonna bail. I don't think I could put something in that situation. It's let's say he wanted to pre nup I mean that's you couldn't bring that up I mean you would if you sort of proposals might not gas these don't you realize how you say well I've I. That is so you still concerned hamstring kept my knees and legs at the Hyundai ancient but I guess we import military deaths and it. Actually. Yeah nothing she says is a fair point was let's debut for the phone doing dad gets ugly although Iraq here's where the story ends. He did stay with her. On these prosecutors for years as we said it's bring your brain and lungs so they decided recently. To go ahead and get married in the unites chapels 00. That's at the hospital. The guy said it was more like a funeral. And a weddings is on its knees and it was the hardest hour of his life. But they realize that the wedding was something that needed to happen because. She probably wasn't going to make it. Well that's what I'm thinking that's what you don't do the well he's you don't because now he's on the hook for everything they exchanged vows in the hospital chapel. She died eighteen hours late for that sucks I'm not demeaning now but now he's on the here's what I'm saying. To my knowledge of legal contracts it's not a legal contract till it's. Like a marriage license when I got married. Was it. I wasn't a socially myriad literally where the hospital can now come master my spouse died for my bills until they tell me clerk. Had registered a document today with an eighteen hours if he hadn't pushed. Their marriage license in an envelope addressed you blinked county clerk. We should come after him they may sign a marriage license they may have made a promise in front of god. Yes that's a little different yeah but you know I did hospital whatever it's called in their town in Connecticut. If it's not kids like each window when they're going after bills they know will lose the spouse of record bowl according to the county clerk. Notice. So. OK so peak east stadium met gray area. He just not be as long as they didn't are you saying that he should Wear Maria the rundown there and grab the mail I'm sad I I don't know if he nailed it. Knowing this situation that they were and that marriage was more for her you ask who pour any insight and maybe it didn't ever how. Have to IUE so I hope so I hope so fees or greater. I mean you better it gives it is how cold and how. I know as we should stop already it's.