Slacker and Steve - Worst Friend 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd


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Staying on day. We local Yahoo! out of the worse for and never let let's let's talk to the story where you're not going to be able to top this one it's Arnold. If you got a friend who just just loose. This is sucks to show and friendship and so this is these are two girls who are best friends in store. I can stock with really the name of the jets on Stu talk sounds very German yeah it was a do an Arkansas. It's got. Odds Mandy and Leslie. And they were armed. Waitresses. And their boss gave him a bonus. Wac team with a bunch of lottery tickets to scratch or Syria. And like ripped off Tannenbaum. And like breaks at ten in half I'm sure he had more and he gives fives. Scratch tickets to each of his employees. I'm in both those waitresses employees agreed rate of verbal agreement between each other this and you already put in legal language fire alive so. They dig dig do they look each other and you've you've played scratch yours you have the potential to win a hundred some of those games have a 100000 dollar earnings someone have a million dollars. And you might win that would be on minister probably go to win just the adults who aren't there enough to buy the tickets that Coca. Or you might win a couple hundred Oakland 510 and that's a big deal or most departures. Mean it's awesome and it's a fun little discipline to which uses as Steve said. Made a verbal contract what I would like to say is in the season and like to adjust to that are winning so William Conner Christmas bonus together she. Exactly that's stolen so. I'm Mandy scratches off what are tickets and she won the grand prize 300 K. Pushed it she immediately saying that they show each other and others you women know did you win. Dave bolts no big they were thrilled to have a sore all the world and they agreed they're gonna wolf let's cash this year and next week okay. So they've agreed that it's awesome. On. Actually comes. Andy's not shown up to four year Leslie's calling me and AM. She's not returning the calls she stops coming to work. Doesn't return the calls and if you check out the arkansas'. Arkansas lottery thing you know there's a picture of of Andy hold not to bagel golf Shell Oil. Yeah it's. That is true she won it through the whole process is a winner does solo. And so now this Leslie chick is threatening legal action scenes she's gonna similar bug. But the many chicks on the back of the ticket there it is so there's no truth of this little heated verbal contract yeah. So this moment. Columns and real late. We can debate whether or not this woman knows or any money or are we really want to turn it into is want someone who you thought was your friend. Just asked you'll burst so bad. The price of that friendship. Was clearly under 300. There's what is a part of Florida it was ours though I haven't seen 110 and made herself friends that's true but three though we are like the okay I'm afraid that. Waitress so I can get another waitress job at his and then maybe I would meet friends and you anyway because we would be working at the seems spot I'd like oh you were to go out yours wager old guilt your eyes. Think the actor and I think to this Mandy chick would doctors tend. I think any amount of money. To a server in Stuttgart Arkansas IC is probably enough to jettison a friend yeah but not not to the other other girls' shoes and ups the need for an. It's an issue she is holding up her into the agreement holding her hand now. You know you give you. So let up if she was really her friend she would say. I want you to keep C does not well probably just give me ten. Tool. That's what I would say it's all god you don't. Honestly to show the whole thing with exactly know what I did then then a verbal contract. Good luck as you know when that when the powerball it's pretty big will go ahead and if this is so okay this is sort of because you are on what you know intangible. Tickets are amazing what you gonna throw me into the busters on. Well you actually do it Qaeda so wall all the way to what agree that if we would anybody will split three ways me you loyalty and if we have an intern at the time sometimes we include them sorry Mike you're out. I. In your and and a fall like to hand over the cash to cover the person buying the tickets you will immediately bring out half the money going. Those few. Couple of Newark and could not only did about how things are fine it's like twenty bucks for a lottery ticket. And then you're like I got you you have to them for a team like yeah attack puts you guys. The team and security will also be fun. So you aren't too big is your business data bugs. It's now pledged dude if we wanted 400 million your goal yeah yeah took what I do make sure I hold the tech and and I sang backup all say you're a lawyer. Yeah he would look. Tips don't just sit and I'm not that bad of a friend I would never do that okay I'm thinking about you yeah it's I you know what's funny is now. I think. The lottery thing is big one of the powerball meg are one of those things is doing right now and your little one goal it's usually lights but now if a law because you got to take your spat but not take your money perhaps from a 100 acres through it and if you buy tickets thank you take a picture of and he sent it to me in little thing. I don't hear the next day at. You lost. Its. About six months off so it's that suits you well know I would ask okay wouldn't even give you the courtesy of the Congo you can cut it. Back his spiritual bottom line is this Mandy chick is one of the worst friend ever. She's rich now become honest critical as you age five