Slacker and Steve - New Year's Resolutions 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd


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Staying. At six our emeritus. Are messing with the minds in the studio. Efforts that we heard it's my fault because you don't like. I know if you stare at a light she's acting eleven but why you're turning the light on literally literally like yeah. Think the kids look at it's like the do you monologue surges too much happier weeks I can't see any result. Because you can't see huge. He's a paper. What that's giving my resolution. I resolute not to screw your eyes over with the money so my phone Steve I'd literally just stared the whole time there's huge purple guy. All man that's gonna take a one. You changed your rival talked amongst yourselves just. No sweep of the top ten. And if you haven't already blown your due to resolutions I do nots. Did you used to you ever know on. Why would you why you can make goals and time you want finally know that it'll show you is the guy who's like I'm gonna quit smoking in good shape but you're the guy who who when you sit that you say I'll start Monday and he's if you truly person says you can circles anytime and you could start right now but I had my fingers crossed to with a time just like now so why even make crap a goal when you know you're gonna vote for the India so that's why. You know you fail to step out of cash police have self aware. About you what's yours I used to make it and I feel atoms so lots to Z and I just am I always forget them to do you John Dionne put on the meet your country you usually just make one that's obvious how you can. A healthy one is. Is obviously. We have the top ten resolutions are tweeting. And all the same crap from every other year. And how many of us actually pull it off I called little Villa out on his name I think it and you know he made it what you might walked into the boss's office in little. You can you guess I Blake use I I pegged him on one of his resolutions. When I walked into the office and can you see it. It's some physical a little beaten. No I got another DC it was weren like that an old man cardigan sweater. Nobody's going up before it's an yeah he's gonna before I would design and then he's if you look at issues she's via a sudden I issues ha. And like. You're trying to address mark you're trying to dress nicer are all okay because you know you want like a manager wanna go you one who own the you can move OK guys are dressing more professionally not just like T shirts in goodies. But you're aware that you're wearing a T shirt and a sweater but he assessment but I mean the fifth. And I hope not but yeah. I assume that's what makes it shoes were shiny that's how it goes you're does Wear your clarks and knows pretty much everyday yes. Now I feel number under droughts. I actually when I was leaving today yeah I ate booked at the nice sure I'm like I'm gonna do that. But then she's going to be in his Henley yeah. Greta can I yes I didn't like what makes you wouldn't notice today because I occasionally Wear nicer Kazan meeting somewhere else from. Probably day five you're going to be pissed me so I decided stress imagined a mechanical. My. The only in Boston that I did make a resolution you. You this year why why why it's a weird one. Like why. Is it but let's get the why would you resolute and I am going to right. Writes go right you and your core. One song and when he takes. What offers he used to be a musician and a song one. And it's not gonna be me but myself we go I want him if anybody wants in all I'll collaborate with and I played it do and thirty songs and only but wait I want. So here's what happened I called the wrapped part of the soul of it's we're not gonna Kendrick Lamar to my knowledge a white Kendrick now I don't know how I got here than there probably yes. Absolutely applicable that I did something additional play comes to my daughter and she's she's our annual round on the piano and stuff and she'll start playing like. Cords. Or shall like shall play something and nicer reading Emily ovary starts to sound good and she's like what's music's. If I couldn't possibly be inventing a song she just has no idea that I used to. Write songs just that but isn't so she is at the Kyoto by herself. You'll come sit down kind of punter to decide who's third bank and over first but that's not how it works its keyboard and saw like OK so it's I don't wannabes like she'd like a couple B sounds or sounds very much like. Become a movie soundtrack their big like. More ominous slates Tebow it sounds long. And it's like doing this you can hear blanked the Fontaine don't you know ball OK the topics was at school she's pulling down his big ass moment. Whom. Play in notes over and she's like. It's laziness downwards may come over refuel month Chia Saunders has some nice cool cause she's doing down. Carlos you kind of like who bugs and it's and she's and we got this. What's too shall stop and she's a what's on his Mike we're making it she's like I'm not you only know we both thought. And she's like these how Assange or me and like Jesus yes this is but some songwriting is sold mystified beacons. So I just like I'm we're gonna we're gonna write a song work through my we're polar collaborating on that's not to be horror like this and wondering what if it. I feel like the the mile and I song and I have a rap breakdown. Doesn't. Yeah. I'm just as serious if you wanna collaborate I totally. I'm like god. On so you guys we're going to be your rights like that physically right the notes out of the homeless or idea I have like but you can't. At all the finger point you you'll get publishing if you want it Stevie that's not getting played anywhere. And you want to play here but what you would mile what what can you do little I don't know really written anything Oakland that's what super cool or you do with your son to. Boca Chica. My goal is to spend less time. Great resolution okay. I mean no I wanna stay oh my god I think he's in the car. God well I know I wanna spend. That's another weird resolution. That I'd I'd thought about making any time candidates. A soreness. In the movie should take this to heart. You should spend time. With your kids. Individually. That's funny is that conveyed just yesterday I was sitting there and we were doing stuffer on the house feels like. Let's just take time I'm gonna go do something with my daughter and then you're next or go do something and yes or like and what I try to do wake over the break was I tried to take one of them at a time to go run and Erin with me there was just one on one time like they were go to purchase or an hour. Hey you come with me we're gonna go buy some stuff TJ no parent ever do that would do they would. Your dad would take your sister herself for breakfast or something in your mama teach you are not who showed favoritism. Just like with Finley the best idea I'll teach you so. There's no that's due in order. Okay now the thing you get to because every time with them I'm with both of them. That's actually pretty cool and in your wife go ahead and do want them on yes it okay. And then and then we have time. Respectable planet date knives at me and I are gone out. Noah and color on them that's not a pretty calling those are good rose laughter. I agree because I I think back to 1000 hit and I've I bet you anything like we when's all Star Wars slacker and I did end and he brought his son and I think he's gonna remember stuff like that oh yeah more than anything you know absolutely that's that's awesome I think that's a good he will remember Mike especially conversation lobby with you and not yet with you endorse it was awesome. In the bad movie in the dangling plot line you'll remember after she loves Star Wars and I just really glad you would you like me didn't like turn off the restraining order she can take you to the next Star Trek. Can into the that's my resolution I don't know what good does it and I come and try dollars in its appetite. The trust it Leo yeah good theater.