Slacker and Steve - OPP: My Naked Mom 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd


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And so we got this OPP on the apparently she needs to be. Disguised as much now because she had done. Holidays porn is good for her as they were for a the rest of us could some weird way I'm not at this little visas and waving his arms in this is no PP we've got to focus on touch you if so. Alison. AI your disguised armed. What's what what's going on how can we help. Oh boy okay so are wary of our armed. Abandoned and our way out of here that need the community and when you're a little bit better a better relationship. So they're not all the way swing you don't go to parties and swapping you. You you you could you can never relations with somebody else if you ask her something. Yeah I mean there now that I'm not but. During the holiday with my baby mama came to do. And I'm and what people mean to grow during the people who are hurt your if I didn't I would hope birdie anyway what you during Mike are you better go. The bleak. Our government I woke up and I like the real war it is not lake. Little kind of like you can argument during an earlier way I see it. And we don't. I don't know occasionally get that order. And on our honeymoon. My mommy why wouldn't hurt I don't. You'll player won't hurt poker. The way I'm sorry there to the renewal and stripped. It broke her strip poker. Your mom and your husband. You watch your step mom not your but your actual biological mom is how how far into the game yeah. Oh. My husband moved on your Reebok boot and I don't know our home. My mom would like cheap so you won't be brutal. Sure aura brawl. You don't shoot open final group although I think you can rip my husband. Wounds. That I have a soul your deploy our. Does your relationship to include parents or does it not normally include parents. I'm OK and it would never come up and never in my wild to me it. Think it would come out. What do June so when you're standing there are they saw you what do you do would you say. I mean I don't think I would like my regular read more spoke so well here I want. And I'm not getting numb and I lose. The minute they ended. And I have a good we are doing my mama and started to my option will go wrong on the bench interlocutor. With the spirit call. Let her do it play it wouldn't grew into it but I don't quite don't grow like I want a picture deliberately low. The only. Other weird but the Cuba on a lake so it's no big deal over it I can't I had been mentally that I cannot get out of. I don't question that I have then I'm sure you've wrestled West End and has to be answered before we can even begin to get advice for you. Do you sinks this is serious. Do you think if you hadn't come downstairs when you did. That it would have escalated beyond strip poker. Oh well IA. I mean you pray you are not being provoked. The I mean I your idol. I don't know it's really weird. She did you ever played strip poker with somebody you didn't wanna sleep well Wright knows only put them with the ladies it's a wanted to yes that's why we were missing since he went every seeing and yes. Arms look at what we've seen it Europe and open relationship though the restrictions. So it. You know I don't I couldn't grow but if we did yeah well. Wrote I am sure I mean there you sought to bring up so you only when you were talking about your remarks but so technically he's doing me wrong though. I I even if you're gonna have a hard time selling that Steve I mean there's rules where it's like. They write our own their you know stealing these who's actually think there's certain things you just go. Obviously my terms and all of us and my cousins and my sister her and I ate like there is. I don't. I wanna leave it to just. Ordered to have wesun screw around him. Have you asked if anything happened to big kiss at all or an awesome did I mean do you know. I'm I don't mean. What walker owner Joseph. It didn't seem light or did what I can tell they didn't let Eric and other part of it people. Let's since he was the one hand waves from Hammond is jumped out via. Who we will wrap that she would you be more than that eat great question him about her or bolts. I don't I don't even know I'm certainly are not. Eight Sean yeah well all right. When you. Look I'm not my heart around. You go blind sided view John comes. I'm I'm not positive we're gonna have a lot of people call winning go yet I DNN that exact same situation but maybe we can just all. Suspend our win iron in what's what advice I'll Alice yeah you can't trust either of these two people can I don't know you're each. Your relationship is what is one blurs the lines for me. But it's still unless her husband has a head injury come on and. Are not alert like oh well we did there at felt like a far greater good and yeah that's another level you soon. Broad period and the coast and I'm very clear rules. See the way IC assembly spirit is playing cards that's always you know don't sit there Alison Greg terrorists try to do some advice I totally generous she's so Bora so tough if not more handed. Paul Wallace John tell you tell me now someone happened and we know that dealer reasoning game exists is a leads to other stuff and does Sarah to point that. Why don't. It's a you don't go or reach your parents' house hey let's play strip poker leads you do then whisked. I'm not dating anybody happy if yeah Jim relate if you have any advice on what it. Alison can do next we'd love to hear at the crystals. Yeah I what do you think. I'm I think there. It Levon because I wanna be able to trust either warm and open relationship or not only to be off when. OK I don't know what how they don't any. How do you don't even wrong I know. To stupid question asked for let's bring my zucchini and he's in lake some more short sets basically what they're still blaring. Where are taught there and the goal is to give more naked by playing this game to your right she was topless too yes it's. It's really. What you see your failing naked do you think crystal just reading between lines do you sing something what happened. So she had not. What I start the game like start to do that there's and they want it. Why would they just okay yes when you're died in college dorm immense and you're walking to get the cards. You were walking to get copies on more than a year lose yes. You know that it's a match is so was she drunk or not open relationship or not. Bonds droplet both families are off slow death. Thank you for the car so that's one vote for lights you got to leave the view while our Rachel. Guy you are disguised as well as Alice and earlier given advice ser. You know I think it has been part of an open relationship for a little while and we play our boundaries. Am I think good blue. I mean further and ready agreed to open relationship show how. It's and it's creepy as hell right. Accrual. System. I don't know all of I don't care about it being what do we earned it Erin. I got it or really make me you look at it are pretty early and Mary the first and an older girl should beware full bird. Arm. Is. Always our I need to be an open relationship idyllic our uplink breaks are. No she can't trust her husband or her mom now because of those. And I'm just here's a quick scenario for you do that I'd I'm just dishonesty at all this past you. You've never really been in long term when she just one of the things I've always found funny is. During her relationship to somebody for awhile and you take them back your hometown show on the lake where you came from us and this is an elementary school I went to this is. You show your significant other a round. We're here some. Husband was just trying to. Okay yeah totally erroneous his wife Libby sheer. Do you see it all. Comes news. Are. Yeah. Yeah if it brings us OK I water I know I wanted to let you know hole. Here elementary school in the house you won't see she's. Now. These holes Armani exactly where I was gonna. But yeah finally Google Ronald temple are well I don't get Shawna if the. Yeah you've been in this situation. Blair. He's my friend I'm not I'm. Would continuously Larry and they pass those at me he sounds pretty serious one and you know and I am. We tried to get over it as a family and my daughter tied to forgive me and meant. That's the likes he added like you have to beat he had been at ask you know. I get Christmas time we were armed it would sell our court she try to get help wreck and that happened. And months. My daughter's divorce was final December 29 while the so you'll see them. Don't look at my husband can appreciate. A second my advice from her is it's it's your mom and like my daughter told me. You know within minutes stranger pumping it to be different actually have to see her win. You know we got there are certainly a man to separate app but when your mom. You know you've seen her all the time my daughter and I didn't heart Carlyle not because it would matter to me the you were. Glared and it would really awkward. Where you flatter. I was gonna ask you. A little. A little maybe. Were you like soft 500 and my daughter you re totally one up on your guy like hey I gotta more than might not know. All began but anything under my daughter is pretty darn hot. You know and Slowey was below what you got and I let a lot ally. Really you know he's just moms do it's it was just don't really awkward situations that she's rescind your about to go through the world sees. Homes I own that I wouldn't I don't know I got sick I never did anything that might run amok. I new how. Senate must. With this.