Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd


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What regular stories just aren't dumb enough plus dollars a slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. I actually Matthews do to her already yeah. Certainly George you're married okay fifty year old guy who has to be identified only as day and don't forget is visiting his elderly parents of Yuba City with a decided to go to Wendy's for dinner on Christmas night. Okay that's the that's. It's gonna make sure you bear OMB's. Unless there's not a hello Denny said. So investors are waiting for their food Wendy's when a man walked into when he's in the eatery there wearing a bag over his head which captured on Daniel's attention both blind. Oh robbery no doubt Daniel said that he wants Imus every spring into action I'm not gonna win American like you turn this into somebody's Christmas memorial home. No witnesses said the strength in the chair Joseph Gaylord had grabbed one of the Wendy's shares struck this guy over the head finisher Wendy's shares okay job. To the day to day and all the different they've gone to handle so for me yeah I hope right there cheer. Is this just everything's a I stood up to each of Cisco's shares you can pick up the meal I suggest hey sewing wields a Wendy's chair did Diego so that the guy need Bob Dora the head. Fled the eatery empty handed and do your tastes about the store was an. You from getting away. Zocor could apply to China are there non so I. I. Because she's a drunk. Vote no this. Doesn't make sense when you just hear that much help but think about this if you get a DUI you know they take away your drivers that's a good boy and you can't drive your car anymore. This woman jumped on her horror sol and Brody down. On highway tunnel while completely. Knocked her she was twice. No legal limit and more routine no one was hurt the cubs pulled her enough horse over. Not sure how they usually sticks and so that would be a dark. Do you wish you a charge do you lie and they were like sorry you are not serious to have your horse so now she's horseless just like you like you said it's in your car your life everything else I never thought. Hi I knew I was like that's seemed their rationally it's like oh my god you're bad person or take you where your dog but he. Heard more she was part of the chronic now then when Powell did some arsenal. Cars that typically piano whose smallest suit people redesigned Ford today.