friends. Probably friends you need really so instead of taking calls about whether or not may need the o's are half the money we want you to top her story we got some of these are already. Another person said. My friend shot him point blank range with a nine millimeter. That's one of the worst friend ever by accident and he thought it was the safety was on it and the guy was just too. Hopkins shot what was an accident but that's. Polish friends and I'm not a person says I have been a bad friend. I dated my best friends X one week after they broke up while he was still coping with a look that's harder. There is a no and I really liked. My friend in high school would belittle me because on that it was funny you've got talent they are hanging out he left his AOL messenger on follow. And is so. Close friend. Jumped on any elements are all started. Messaging the girl who we was almost landing where he was almost going to lose his V card this girl. And his so called friend sent a bunch of stuff to his girl. Turn her off of him forever he ruined his chances to loses detoured. Ice I lost my. Well do you want Stoller so it really is because she couldn't do you ripped off the floor to. Well just you try to land him he wouldn't do it she's a hell aren't your religious affiliations and like. Loose yeah. South Africa. And I just you know usually can cause you'll recall that I saw it right now that I'm the worst friend yup but I didn't stolen booster. A thousand dollars or shoot anybody borrow a little bar is set there expect if you all the horse friend or you have a terrible friend. We want to hear your story Taylor. Yeah I force friend. My frank act kick out of her house and my boyfriend who live with the other if they look I had I was like oh they need every meal like you should Cooley has been with them. And and then we dated prayer a couple of years then after a year of them are living together she told you that they've been sleeping jet or a hole. Do you and a. Are you saved her name all you when she had no place to live and you trust their as the best friends. I paid her rent for like four months because she like didn't have a job ahead is struggling. It's like your boyfriend was getting who rent money from you and other rent money. I have got Carlos OK because later on sea otter restraining order against Erica. So Hershey I can't get his went out and got to. I about actually gouge his eyes out she just. You exceed a scratch the crap out of the basement where he that like she just. Went crazy on him but yeah glad. We're not friends anymore. Well clearly and I dig him anymore you're you know to sharing things you have an overall Taylor as drew that is so many level has so much worse than I can ever be taking this well from the car dealers the Khamenei. Yeah EI a bad worst friend ever. I had to let the right score. And she'd pick up your act. And then later kicked out at second draft and then eat our that they are contracting bit he has island eight aren't that at her wedding. I had to order. Can't beat her back rat. And you're on eight Q opera up. I urged strapped to all other Rite Aid to do it up new material to their direct their direct any. Holy what is go so your three dresses in on this thing you're infer like it GR dresses and now she wants or your first one out. And as they should they did not want to see my cursor and that strapped with 200 dollars but I'd hate or. You have friends with a strict anymore. Out about it and her wedding so you still went to the wedding in play nice. I played. I don't know legs right now aren't anywhere. Else anywhere or and he'll play it. All that is good. Can you please help absorb. These so no friend looks good I would pass a hat around going this is my dress funds are yeah. Oh yeah. Oh my god they do Bruno Amy Mickey's. Great and worst whenever. So my tremendous sixteen years he. Alex this Psycho ex wife. Who. Basically it helped him down on the line to know where this guy can be the guy committed suicide in his backyard. He managed a little cheaper and not. Well anyway I would incomes don't myTouch. The guy who mock me and intellect or to not eat bread putting not because he kept bringing around this Psycho Mike didn't. The woman the medium telling themselves and big brown tantalize you try to help him out of that and they they got together and rob you what you're saying yeah. Yeah what's up traffic pulse. You're really forgiving friend you'll talk to these anybody anymore right. I want to give this is the third time let loose and Michelle my Josh. And I've learned my lesson. All Mickey that's after the fur I would yeah yeah I learn asked her paso times in fifty picking he's still alive now meaning and still with her. I'm not only you he moved them back home. OK they're so negotiate. Wow that's not some terrible friendship you gotta go in there the regular golf. Our Jessica. Guy we're sort of never. Worked for never armor bashed and I can't quite close friend look at her she's actually my best friend. Can't Wheeler a perfect you don't eat paper our core cellular and you'd get a scholarship and I thought shepherds or 101000 dollars moved. And she wanted to pick up a paper for her ex met her I think any parent they they called it so we had to come physically to pick up sakic or turn it. So all I'm turning my hand she found not backing grapple she told the teacher that I call us. They knocked I'm now out that I. Scholarship to accept a born and because they heard what I gave you and split my expert both of us can get a 500 dollar each. Zoom 9500. Dollars. Yeah and I think we were out worked later and she told me I can't be prevalent problem like you anymore. Oh I don't like really you. What does that do. Rock hey you. So please do.